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Feature: Optionally showing paths in helm-bookmarks #232

ribonoous opened this Issue April 01, 2013 · 1 comment

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ribonoous Thierry Volpiatto

This is a feature request stemming from a discussion in this thread: thierryvolpiatto/emacs-bmk-ext#1

It would be nice if, when calling M-x helm-bookmarks one could:

  • Easily turn on and off the visualization of the filesystem paths associated with bookmarks (for bookmarks pointing to files and folders). Helm could display the path of each bookmark on a second column, right next to the name of each bookmark.
  • When the option above is on, helm would let the user narrow down the list of bookmarks (i.e. select a bookmark) by typing strings that match parts of the paths of the bookmark.

The above would let the user find a bookmark to a file or folder either by:

  • Typing parts of the name of it
  • Typing parts of the the location the bookmark points to
Thierry Volpiatto

Ok, the feature is now provided, so I close this, feel free to reopen if something is not working.


Thierry Volpiatto thierryvolpiatto closed this April 05, 2013
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