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;;; helm-bookmark.el --- Helm for Emacs regular Bookmarks. -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2012 ~ 2015 Thierry Volpiatto <>
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib)
(require 'bookmark)
(require 'helm)
(require 'helm-utils)
(require 'helm-info)
(require 'helm-adaptive)
(require 'helm-net)
(declare-function addressbook-bookmark-edit "ext:addressbook-bookmark.el" (bookmark))
(declare-function message-buffers "message.el")
(declare-function addressbook-set-mail-buffer-1 "ext:addressbook-bookmark.el"
(&optional bookmark-name append cc))
(defgroup helm-bookmark nil
"Predefined configurations for `helm.el'."
:group 'helm)
(defcustom helm-bookmark-show-location nil
"Show location of bookmark on display."
:group 'helm-bookmark
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom helm-bookmark-default-filtered-sources
(append '(helm-source-bookmark-files&dirs
(and (locate-library "addressbook-bookmark")
(list 'helm-source-bookmark-addressbook))
(list 'helm-source-bookmark-uncategorized
"List of sources to use in `helm-filtered-bookmarks'."
:group 'helm-bookmark
:type '(repeat (choice symbol)))
(defface helm-bookmark-info
'((t (:foreground "green")))
"Face used for W3m Emacs bookmarks (not w3m bookmarks)."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defface helm-bookmark-w3m
'((t (:foreground "yellow")))
"Face used for W3m Emacs bookmarks (not w3m bookmarks)."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defface helm-bookmark-gnus
'((t (:foreground "magenta")))
"Face used for Gnus bookmarks."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defface helm-bookmark-man
'((t (:foreground "Orange4")))
"Face used for Woman/man bookmarks."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defface helm-bookmark-file
'((t (:foreground "Deepskyblue2")))
"Face used for file bookmarks."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defface helm-bookmark-directory
'((t (:inherit helm-ff-directory)))
"Face used for file bookmarks."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defface helm-bookmark-addressbook
'((t (:foreground "tomato")))
"Face used for addressbook bookmarks."
:group 'helm-bookmark)
(defvar helm-bookmark-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(set-keymap-parent map helm-map)
(define-key map (kbd "C-c o") 'helm-bookmark-run-jump-other-window)
(define-key map (kbd "C-d") 'helm-bookmark-run-delete)
(define-key map (kbd "C-]") 'helm-bookmark-toggle-filename)
(define-key map (kbd "M-e") 'helm-bookmark-run-edit)
(define-key map (kbd "C-c ?") 'helm-bookmark-help)
"Generic Keymap for emacs bookmark sources.")
(defclass helm-source-basic-bookmarks (helm-source-in-buffer helm-type-bookmark)
((init :initform (lambda ()
(filtered-candidate-transformer :initform 'helm-bookmark-transformer)
(search :initform 'helm-bookmark-search-fn)))
(defvar helm-source-bookmarks
(helm-make-source "Bookmarks" 'helm-source-basic-bookmarks)
"See (info \"(emacs)Bookmarks\").")
(defun helm-bookmark-transformer (candidates _source)
(cl-loop for i in candidates
for loc = (bookmark-location i)
for len = (string-width i)
for trunc = (if (> len bookmark-bmenu-file-column)
(helm-substring i bookmark-bmenu-file-column)
for sep = (make-string (- (+ bookmark-bmenu-file-column 2)
(length trunc))
? )
if helm-bookmark-show-location
collect (cons (concat trunc sep (if (listp loc) (car loc) loc)) i)
else collect i))
(defun helm-bookmark-match-fn (candidate)
"Match function for bookmark sources using `candidates'."
(if helm-bookmark-show-location
;; match only location, match-plugin will match also name.
(string-match helm-pattern (bookmark-location candidate))
(string-match helm-pattern candidate)))
(defun helm-bookmark-toggle-filename-1 (_candidate)
(let* ((real (helm-get-selection helm-buffer))
(trunc (if (> (string-width real) bookmark-bmenu-file-column)
(helm-substring real bookmark-bmenu-file-column)
(loc (bookmark-location real)))
(setq helm-bookmark-show-location (not helm-bookmark-show-location))
(helm-force-update (if helm-bookmark-show-location
(concat (regexp-quote trunc)
" +"
(if (listp loc) (car loc) loc)))
(defun helm-bookmark-toggle-filename ()
"Toggle bookmark location visibility."
