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phpactor.el - PHP refactoring and introspection

This package is Emacs interface to Phpactor.

NOTICE: This package is in development. Since some functions are running, this is released as an alpha version.

NOTICE: Phpactor is also in development stage.

Build Status MELPA: phpactor MELPA stable: phpactor


Requirement: You need to have composer globally installed.

First step

Installation with use-package :

(use-package phpactor :ensure t)
(use-package company-phpactor :ensure t)

Installation with straight.el

(here using straight.el with use-package)

(use-package phpactor
  :straight (phpactor
             :host github
             :type git
             :repo "emacs-php/phpactor.el"
             :branch "master"
             :files ("*.el" "composer.json" "composer.lock" (:exclude "*test.el"))

Second step

After having installed this package, run `phpactor-install-or-update` (this will install a supported version of phpactor inside `.emacs.d/phpactor`).

NOTICE: To ensure the supported version of Phpactor is installed, you might need to run this command again after an upgrade of this package.

Alternatively, you can install Phpactor on your own and customize `phpactor-executable` but please be aware that any change in Phpactor’s rpc protocol can introduce breakages.



(use-package php-mode
  :hook ((php-mode . (lambda () (set (make-local-variable 'company-backends)
       '(;; list of backends

eldoc integration

(add-hook 'php-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (make-local-variable 'eldoc-documentation-function)
            (setq eldoc-documentation-function

Jump (go to definition)

using Smart-jump

(with-eval-after-load 'php-mode

without Smart-jump

(with-eval-after-load 'php-mode
  (define-key php-mode-map (kbd "M-.") #'phpactor-goto-definition)
  (define-key php-mode-map (kbd "M-?") #'phpactor-find-references))

phpactor itself



Phpactor.el doesn’t bring any keybindings and it’s up to you to configure them as you wish.

You could for example limit yourself to only one by using transient.el like this

(define-transient-command php-transient-menu ()
    ("cc" "Copy" phpactor-copy-class)
    ("cn" "New" phpactor-create-new-class)
    ("cr" "Move" phpactor-move-class)
    ("ci" "Inflect" phpactor-inflect-class)
    ("n"  "Namespace" phpactor-fix-namespace)]
    ("a"  "Accessor" phpactor-generate-accessors)
    ("pc" "Constructor" phpactor-complete-constructor)
    ("pm" "Add missing props" phpactor-complete-properties)
    ("r" "Rename var locally" phpactor-rename-variable-local)
    ("R" "Rename var in file" phpactor-rename-variable-file)]
    ("ec" "constant" phpactor-extract-constant)
    ("ee" "expression" phpactor-extract-expression)
    ("em"  "method" phpactor-extract-method)]
    ("i" "Implement Contracts" phpactor-implement-contracts)
    ("m"  "Generate method" phpactor-generate-method)]
    ("x" "List refs" phpactor-list-references)
    ("X" "Replace refs" phpactor-replace-references)
    ("."  "Goto def" phpactor-goto-definition)]
    ("s" "Status" phpactor-status)
    ("u" "Install" phpactor-install-or-update)]])


You can run “phpactor-status“ while visiting a project file.

If needed, configure the way the project root is detected via .dir-locals.el

Phpactor Output” buffer might also contain useful informations.

About Phpactor

We will assume your emacs configuration is stored under “~/.emacs.d/”

Where is phpactor installed

After running `phpactor-install-or-update`, phpactor should be installed under “~/.emacs.d/phpactor/”. And the phpactor executable should be “~/.emacs.d/phpactor/vendor/bin/phpactor”

Contribute to phpactor

Phpactor’s packages are cloned (using git) under “~/.emacs.d/phpactor/vendor/phpactor”. If you make a modification to phpactor you’d like to contribute, you can just of git straight away to open a pull request therefrom.


Interface to Phpactor (an intelligent code-completion and refactoring tool for PHP)



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