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* helm-help.el: Document candidates-process.

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@@ -725,11 +725,19 @@ HELM-ATTRIBUTE should be a symbol."
output from it, killing it if necessary, etc.). The process
should return candidates matching the current pattern (see
variable `helm-pattern'.)
+ You should use instead `candidates-process' attribute for
+ async processes, a warning will popup when using async process
+ in a `candidates' attribute.
Note that currently results from asynchronous sources appear
last in the helm buffer regardless of their position in
+(helm-document-attribute 'candidates-process
+ "Same as `candidates' attributes but for process function."
+ "You should use this attribute when using a function involving
+ an async process instead of `candidates'.")
(helm-document-attribute 'action "mandatory if type attribute is not provided"
" It is a list of (DISPLAY . FUNCTION) pairs or FUNCTION.
FUNCTION is called with one parameter: the selected candidate.

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