Byte compiling reveals obsolete variables #28

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helm-config.el:692:01:Warning: cl package required at runtime
helm-config.el:1532:20:Warning: minibuffer-local-must-match-filename-map' is an obsolete variable (as of 23.1); useminibuffer-local-filename-must-match-map' instead.
helm-config.el:1533:20:Warning: `minibuffer-local-filename-must-match-map' is
an obsolete variable (as of 24.1).

In helm-esh-get-candidates:
helm-config.el:10082:13:Warning: pcomplete-suffix-list' is an obsolete variable (as of 24.1). helm-config.el:10082:35:Warning:pcomplete-suffix-list' is an obsolete
variable (as of 24.1).


thierryvolpiatto commented Mar 26, 2012

Except "cl package required at runtime" all these warnings are about variables needed for emacs23 compatibility.
For "cl", this is because we use (require 'cl) to allow us using CL functions in some places.
You should not care about this ;-)

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