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Sketches for the Pinduino sheild for the Arduino
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A13 initial import Aug 31, 2018
ACDC_Pinduino_Cabinet_Topper initial import Apr 5, 2017
AFM-Shaker updated from Philip -- lots of changes Feb 17, 2019
BOP-ramp-head minor update -- shorted the length of some effects Dec 17, 2017
BoP-Helmnet initial import Nov 11, 2017
BumperLight-Test updated comments Oct 16, 2017
CFTBL-Ramp minor update on random even tot have the chase event triggered that r… Nov 22, 2018
Dialed-In_Side-Lights Initial import Jan 27, 2018
Diner-Cup removed debugging output Jan 6, 2019
Dr_Who_ramps initial import May 6, 2019
Getaway_Supercharger massive update May 31, 2018
Getaway_Supercharger_MrTantrum inital import May 16, 2019
IM_interactive_GI updated to have lighting effect be synced with ramp lighting effects Jun 11, 2015
IM_interactive_ramps fixed typo Jul 14, 2017
Judge_Dredd added sparkle effect for attact to LED port 2 Jan 6, 2018
LOTR-Apron-Back update some function names (changes bg_chase to attractMode). Updated… Dec 28, 2018
LOTR-stadium initial iport Feb 5, 2018
Metallica-Apron-Back Edits by Paul. Added comments for flashers being triggered; changed s… Oct 25, 2017
Nano-template-STERN initial import Dec 6, 2016
Nano-template-WPC updated template to be cleaner Jun 22, 2018
No-Good-Gofers updated color for one of the effects May 16, 2019
PartyZone updated date and some comments Dec 29, 2017
Pinbot-v2 updated effects Jan 7, 2019
Pinbot commented out debugging statement Nov 22, 2018
Pinduino_library_test updated for testing nano based pinduinos Oct 9, 2017
SM-Apron-Back updated to use Nano based pinduino Apr 3, 2016
Sega-Baywatch added support for ramp LEDS on LED channel 2 Oct 15, 2017
Spider_Man_Pinduino_Apron_Cabinet initial import Apr 5, 2017
Star-Trek-TNG-Borg-Ship Added 2 sec delay to keep lights red when cannons are moving Jan 6, 2019
Star-Trek-TNG cleaned up code, no functional changes Dec 28, 2018
StarshipTroopers_SuperMod Added the first version of the starship troopers supermod code. This … Mar 21, 2015
Sys11A-template initial import Sep 1, 2018
TAF-backbox updated to pinduino v0.3 and various lighting effects Feb 2, 2018
TZ-Door updated background effects May 16, 2019
TZ-Gumball updated for integration with ramp lighting effects Dec 6, 2016
TZ-InfinityMirror added effects to control a sparkle on LED2 May 16, 2019
TZ-Ramp-Gumball updated attact lighting sequence to sparkle Feb 2, 2018
TZ-Ramp initial import Dec 6, 2016
Theatre_of_Magic_interactive_ramps updated flashing of ramps when pops flasher is triggered. Only flashe… Sep 13, 2015
Theatre_of_Magic_interactive_ramps_v2 changed attract mode to use sparkle effect Jan 6, 2019
Tron_interactive_GI shorted the length of some effects and time for checking pinstates Dec 17, 2017
Tron_interactive_Ramps-reverse added a fade in/out to blue for both LEDs for the zen flasher Apr 26, 2019
Tron_interactive_Ramps updated dataStream call in backgroundChase to work well with updates … Jul 14, 2018
WPT-GI massive update to lighting effects May 31, 2017
Walking_Dead updated lighting effects Feb 5, 2018
WhiteWater-LeftRamp updated speed of water fall effect, added another effect for whirlpool Oct 14, 2018
World-Cup-Soccer-Ramp updated number of LEDs on ramps Jul 5, 2018
XMen-Apron-Back added a trigger flag for J6-3 Nov 10, 2017
XMen_interactive_ramps updated colors and changed type for wait time Jun 20, 2018
board_files moved board files to top level directory Dec 6, 2016
old moved old code to its own directory Feb 17, 2015
pinduino_demo update for arduino nano, made very simple test Jul 14, 2017
pinduino_test_input updated to use different colors for testing Oct 9, 2017
COPYING added license to main branch Jun 21, 2016 added link to YouTube channel Dec 27, 2016


Sketches for the Pinduino sheild for the Arduino.

TO USE THESE SKETCHES, you will need [pinduino arduino library (github repo)] (


This repo is for various Pinduino sketches. Pinduino is an Arduino shield to intercept signals from pinball machines and these sketches program the Arduino to interpret those signals for various effects.

Additional Documents


For a full list of videos, see my YouTube channel for the Pinduino:

  • Ironman LED ramps gameplay
  • Ironman interactive LED ramps
  • Tron LED ramps gameplay
  • Tron interactive LED ramps
  • Theatre of Magic LED ramps gameplay
  • Threatre of Magic
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