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apply a custom PHP function to a subset of values in a PDO-accessible database
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Simple class to iterate over a database using PDO and modify columns by applying a custom PHP function.

Used to encrypt data managed in a legacy codebase.

It requires tables to have a PK column named "id", change the code if you need to.

Unit tested with PDO mocks, 100% coverage. Build Status

Example of usage

Edit the data of a single user (just capitalise first char of user info and data)

$pdo = new PDO(/*...*/);
$makeUppercase = function ($string) { return ucfirst($string);};

make upper case column first_name and last_name of user with ID 1 and 2

$modifier = new DbModifier($pdo, $makeUppercase);
    'user', // table name
    array(1,2), // IDs of records to modify
    array('first_name', 'last_name') // columns to modify

more advanced example: make upper case user 3 and his posts

userId = 3;
    array('first_name', 'last_name')
    $modifier->getTableIds('SELECT id FROM posts WHERE user_id = ' . $userId), // get user's post IDs 
    array('name', 'description')
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