(helm-attrset 'toggle-filename
'(helm-bookmark-toggle-filename-1 . never-split))
(helm-execute-persistent-action 'toggle-filename)))
(defun helm-bookmark-jump (candidate)
"Jump to bookmark from keyboard."
(let ((current-prefix-arg helm-current-prefix-arg)
(bookmark-jump candidate)))
(defun helm-bookmark-jump-other-window (candidate)
(let (non-essential)
(bookmark-jump-other-window candidate)))
;;; bookmark-set
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-set
'((name . "Set Bookmark")
(action . bookmark-set))
"See (info \"(emacs)Bookmarks\").")
;;; Colorize bookmarks by category
(defvar helm-source-pp-bookmarks
'((name . "PP-Bookmarks")
(init . (lambda ()
'global (cl-loop for b in (bookmark-all-names) collect
(propertize b 'location (bookmark-location b))))))
(search helm-bookmark-search-fn)
(match-part . helm-pp-bookmark-match-fn)
(type . bookmark))
"See (info \"(emacs)Bookmarks\").")
(defun helm-bookmark-search-fn (pattern)
"Search function for bookmark sources using `candidates-in-buffer'.
Should be used with `helm-pp-bookmark-match-fn' as `match-part' function."
(if helm-bookmark-show-location
(helm-aif (next-single-property-change (point) 'location)
(goto-char it))
(re-search-forward pattern nil t)))
(defun helm-pp-bookmark-match-fn (candidate)
"Search function for bookmark sources using `candidates-in-buffer'.
Should be used with `helm-bookmark-search-fn' as `search' function."
(helm-aif (and helm-bookmark-show-location
(bookmark-location candidate))
;; Match against bookmark-name and location.
(concat candidate " " it)
;; Match against bookmark-name.
;;; Predicates
(defconst helm-bookmark--non-file-filename " - no file -"
"Name to use for `filename' entry, for non-file bookmarks.")
(defun helm-bookmark-gnus-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK is a Gnus bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(or (eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bmkext-jump-gnus)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'gnus-summary-bookmark-jump)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bookmarkp-jump-gnus)))
(defun helm-bookmark-w3m-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK is a W3m bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(or (eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bmkext-jump-w3m)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bookmark-w3m-bookmark-jump)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bookmarkp-jump-w3m)))
(defun helm-bookmark-woman-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK is a Woman bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(or (eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bmkext-jump-woman)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'woman-bookmark-jump)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bookmarkp-jump-woman)))
(defun helm-bookmark-man-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK is a Man bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(or (eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bmkext-jump-man)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'Man-bookmark-jump)
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'bookmarkp-jump-man)))
(defun helm-bookmark-woman-man-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK is a Man or Woman bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(or (helm-bookmark-man-bookmark-p bookmark)
(helm-bookmark-woman-bookmark-p bookmark)))
(defun helm-bookmark-info-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK is an Info bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'Info-bookmark-jump))
(defun helm-bookmark-image-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK bookmarks an image file."
(if (stringp bookmark)
(assoc 'image-type (assoc bookmark bookmark-alist))
(assoc 'image-type bookmark)))
(defun helm-bookmark-file-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK bookmarks a file or directory.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record.
This excludes bookmarks of a more specific kind (Info, Gnus, and W3m)."
(let* ((filename (bookmark-get-filename bookmark))
(isnonfile (equal filename helm-bookmark--non-file-filename)))
(and filename (not isnonfile) (not (bookmark-get-handler bookmark)))))
(defun helm-bookmark-helm-find-files-p (bookmark)
"Return non-nil if BOOKMARK bookmarks a `helm-find-files' session.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(eq (bookmark-get-handler bookmark) 'helm-ff-bookmark-jump))
(defun helm-bookmark-addressbook-p (bookmark)
"Return non--nil if BOOKMARK is a contact recorded with addressbook-bookmark.
