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RottenEgg is a tool to upload SCM(svn|git) files via FTP.

Required ruby version

~>= 1.8.7


For Non-Windows install

gem install rottenegg


gem install rottenegg --pre

For Windows install,maybe need DevelopmentKit, follow the instructions.

install thin:
    gem install rack
    gem install eventmachine
    gem install thin --platform=mswin32
install tmail:
    gem install tmail
    gem install rottenegg
    gem install rottenegg --pre

Getting Started

First, make sure you can use git or svn command under the console.

1. Generate the config file

rottenegg_gen git


rottenegg_gen svn

Then update the configuration you want.

2. Generate the auth file for login user

rottenegg_gen auth

If skip this step, will default 'rotten' and 'egg' as login user and password.

3. Start & Scroll

rottenegg -h for help.

rottenegg -C path/to/config.yml -A path/to/auth.yml -W path/to/working_directory