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A tech mod that actually updates. Maintained by TheCodedOne.
Branch: 1.12
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coderbot16 and TheCodedOne Add CraftTweaker support for the Alloy Furnace (#37)
* Add CraftTweaker support for the Alloy Furnace

* Improved AlloyRecipes API for the use of CTAlloyFurnace, improved documentation, and fixed some criticisms

* add example javadoc.

* Rename AlloyRecipes API to use register/unregister terminology and improved documentation for TeckleCTUtils.

* Capitalization and documentation improvements

* Make AlloyRecipes use its own API instead of direct list access.

* Documentation and formatting fixes, remove direct use of fields in favor of Concrete Accessor.

* Use IngredientStack#getInternal instead of reflection, merge CT version into 1 value
Latest commit 573b85d Nov 5, 2018
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.github Banner Aug 25, 2018
src/main Add CraftTweaker support for the Alloy Furnace (#37) Nov 4, 2018
.gitignore Fix Jenkinsfile, add run directory to gitignore. Oct 6, 2017
gradlew.bat Create some stub classes for networks. Mar 26, 2017
project.gradle Add CraftTweaker support for the Alloy Furnace (#37) Nov 4, 2018

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This mod is open source and under a permissive license. All Elytra mods are, and as such, can be included in any modpack on any platform without prior permission. We appreciate hearing about people using our mods, but you do not need to ask to use them. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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