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1 parent 41f8337 commit 4978e39ecc8c7b907f77fa23cba8daa1d318939f @thierryvolpiatto thierryvolpiatto committed Jan 7, 2013
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@@ -2217,17 +2217,23 @@ and `helm-pattern'."
(defun helm-compute-matches (source)
+ "Start computing candidates in SOURCE."
(let ((matchfns (helm-match-functions source))
(helm-source-name (assoc-default 'name source))
(limit (helm-candidate-number-limit source))
(helm-pattern (helm-process-pattern-transformer
helm-pattern source)))
+ ;; If source have a `filtered-candidate-transformer' attr
+ ;; Filter candidates with this func, otherwise just compute
+ ;; candidates.
(if (or (equal helm-pattern "")
(equal matchfns '(identity)))
+ ;; Compute all candidates up to LIMIT.
(helm-get-cached-candidates source) limit)
+ ;; Compute candidates according to pattern with their match fns.
(helm-get-cached-candidates source) matchfns limit source))

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