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c5c1181 Now using tempo templates
ryants authored
1 $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.10 2001/05/07 00:12:04 ryants Exp $
3 2001-05-06 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
4 * lisp/doxymacs.el: Now using tempo templates for inserting comments.
5 Also allows for user-defined styles.
6 * TODO: we need some good end-user documentation.
7 * AUTHORS: acknowledge patch from Andreas Fuchs.
112d7bd XML tag file parsing
ryants authored
9 2001-04-29 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
10 * lisp/doxymacs.el: Now parse XML tags file generated by doxygen
11 directly.
12 * lisp/xml-parse.el: Add this file so that people don't need to go
13 download things from all over the place just to get doxymacs working.
14 * perl/ No longer necessary, now that we can parse the
15 XML tags file generated by doxygen.
b668d87 Going with the NEW lookup function, some minor cleanup
ryants authored
784c63d Function documentation
ryants authored
17 2001-04-22 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
18 * lisp/doxymacs.el: Function documentation
b668d87 Going with the NEW lookup function, some minor cleanup
ryants authored
20 2001-04-18 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
21 * lisp/doxymacs.el: Going with Kris' "new style" look up
dcc1269 Can now load tags file from URL
ryants authored
22 code. It's excellent, and exactly what I wanted. Thanks Kris. Also
23 incorprated Andreas Fuchs' patch for loading tags from a URL.
1dc7cc7 Blank doxygen comments
ryants authored
25 2001-04-11 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
0f5a9ed File doxygen comments
ryants authored
26 * lisp/doxymacs.el: insert blank or "file" doxygen comments with style
27 specified by the user.
58c240a Added today's progress
ryants authored
29 2001-03-31 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
30 * lisp/doxymacs.el: if symbol matches more than one entry in the tags,
31 you can now select which one you really mean (but please take a look
32 at the FIXME comment before doxymacs-choose-match) and slightly
33 changed the format of the list that doxymacs-get-matches returns.
34 * perl/, example/doc/doxy.tag: added some more info to the
35 third column of's output.
36 * TODO: removed the "choose which symbol you really mean" item (yay!).
9b87efb Initial revision
ryants authored
0896550 Apply patch from Kris Verbeeck, minor format updates
ryants authored
38 2001-03-28 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
39 * lisp/doxymacs.el: applied patch from Kris Verbeeck so that
40 doxymacs customisation stuff is under the "Tools" group. Also
41 removed doxymacs-browser, since we'll just use the user's default
42 browser anyways. Minor formatting changes as well.
43 * README: added doxymacs' URL
9b87efb Initial revision
ryants authored
45 2001-03-24 Ryan T. Sammartino <>
46 * doxymacs: Initial CVS check in.
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