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Tianxiang Xiong edited this page Jan 12, 2016 · 1 revision

Japanese users can use migemo, an Emacs package that provides Japanese increment search with ‘Romanization of Japanese’(ローマ字).


First, install migemo and configure it properly. Then enable helm-migemo-mode:

(helm-migemo-mode t)


helm-migemo-mode activates migemo support for the following:

  • Bookmarks (including filtered)
  • Buffers
  • Files in current directory
  • File name history
    • C-c h in helm-find-files
  • helm-find-files
    • Single space after a current path is needed to get candidates via migemo.
  • Kill ring
  • Minibuffer history
  • (m)occur
  • recentf

To enable migemo in your code, use the migemo slot in your classes or with the diverse build functions for sources (helm-build-sync-source, etc.). Only “sync” and “in-buffer” sources suppport migemo.


You will find in a package called helm-migemo.el in MELPA. This package is deprecated and not supported by helm, so please do not use it!