Boilerplate project to use ng-dfservice lib
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Boilerplate Angular project to use ng-dfservice

The purpose of this project is to provide a guidance and good practices for the use of ng-dfservice in an Angular project.

These are only suggestions. I hope you do better than this :)

Tips on how to use ng-dfservice

  1. Follow the instructions on ng-dfservice repo page to know how to properly configure you environment, set up you dev and prod instances, inject DFService and access your API.
  2. Create a dfdatastores folder to place all your datastores.
  3. Create a dfmodels folder to place all you model classes.
  4. Create a constant in a myDataStores.ts file to resume a list of all datastores you have. Then use this file to simplify providing your datastores in app.module.ts. In this boilerplate project this file is stored in the dfdatastores folder.