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Not Just A Grid

Notjustagrid is an awesome CSS framework. I like using it and decided to create a Rubygem version of it.

Rails 3.1

Notjustagrid is a Rails engine and vendors the framework files. Just add it to your Gemfile and bundle install

gem 'notjustagrid'

Then you need to require the files you want in the application.css manifest

*= require notjustagrid/reset
*= require notjustagrid/grid960

The vendored stylesheets are SASS files (.scss). A better option would be to create a notjustagrid.css manifest that requires the files you want and then just require that file in application.css

Rails 3.0

Install the gem into your Rails application and then run the install generator to copy the assets.

rails generate notjustagrid:install

The generator copies the css files from vendor/assets/stylesheets/src to public/notjustagrid. Note also that the source file are .css so you'll have the actual source to use how you want.


The Not Just A Grid framework is maintained by Al Redpath / Outrageous Creations!

The Notjustagrid Rubygem is maintained by Evan Machnic

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