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<title>Emacsattic by emacsattic</title>
<div class="container">
<h2>where Emacs packages go to die</h2>
<section id="downloads">
<a href="" class="btn btn-github"><span class="icon"></span>View on GitHub</a>
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<section id="main_content">
<p>Obsolete and/or abandoned packages from the <a href="">Emacsmirror</a> are moved to the <a href="">Emacsattic</a>.</p>
<p><img src="" alt=""></p>
<p><a href="">Image</a>: Copyright 2008 Guido Appenzeller - CC BY 2.0</p>
<li><a href="">repository list</a></li>
<li><a href="">issue tracker</a></li>