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Workaround negative version numbers serialization bug.

Fix out-of-bounds check (Elysium currently does not use this codepath, but we apply this patch just to match Bitcoin 0.8.5.) changes

CVE-2013-5700 Bloom: filter crash issue - Elysium disabled bloom by default so was unaffected by this issue, but we include their patches anyway just in case folks want to enable bloomfilter=1.

CVE-2013-4165: RPC password timing guess vulnerability

CVE-2013-4627: Better fix for the fill-memory-with-orphaned-tx attack

Fix multi-block reorg transaction resurrection.

Fix non-standard disconnected transactions causing mempool orphans. This bug could cause nodes running with the -debug flag to crash, although it was lot less likely on Elysium as we disabled IsDust() in 0.8.3.x.

Mac OSX: use 'FD_FULLSYNC' with LevelDB, which will (hopefully!) prevent the database corruption issues have experienced on OSX.

Add height parameter to getnetworkhashps.

Fix Norwegian and Swedish translations.

Minor efficiency improvement in block peer request handling. changes

Fix CVE-2013-4627 denial of service, a memory exhaustion attack that could crash low-memory nodes.

Fix a regression that caused excessive writing of the peers.dat file.

Add option for bloom filtering.

Fix Hebrew translation.