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Ember Data Github

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Ember Data abstraction for the GitHub REST API v3.


ember install ember-data-github


You need to choose how you wish to authenticate your GitHub requests using OAuth. ember-data-github provides a simple and direct mechanism that is specific to itself. Alternatively, you can use a more general authentication framework like ember-simple-auth.

Authenticating Directly

If you already have a token to use the OAuth endpoints, such as a Personal access token, you must set the property named githubAccessToken on github-session service with the currently logged in user's GitHub access token.

Authenticating with ember-simple-auth

If you are using ember-simple-auth (ESA) to authenticate, perhaps with torii and ESA's torii-provider, you can authenticate by creating a github authorizer and extending ember-data-github's adapter for each model you use. See the respective addon docs and GitHub's OAuth docs to set it up.

Once you have a token, the authorizer will look like

// app/authorizers/github.js

import { inject as service } from '@ember/service';
import { isEmpty } from '@ember/utils';
import Base from 'ember-simple-auth/authorizers/base';

export default Base.extend({
  session: service(),
  authorize(sessionData, block) {
    if (this.get('session.isAuthenticated') && !isEmpty(sessionData.access_token)) {
      block('Authorization', `token ${sessionData.access_token}`);

assuming access_token is the name of the property containing the token. This automatically injects the Authorization header into the API requests using ESA mechanisms.

An extended adapter for github-user would look like

// app/adapters/github-user.js

import GitHubUserAdapter from 'ember-data-github/adapters/github-user';
import DataAdapterMixin from 'ember-simple-auth/mixins/data-adapter-mixin';

export default GitHubUserAdapter.extend(DataAdapterMixin, {
  authorizer: 'authorizer:github'

Retrieving GitHub Data


Get the current authenticated user
this.get('store').findRecord('github-user', '#');
Get a single user
this.get('store').findRecord('github-user', 'jimmay5469'); // get a user by user login
this.get('store').findRecord('github-user', 917672); // get a user by user id


this.get('store').findRecord('github-repository', 'jimmay5469/old-hash'); // get a repository by repository name
this.get('store').findRecord('github-repository', 34598603); // get a repository by repository id
Get By User
this.get('store').query('github-repository', { user: 'elwayman02' }); // get repositories owned by user
this.get('store').query('github-repository', { user: 'elwayman02', type: 'all' }); // get all repositories for user
this.get('store').query('github-repository', { user: 'elwayman02', sort: 'updated', direction: 'asc' }); // get repositories owned by user sorted by last updated, ascending
Repository Contents

Note: At this time we only support getting file contents.

this.get('store').queryRecord('github-repository-contents', { repo: 'jmar910/test-repo-yay', file: 'app.json' }); // get file contents from repo
List branches
this.get('store').query('github-branch', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash' });
this.get('store').findRecord('github-branch', 'jimmay5469/old-hash/branches/master'); // get a branch
this.get('store').queryRecord('github-branch', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash', branch: 'master' }); // get a specific branch
List releases for a repository
this.get('store').query('github-release', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash' });
Get a single release
this.get('store').queryRecord('github-release', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash', releaseId: 1 });
Compate two commits
this.get('store').queryRecord('github-compare', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash', base: '1234', head: '5678' });

Pull Requests

List pull requests
this.get('store').query('github-pull', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash' });
Get a single pull request
this.get('store').queryRecord('github-pull', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash', pullId: 1 });

GitHub Organizations

Get an organizaton
this.get('store').findRecord('github-organization', { org: 'my-org' });
Get organization members
this.get('store').query('github-members', { org: 'my-org' })

Git Blobs

Get a blob
this.get('store').queryRecord('github-blob', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash', sha: '47c5438403ca875f170db2aa07d1bfa3689406e3' });

Git Trees

Get a Tree
this.get('store').queryRecord('github-tree', { repo: 'jimmay5469/old-hash', sha: '47c5438403ca875f170db2aa07d1bfa3689406e3' });

Testing with Mirage

This addon uses ember-cli-mirage in its tests. It is often beneficial for consuming apps to be able to re-use the factories and models defined in mirage, so if you would like to use these in your tests you can add the mirage-support object to your ember-cli-build.js file:

module.exports = function(defaults) {
  let app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
    'mirage-support': {
      includeAll: true

  return app.toTree();

As long as ember-cli-mirage is not disabled, the files in this addon's mirage-support directory will be merged with the consuming app's namespace, and be made available to that mirage context. The 'mirage-support' key has 3 options:

Key Type Description
includeAll Boolean If true, includes the full mirage-support tree, i.e. no-brainer just use it all.
exclude {Array of GlobStrings,RegExps,Functions} This value gets passed directly to broccoli-funnel, only if includeAll is specified. Allows for excluding certain files from import.
include {Array of GlobStrings,RegExps,Functions} Passed dirctly to broccoli-funnel. Allows to pick only certain files to be imported into app namespace.



  • git clone
  • cd ember-data-github
  • yarn


Running Tests

  • ember test – Runs the test suite on the current Ember version
  • ember test --server – Runs the test suite in "watch mode"
  • ember try:each – Runs the test suite against multiple Ember versions


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit