Control emails with black and white lists; make lists of domains using regular expressions and validate emails with them

PHP Tempmail Buster

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A package to protect your application from users with temp emails. Uses Anti Tempmail Repo as a default blacklist source. Provides an extendable class for E-mail validation based on black- or whitelist.


Install the latest version with

$ composer require ely/php-tempmailbuster


Validation example using default loader:

use Ely\TempMailBuster\Loader\AntiTempmailRepo;
use Ely\TempMailBuster\Storage;
use Ely\TempMailBuster\Validator;

$loader = new AntiTempmailRepo();
// A storage can be instantiated by feeding it with an array of patterns:
$storage = new Storage($loader->load());
// or created from loader instance
$storage = Storage::fromLoader($loader);

$validator = new Validator($storage);
$validator->validate(''); // = true
$validator->validate(''); // = false

// Enable whitelisting mode
$validator->validate(''); // = false
$validator->validate(''); // = true

Validator constructor accepts 2 arguments: primary and secondary storages. Primary storage is used for validation based on current mode (whitelist/blacklist). Secondary storage (if provided) allows you to add exceptions from primary storage rules.

For more usage examples please take a look on tests.

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.