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Vue.js support for lsp-mode using vls


First of all install vue-language-server

# with npm
npm install vue-language-server -g

# or with yarn
yarn global add vue-language-server

Install lsp-mode first, and either clone this repository. Add the following to your emacs configuration:

(require 'lsp-mode)
(require 'lsp-vue)
(add-hook 'vue-mode-hook #'lsp-vue-mmm-enable)

lsp-vue-mmm-enable depends on vue-mode and will enable flycheck for every major-mode supported by vue-mode.

Also you can enable lsp-vue for any needed major-mode with call of lsp-vue-enable or with hook like this

(add-hook 'major-mode-hook #'lsp-vue-enable)


# with customize group

M-x customize-group RET lsp-vue # custom vetur and html configuration

# with lisp

(setq vetur.validation.template t)

see also:

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