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Supported Version

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PHP Mode supports PHP 5.x to 8.x and a new syntax of PHP. We will be able to edit PHP 5 until future syntax incompatibilities are introduced in the PHP version.

Note that when used in conjunction with Flymake or Flycheck, if the PHP versions of the development and production environments are different, the syntax introduced in the new version will not be detected as an error. For example, if your application code works with PHP 5.6, there is a return type declaration.

If you can choose a version, look at PHP Supported Versions and choose the latest possible version. All PHP 5.x versions and PHP 7.x are already deprecated. The newest PHP is the best PHP.

📝 Emacs

It is recommended to use the latest stable version of GNU Emacs.


Version Support
28.2 Recommended
28.1 Supported
27.x Not Recommended. highlighting flickers
26.3 Supported
26.2 Compatible, but it is not tested.
26.1 Supported
≦ 25.3 No longer supported

for UNIX/Linux users

If you have compiled Emacs from source code, you should use the latest stable version.

If you are using an active supported operating system, it will probably work with the Emacs provided by its package repository. If you can choose more than one Emacs version, please choose a new one.

We are planning a matrix of test releases and support periods based on Debian's LTS support schedule. If you would like us to add the same version as the package of your distribution you would like to test, feel free to submit your request in this issue.

for macOS users

Install Emacs from Homebrew or compile from source code. Alternatively you can download the installer from GNU Emacs For Mac OS X.

Do not use the Emacs bundled with macOS. Do not try to use /usr/bin/emacs (Emacs 22) as it has security problems as and is too old.

for Windows users

This package has not been fully tested on Windows, so if you find a problem with it, please report it.