Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
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thierryvolpiatto Fix error when buffer is not associated to a file
* helm-buffers.el (helm-buffer-toggle-diff): Do it.
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helm-config.el Font-lock helm-read-answer Jul 3, 2018
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helm-dabbrev.el Fix long lines Aug 10, 2018
helm-easymenu.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-elisp-package.el Simplify helm-el-package-install-1 Oct 5, 2018
helm-elisp.el Use display-graphic-p in favor of window-system Jul 16, 2018
helm-eshell.el Add a slash instead of a space when point is behind a directory Mar 24, 2018
helm-eval.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-external.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-files.el Fix expansion of regular and symlinks files Jan 7, 2019
helm-find.el Use helm-generic-file-help-message in find Nov 13, 2018
helm-font.el Fix matching in ucs sources (#2112) Nov 9, 2018
helm-for-files.el Remove helm-ff-tramp-not fancy Jun 25, 2018
helm-grep.el Bind helm-input-idle-delay in grep commands (#2106) Nov 24, 2018
helm-help.el Fix another broken link in help (#2124) Jan 9, 2019
helm-id-utils.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-imenu.el Allow handling extra modes in imenu-in-all-bufs (#2052) Jun 5, 2018
helm-info.el Initialize Info-directory-list (#2118) Dec 20, 2018
helm-lib.el helm-walk-directory accept a new arg NOERROR Dec 22, 2018
helm-locate.el Bind helm-delete-backward-no-update in find and locate Nov 13, 2018
helm-man.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-misc.el Traverse LaTeX-math-menu (#2062) Jul 8, 2018
helm-mode.el Update comment, no code change Nov 27, 2018
helm-multi-match.el Fix docstring no code change Jun 26, 2018
helm-net.el Follow redirects since google returns 301 Moved Dec 21, 2018
helm-org.el Fix helm-org--get-candidates-in-file for the when it is given a buffe… Aug 8, 2018
helm-pkg.el Update *.pkg.el files Aug 24, 2018
helm-regexp.el Add missing action in helm-(m)occur (#2114) Nov 15, 2018
helm-ring.el Use kill-ring cdr when previous command is yank (#2117) Dec 11, 2018
helm-semantic.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-source.el Allow getting marked with props (#2034) May 12, 2018
helm-sys.el helm-list-emacs-process: set local header line to nil Jul 28, 2018
helm-tags.el Update copyrights Jan 8, 2018
helm-types.el Bind helm-delete-backward-no-update in find and locate Nov 13, 2018
helm-utils.el Rename helm-show-all-in-this-source-only Dec 8, 2018
helm-x-files.el Fix typo Apr 3, 2018
helm.el Make helm-mark-all-1 return candidates with their properties Jan 10, 2019


License GPL 3 MELPA MELPA Stable



Helm is an Emacs framework for incremental completions and narrowing selections. It provides an easy-to-use API for developers wishing to build their own Helm applications in Emacs, powerful search tools and dozens of already built-in commands providing completion to almost everything. It is a must-have for anyone using Emacs as a main work environment. Helm has been widely adopted by many Emacs power-users. It is available in Melpa and can be easily installed from the Emacs package manager.

Homepage | Downloads | Get started | Helm wiki | FAQ

Maintaining Helm requires a lot of work, which I have done voluntarily since 2011.
As it demands lots of my time it gets increasingly difficult
maintaining it without financial help.
Thanks to all the people that are helping or have helped Helm development,
but they are actually too few to continue serenely.
By the way, after the release of version 3.0 I will have to stop
developing Helm seriously until I get enough financial support,
only providing a minimal bugfix maintenance.
Thanks for your understanding
If you feel Helm is making your daily work easier,
please consider making a donation.

Thank you! — Thierry Volpiatto

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Helm in action searching with Grep Ag

Emacs-helm grep ag