BOOKMARK is a bookmark name or a bookmark record."
(if (listp bookmark)
(string= (assoc-default 'type bookmark) "addressbook")
(string= (assoc-default
'type (assoc bookmark bookmark-alist)) "addressbook")))
(defun helm-bookmark-uncategorized-bookmark-p (bookmark)
"Return non--nil if BOOKMARK match no known category."
(cl-loop for pred in '(helm-bookmark-addressbook-p
never (funcall pred bookmark)))
(defun helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist (fn)
"Return a filtered `bookmark-alist' sorted alphabetically."
(cl-loop with alist = (cl-loop for b in bookmark-alist
when (funcall fn b) collect b)
for bmk in alist
for name = (car bmk)
collect (propertize name 'location (bookmark-location name))))
;;; Bookmark handlers
(defvar w3m-async-exec)
(defun helm-bookmark-jump-w3m (bookmark)
"Jump to W3m bookmark BOOKMARK, setting a new tab.
If `browse-url-browser-function' is set to something else
than `w3m-browse-url' use it."
(require 'helm-net)
(let ((file (or (bookmark-prop-get bookmark 'filename)
(bookmark-prop-get bookmark 'url)))
(buf (generate-new-buffer-name "*w3m*"))
(w3m-async-exec nil)
(really-use-w3m (equal browse-url-browser-function 'w3m-browse-url)))
(helm-browse-url file really-use-w3m)
(when really-use-w3m
`("" (buffer . ,buf) . ,(bookmark-get-bookmark-record bookmark))))))
;; All bookmarks recorded with the handler provided with w3m
;; (`bookmark-w3m-bookmark-jump') will use our handler which open
;; the bookmark in a new tab or in an external browser depending
;; on `browse-url-browser-function'.
(defalias 'bookmark-w3m-bookmark-jump 'helm-bookmark-jump-w3m)
;; Provide compatibility with old handlers provided in external
;; packages bookmark-extensions.el and bookmark+.
(defalias 'bmkext-jump-woman 'woman-bookmark-jump)
(defalias 'bmkext-jump-man 'Man-bookmark-jump)
(defalias 'bmkext-jump-w3m 'helm-bookmark-jump-w3m)
(defalias 'bmkext-jump-gnus 'gnus-summary-bookmark-jump)
(defalias 'bookmarkp-jump-gnus 'gnus-summary-bookmark-jump)
(defalias 'bookmarkp-jump-w3m 'helm-bookmark-jump-w3m)
(defalias 'bookmarkp-jump-woman 'woman-bookmark-jump)
(defalias 'bookmarkp-jump-man 'Man-bookmark-jump)
;;;; Filtered bookmark sources
(defclass helm-source-filtered-bookmarks (helm-source-in-buffer helm-type-bookmark)
((search :initform #'helm-bookmark-search-fn)
(match-part :initform #'helm-pp-bookmark-match-fn)
:initform '(helm-adaptive-sort
;;; W3m bookmarks.
(defun helm-bookmark-w3m-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for bookmarks w3m."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-w3m-bookmark-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-w3m
(helm-make-source "Bookmark W3m" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-w3m-setup-alist)))))
;;; Images
(defun helm-bookmark-images-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for images bookmarks."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-image-bookmark-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-images
(helm-make-source "Bookmark Images" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-images-setup-alist)))))
;;; Woman Man
(defun helm-bookmark-man-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for bookmarks w3m."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-woman-man-bookmark-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-man
(helm-make-source "Bookmark Woman&Man" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-man-setup-alist)))))
;;; Gnus
(defun helm-bookmark-gnus-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for bookmarks gnus."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-gnus-bookmark-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-gnus
(helm-make-source "Bookmark Gnus" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-gnus-setup-alist)))))
;;; Info
(defun helm-bookmark-info-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for bookmarks info."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-info-bookmark-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-info
(helm-make-source "Bookmark Info" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-info-setup-alist)))))
;;; Files and directories
(defun helm-bookmark-local-files-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for bookmarks locals files."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-file-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-files&dirs
(helm-make-source "Bookmark Files&Directories" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-local-files-setup-alist)))))
;;; Helm find files sessions.
