Make ediff a little more evil
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This project has been merged into the larger Evil Collection project and will no longer be maintained here.

Make ediff a little evil. This configures ediff to be friendlier to users of vim-like keybindings. Consult the help buffer (?) for more info.

Here’s a table describing the bindings

CommandOriginal BindingEvil-ediff
ediff-next-differencen, SPCj, n, SPC
ediff-previous-differencep, DELk, N, p, DEL
jump to first difference1jgg, 1d
jump to last differenceN/AG
copy region A to region Baa, l
copy region B to region Abb, h
scroll down 1 lineC-u 1 vC-e
scroll up 1 lineC-u 1 VC-y
scroll down half pagev, C-vC-d, v, C-v
scroll up half pageV, M-vC-u, V, M-v
scroll left>zh
scroll right<zl
toggle highlightinghH