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* helm-regexp.el (helm-occur): Fix, bind helm-multi-occur-buffer-list.

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1 parent 606fec6 commit 6cc5ee07123df077b15abd1f55f06b815ada334d @thierryvolpiatto thierryvolpiatto committed Dec 28, 2012
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3 helm-regexp.el
@@ -411,8 +411,7 @@ the center of window, otherwise at the top of window.")
(defun helm-occur ()
"Preconfigured helm for Occur."
- (declare (special buffers))
- (let ((buffers (list (buffer-name (current-buffer))))
+ (let ((helm-multi-occur-buffer-list (list (buffer-name (current-buffer))))
;; rule out helm-match-plugin because the input is one regexp.
(delq 'helm-compile-source--match-plugin

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