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migemo.el provides Japanese increment search with 'Romanization of Japanese'(ローマ字).




  • Emacs 24 or higher.
  • cl-lib.el
  • cmigemo or CVS Head migemo
    • We recommend to use cmigemo. It is default since version 1.9.2

Sample Configuration

(require 'migemo)

;; cmigemo(default)
(setq migemo-command "cmigemo")
(setq migemo-options '("-q" "--emacs"))

;; ruby migemo
(setq migemo-command "ruby")
(setq migemo-options '("-S" "migemo" "-t" "emacs" "-i" "\a"))

;; Set your installed path
(setq migemo-dictionary "/usr/local/share/migemo/utf-8/migemo-dict")

(setq migemo-user-dictionary nil)
(setq migemo-regex-dictionary nil)
(setq migemo-coding-system 'utf-8-unix)
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