(defun helm-bookmark-helm-find-files-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for `helm-find-files' bookmarks."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-helm-find-files-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-helm-find-files
(helm-make-source "Bookmark helm-find-files sessions" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-helm-find-files-setup-alist)))))
;;; Uncategorized bookmarks
(defun helm-bookmark-uncategorized-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for uncategorized bookmarks."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-uncategorized-bookmark-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-uncategorized
(helm-make-source "Bookmark uncategorized" 'helm-source-filtered-bookmarks
:init (lambda ()
'global (helm-bookmark-uncategorized-setup-alist)))))
;;; Addressbook.
(defclass helm-bookmark-addressbook-class (helm-source-in-buffer)
((init :initform (lambda ()
(require 'addressbook-bookmark nil t)
(search :initform #'helm-bookmark-search-fn)
(match-part :initform #'helm-pp-bookmark-match-fn)
(persistent-action :initform
(lambda (candidate)
(let ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(bookmark--jump-via bmk 'switch-to-buffer))))
(persistent-help :initform "Show contact - Prefix with C-u to append")
(filtered-candidate-transformer :initform
(action :initform (("Show Contact(s)"
. (lambda (candidate)
(let* ((contacts (helm-marked-candidates))
(current-prefix-arg helm-current-prefix-arg))
(helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name (car contacts)))
(helm-aif (cdr contacts)
(let ((current-prefix-arg '(4)))
(cl-loop for bmk in it do
(helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name bmk))))))))
("Mail To" . helm-bookmark-addressbook-send-mail-1)
("Mail Cc" . (lambda (_candidate)
(helm-bookmark-addressbook-send-mail-1 nil 'cc)))
("Mail Bcc" . (lambda (_candidate)
(helm-bookmark-addressbook-send-mail-1 nil 'bcc)))
("Edit Bookmark"
. (lambda (candidate)
(let ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(assoc bmk bookmark-alist)))))
("Delete bookmark(s)" . helm-delete-marked-bookmarks)
("Insert Email at point"
. (lambda (candidate)
(let* ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(mlist (split-string
'email (assoc bmk bookmark-alist))
", ")))
(if (> (length mlist) 1)
"Insert Mail Address: " mlist :must-match t)
(car mlist))))))
("Show annotation"
. (lambda (candidate)
(let ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(bookmark-show-annotation bmk))))
("Edit annotation"
. (lambda (candidate)
(let ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(bookmark-edit-annotation bmk))))
("Show Google map"
. (lambda (candidate)
(let* ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(full-bmk (assoc bmk bookmark-alist)))
(addressbook-google-map full-bmk))))))))
(defun helm-bookmark-addressbook-send-mail-1 (_candidate &optional cc)
(let* ((contacts (helm-marked-candidates))
(bookmark (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name
(car contacts)))
(append (message-buffers)))
(addressbook-set-mail-buffer-1 bookmark append)
(helm-aif (cdr contacts)
(when cc (addressbook-set-mail-buffer-1 (car it) nil cc))
(cl-loop for bmk in (cdr it) do
(helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name bmk) 'append cc))))))
(defun helm-bookmark-addressbook-setup-alist ()
"Specialized filter function for addressbook bookmarks."
(helm-bookmark-filter-setup-alist 'helm-bookmark-addressbook-p))
(defvar helm-source-bookmark-addressbook
(helm-make-source "Bookmark Addressbook" 'helm-bookmark-addressbook-class))
;;; Transformer
(defun helm-highlight-bookmark (bookmarks _source)
"Used as `filtered-candidate-transformer' to colorize bookmarks.
Work both with standard Emacs bookmarks and bookmark-extensions.el."
