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Reverse helm and descbinds also in the code.

Signed-off-by: Michael Markert <>
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1 parent 5c53fef commit 09cfe579ee99011a2e968cd01c49aa67271cafdb @cofi cofi committed Mar 18, 2012
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  1. +47 −47 helm-descbinds.el
@@ -80,56 +80,56 @@
(require 'helm)
-(defgroup descbinds-helm nil
+(defgroup helm-descbinds nil
"Yet Another `describe-bindings' with `helm'."
- :prefix "descbinds-helm-"
+ :prefix "helm-descbinds-"
:group 'helm)
-(defcustom descbinds-helm-actions
- '(("Execute" . descbinds-helm-action:execute)
- ("Describe Function" . descbinds-helm-action:describe)
- ("Find Function" . descbinds-helm-action:find-func))
+(defcustom helm-descbinds-actions
+ '(("Execute" . helm-descbinds-action:execute)
+ ("Describe Function" . helm-descbinds-action:describe)
+ ("Find Function" . helm-descbinds-action:find-func))
"Actions of selected candidate."
:type '(repeat
:tag "Action"
(string :tag "Name")
(function :tag "Function")))
- :group 'descbinds-helm)
+ :group 'helm-descbinds)
-(defcustom descbinds-helm-candidate-formatter
- 'descbinds-helm-default-candidate-formatter
+(defcustom helm-descbinds-candidate-formatter
+ 'helm-descbinds-default-candidate-formatter
"Candidate formatter function.
This function called two argument KEY and BINDING."
:type 'function
- :group 'descbinds-helm)
+ :group 'helm-descbinds)
-(defcustom descbinds-helm-window-style 'one-window
+(defcustom helm-descbinds-window-style 'one-window
"Window splitting style."
:type '(choice
(const :tag "One Window" one-window)
(const :tag "Same Window" same-window)
(const :tag "Split Window" split-window))
- :group 'descbinds-helm)
+ :group 'helm-descbinds)
-(defcustom descbinds-helm-section-order
+(defcustom helm-descbinds-section-order
'("Major Mode Bindings" "Minor Mode Bindings" "Global Bindings")
"A list of section order by name regexp."
:type '(repeat (regexp :tag "Regexp"))
- :group 'descbinds-helm)
+ :group 'helm-descbinds)
-(defcustom descbinds-helm-source-template
- '((candidate-transformer . descbinds-helm-transform-candidates)
- (persistent-action . descbinds-helm-action:describe)
- (action-transformer . descbinds-helm-transform-actions))
- "A template of `descbinds-helm' source."
+(defcustom helm-descbinds-source-template
+ '((candidate-transformer . helm-descbinds-transform-candidates)
+ (persistent-action . helm-descbinds-action:describe)
+ (action-transformer . helm-descbinds-transform-actions))
+ "A template of `helm-descbinds' source."
:type 'sexp
- :group 'descbinds-helm)
+ :group 'helm-descbinds)
-(defun descbinds-helm-all-sections (buffer &optional prefix menus)
+(defun helm-descbinds-all-sections (buffer &optional prefix menus)
(let ((indent-tabs-mode t))
(describe-buffer-bindings buffer prefix menus))
@@ -170,78 +170,78 @@ This function called two argument KEY and BINDING."
(push (cons header (nreverse section)) sections)
(nreverse sections))))
-(defun descbinds-helm-action:execute (candidate)
+(defun helm-descbinds-action:execute (candidate)
"An action that execute selected CANDIDATE command."
(call-interactively (cdr candidate)))
-(defun descbinds-helm-action:describe (candidate)
+(defun helm-descbinds-action:describe (candidate)
"An action that describe selected CANDIDATE function."
(describe-function (cdr candidate)))
-(defun descbinds-helm-action:find-func (candidate)
+(defun helm-descbinds-action:find-func (candidate)
"An action that find selected CANDIDATE function."
(find-function (cdr candidate)))
-(defun descbinds-helm-default-candidate-formatter (key binding)
+(defun helm-descbinds-default-candidate-formatter (key binding)
"Default candidate formatter."
(format "%-10s\t%s" key binding))
-(defun descbinds-helm-sort-sections (sections)
+(defun helm-descbinds-sort-sections (sections)
(flet ((order (x)
(loop for n = 0 then (1+ n)
- for regexp in descbinds-helm-section-order
+ for regexp in helm-descbinds-section-order
if (and (car x) (string-match regexp (car x))) return n
finally return n)))
(sort sections (lambda (a b)
(< (order a) (order b))))))
-(defun descbinds-helm-transform-candidates (candidates)
+(defun helm-descbinds-transform-candidates (candidates)
(lambda (pair)
- (cons (funcall descbinds-helm-candidate-formatter
+ (cons (funcall helm-descbinds-candidate-formatter
(car pair) (cdr pair))
(cons (car pair) (intern-soft (cdr pair)))))
-(defun descbinds-helm-transform-actions (actions candidate)
- (and (commandp (cdr candidate)) (or actions descbinds-helm-actions)))
+(defun helm-descbinds-transform-actions (actions candidate)
+ (and (commandp (cdr candidate)) (or actions helm-descbinds-actions)))
-(defun descbinds-helm-sources (buffer &optional prefix menus)
+(defun helm-descbinds-sources (buffer &optional prefix menus)
(lambda (section)
- (descbinds-helm-source (car section) (cdr section)))
- (descbinds-helm-sort-sections
- (descbinds-helm-all-sections buffer prefix menus))))
+ (helm-descbinds-source (car section) (cdr section)))
+ (helm-descbinds-sort-sections
+ (helm-descbinds-all-sections buffer prefix menus))))
-(defun descbinds-helm-source (name candidates)
+(defun helm-descbinds-source (name candidates)
`((name . ,name)
(candidates . ,candidates)
- ,@descbinds-helm-source-template))
+ ,@helm-descbinds-source-template))
-(defun descbinds-helm (&optional prefix buffer)
+(defun helm-descbinds (&optional prefix buffer)
"Yet Another `describe-bindings' with `helm'."
(let ((helm-samewindow (and (not (minibufferp))
- (memq descbinds-helm-window-style
+ (memq helm-descbinds-window-style
'(same-window one-window))))
(helm-before-initialize-hook (if (and (not (minibufferp))
- (eq descbinds-helm-window-style 'one-window))
+ (eq helm-descbinds-window-style 'one-window))
(cons 'delete-other-windows helm-before-initialize-hook)
- (helm :sources (descbinds-helm-sources (or buffer (current-buffer)) prefix))))
+ (helm :sources (helm-descbinds-sources (or buffer (current-buffer)) prefix))))
-(defvar descbinds-helm-Orig-describe-bindings
+(defvar helm-descbinds-Orig-describe-bindings
(symbol-function 'describe-bindings))
-(defun descbinds-helm-install ()
- "Use `descbinds-helm' as a replacement of `describe-bindings'."
+(defun helm-descbinds-install ()
+ "Use `helm-descbinds' as a replacement of `describe-bindings'."
- (fset 'describe-bindings 'descbinds-helm))
+ (fset 'describe-bindings 'helm-descbinds))
-(defun descbinds-helm-uninstall ()
+(defun helm-descbinds-uninstall ()
"Restore original `describe-bindings'."
- (fset 'describe-bindings descbinds-helm-Orig-describe-bindings))
+ (fset 'describe-bindings helm-descbinds-Orig-describe-bindings))
(provide 'helm-descbinds)

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