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Store project local variables
Emacs Lisp
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Cask Bump version 0.0.2 Feb 8, 2017

Projectile Variable

Store project local variables (property) using Projectile and Symbol Plists. The name of this package has projectile- in the prefix, but it can now be executed without depending on it.

(projectile-variable-put 'foo-value 2) ;; Store property 'foo-value
(projectile-variable-get 'foo-value)   ;;=> 2

;; Return all project local property list
;; Return project local property list filterd by prefix "foo-"
(projectile-variable-plist "foo-")
;; Return all project local properties as association list (alist)
;; Return project local properties alist filterd by prefix "foo-"
(projectile-variable-alist "foo-")
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