(let ((non-essential t))
(cl-loop for i in bookmarks
for isfile = (bookmark-get-filename i)
for hff = (helm-bookmark-helm-find-files-p i)
for handlerp = (and (fboundp 'bookmark-get-handler)
(bookmark-get-handler i))
for isw3m = (and (fboundp 'helm-bookmark-w3m-bookmark-p)
(helm-bookmark-w3m-bookmark-p i))
for isgnus = (and (fboundp 'helm-bookmark-gnus-bookmark-p)
(helm-bookmark-gnus-bookmark-p i))
for isman = (and (fboundp 'helm-bookmark-man-bookmark-p) ; Man
(helm-bookmark-man-bookmark-p i))
for iswoman = (and (fboundp 'helm-bookmark-woman-bookmark-p) ; Woman
(helm-bookmark-woman-bookmark-p i))
for isannotation = (bookmark-get-annotation i)
for isabook = (string= (bookmark-prop-get i 'type)
for isinfo = (eq handlerp 'Info-bookmark-jump)
for loc = (bookmark-location i)
for len = (string-width i)
for trunc = (if (and helm-bookmark-show-location
(> len bookmark-bmenu-file-column))
i bookmark-bmenu-file-column)
;; Add a * if bookmark have annotation
if (and isannotation (not (string-equal isannotation "")))
do (setq trunc (concat "*" (if helm-bookmark-show-location trunc i)))
for sep = (and helm-bookmark-show-location
(make-string (- (+ bookmark-bmenu-file-column 2)
(string-width trunc))
? ))
for bmk = (cond ( ;; info buffers
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-info
'help-echo isfile))
( ;; w3m buffers
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-w3m
'help-echo isfile))
( ;; gnus buffers
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-gnus
'help-echo isfile))
( ;; Man Woman
(or iswoman isman)
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-man
'help-echo isfile))
( ;; Addressbook
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-addressbook))
( ;; directories
(and isfile
(or hff
;; This is needed because `non-essential'
;; is not working on Emacs-24.2 and the behavior
;; of tramp seems to have changed since previous
;; versions (Need to reenter password even if a
;; first connection have been established,
;; probably when host is named differently
;; i.e machine/localhost)
(and (not (file-remote-p isfile))
(file-directory-p isfile))))
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-directory
'help-echo isfile))
( ;; regular files
(propertize trunc 'face 'helm-bookmark-file
'help-echo isfile)))
collect (if helm-bookmark-show-location
(cons (concat bmk sep (if (listp loc) (car loc) loc))
(cons bmk i)))))
(defun helm-bookmark-edit-bookmark (bookmark-name)
"Edit bookmark's name and file name, and maybe save them.
BOOKMARK-NAME is the current (old) name of the bookmark to be renamed."
(let ((bmk (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name bookmark-name))
(handler (bookmark-prop-get bookmark-name 'handler)))
(if (eq handler 'addressbook-bookmark-jump)
(assoc bmk bookmark-alist))
(helm-bookmark-edit-bookmark-1 bookmark-name handler))))
(defun helm-bookmark-edit-bookmark-1 (bookmark-name handler)
(let* ((helm--reading-passwd-or-string t)
(bookmark-fname (bookmark-get-filename bookmark-name))
(bookmark-loc (bookmark-prop-get bookmark-name 'location))
(new-name (read-from-minibuffer "Name: " bookmark-name))
(new-loc (read-from-minibuffer "FileName or Location: "
(or bookmark-fname
(if (consp bookmark-loc)
(car bookmark-loc)
(docid (and (eq handler 'mu4e-bookmark-jump)
(read-number "Docid: " (cdr bookmark-loc)))))
(when docid
(setq new-loc (cons new-loc docid)))
(when (and (not (equal new-name "")) (not (equal new-loc ""))
(y-or-n-p "Save changes? "))
(if bookmark-fname
(helm-bookmark-rename bookmark-name new-name 'batch)
(bookmark-set-filename new-name new-loc))
(bookmark-get-bookmark bookmark-name) 'location new-loc)
(helm-bookmark-rename bookmark-name new-name 'batch))
(list new-name new-loc))))
(defun helm-bookmark-maybe-save-bookmark ()
"Increment save counter and maybe save `bookmark-alist'."
(setq bookmark-alist-modification-count (1+ bookmark-alist-modification-count))
(when (bookmark-time-to-save-p) (bookmark-save)))
(defun helm-bookmark-rename (old &optional new batch)
"Change bookmark's name from OLD to NEW.
