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* helm-files.el (helm-ff-highlight-files): Remove unused arg, fix doc…

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thierryvolpiatto committed Nov 17, 2012
1 parent b3a0ff0 commit e054259d643fd2ee3f3577a447c23b273ab043d0
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  1. +6 −4 helm-files.el
@@ -1596,7 +1596,7 @@ return FNAME prefixed with [?]."
((or new-file (not (file-exists-p fname)))
(concat prefix-new " " fname)))))
-(defun helm-c-find-files-transformer (files sources)
+(defun helm-c-find-files-transformer (files source)
"Transformer for `helm-c-source-find-files'.
Tramp files are not highlighted unless `helm-ff-tramp-not-fancy'
is non--nil."
@@ -1608,10 +1608,12 @@ is non--nil."
(if (helm-dir-is-dot i)
i (cons (helm-c-basename i) i)))
- (helm-ff-highlight-files files sources)))
+ (helm-ff-highlight-files files)))
-(defun helm-ff-highlight-files (files sources)
- "Candidate transformer for `helm-c-source-find-files' without icons."
+(defun helm-ff-highlight-files (files)
+ "Candidate transformer function for `helm-c-source-find-files'.
+Don't use it directly in `filtered-candidate-transformer' use instead
(loop for i in files
for disp = (if (and helm-ff-transformer-show-only-basename
(not (helm-dir-is-dot i))

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