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* helm.el (helm-update-blacklist-regexps): renamed, add two more entr…

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commit 84d10e6280a0a6ff2b7fa043516bb243a7ff9a58 1 parent fbbbb5c
@thierryvolpiatto thierryvolpiatto authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 helm.el
4 helm.el
@@ -492,7 +492,7 @@ It is disabled by default because *Helm Log* grows quickly.")
(string-match helm-pattern candidate)))
"Default functions to match candidates according to `helm-pattern'.")
(defvar helm-process-delayed-sources-timer nil)
-(defvar helm-update-blacklist-regexp '("^" "$"))
+(defvar helm-update-blacklist-regexps '("^" "$" "!" " "))
;; Utility: logging
@@ -2096,7 +2096,7 @@ is done on whole `helm-buffer' and not on current source."
;; These incomplete regexps hang helm forever
;; so defer update.
- (not (member helm-pattern helm-update-blacklist-regexp))))
+ (not (member helm-pattern helm-update-blacklist-regexps))))
(defun helm-delayed-source-p (source)
"Wheter SOURCE is a delayed source or not."
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