If called from the keyboard, then prompt for OLD.
If called from the menubar, select OLD from a menu.
If NEW is nil, then prompt for its string value.
If BATCH is non-nil, then do not rebuild the menu list.
While the user enters the new name, repeated `C-w' inserts consecutive
words from the buffer into the new bookmark name."
(interactive (list (bookmark-completing-read "Old bookmark name")))
(bookmark-maybe-historicize-string old)
(save-excursion (skip-chars-forward " ") (setq bookmark-yank-point (point)))
(setq bookmark-current-buffer (current-buffer))
(let ((newname (or new (read-from-minibuffer
"New name: " nil
(let ((now-map (copy-keymap minibuffer-local-map)))
(define-key now-map "\C-w" 'bookmark-yank-word)
nil 'bookmark-history))))
(bookmark-set-name old newname)
(setq bookmark-current-bookmark newname)
(unless batch (bookmark-bmenu-surreptitiously-rebuild-list))
(helm-bookmark-maybe-save-bookmark) newname))
(defun helm-bookmark-run-edit ()
"Run `helm-bookmark-edit-bookmark' from keyboard."
(helm-quit-and-execute-action 'helm-bookmark-edit-bookmark)))
;;; Bookmarks attributes
(define-helm-type-attribute 'bookmark
`((coerce . helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name)
(action . ,(helm-make-actions
"Jump to bookmark" 'helm-bookmark-jump
"Jump to BM other window" 'helm-bookmark-jump-other-window
"Bookmark edit annotation" 'bookmark-edit-annotation
"Bookmark show annotation" 'bookmark-show-annotation
"Delete bookmark(s)" 'helm-delete-marked-bookmarks
"Edit Bookmark" 'helm-bookmark-edit-bookmark
"Rename bookmark" 'helm-bookmark-rename
"Relocate bookmark" 'bookmark-relocate))
(keymap . ,helm-bookmark-map)
(mode-line . helm-bookmark-mode-line-string))
"Bookmark name.")
(defun helm-bookmark-run-jump-other-window ()
"Jump to bookmark from keyboard."
(helm-quit-and-execute-action 'bookmark-jump-other-window)))
(defun helm-bookmark-run-delete ()
"Delete bookmark from keyboard."
(when (y-or-n-p "Delete bookmark(s)?")
(helm-quit-and-execute-action 'helm-delete-marked-bookmarks))))
(defun helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name (bmk)
"Return bookmark name even if it is a bookmark with annotation.
e.g prepended with *."
(let ((bookmark (replace-regexp-in-string "\\`\\*" "" bmk)))
(if (assoc bookmark bookmark-alist) bookmark bmk)))
(defun helm-delete-marked-bookmarks (_ignore)
"Delete this bookmark or all marked bookmarks."
(cl-dolist (i (helm-marked-candidates))
(bookmark-delete (helm-bookmark-get-bookmark-from-name i)
(defun helm-bookmarks ()
"Preconfigured `helm' for bookmarks."
(helm :sources '(helm-source-bookmarks
:buffer "*helm bookmarks*"
:default (buffer-name helm-current-buffer)))
(defun helm-pp-bookmarks ()
"Preconfigured `helm' for bookmarks (pretty-printed)."
(helm :sources '(helm-source-pp-bookmarks
:buffer "*helm pp bookmarks*"
:default (buffer-name helm-current-buffer)))
(defun helm-filtered-bookmarks ()
"Preconfigured helm for bookmarks (filtered by category).
Optional source `helm-source-bookmark-addressbook' is loaded
only if external library addressbook-bookmark.el is available."
(helm :sources helm-bookmark-default-filtered-sources
:prompt "Search Bookmark: "
:buffer "*helm filtered bookmarks*"
:default (list (thing-at-point 'symbol)
(buffer-name helm-current-buffer))))
(provide 'helm-bookmark)
;; Local Variables:
;; byte-compile-warnings: (not cl-functions obsolete)
;; coding: utf-8
;; indent-tabs-mode: nil
;; End:
;;; helm-bookmark.el ends here
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