Provides GitHub integration for Org-mode.
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org-ghi README

Dead Project

Work on this project has been discontinued. There’s a similar project in GSoC 2012


org-ghi provides a way of importing and syncing with GitHub issues from Org-mode.


Download org-ghi from github

git clone

Add the org-ghi directory to your load path and then add

(setq load-path (cons "~/.emacs.d/org-ghi/" load-path))
(require 'org-ghi)

to your dot emacs.


  1. org-ghi depends on json which is a part of Emacs from v24. If you are using an older version of Emacs, you’ll need to obtain it.
  2. org-ghi may not work with old versions of org-mode.


Set the variable org-ghi-org-file to the file you want to use. The default is to use a file in your org-directory.

The variable org-ghi-file-under-repo-headline turns on or off, whether to file issues under a headline with the Repository name.

org-ghi-interesting-repos provides completion for the org-ghi-sync-all command. Set it to a list of repositories, that you want to use. NOTE: This doesn’t restrict the Repos that you use with org-ghi. For instance,

(setq org-ghi-interesting-repos '("punchagan/org-ghi" "eschulte/babel-dev"))

org-ghi-sync-all is your starting point into using org-ghi. It will fetch all the issues and add them to your chosen file, as TODO items. If the issue has a milestone, the due date of the milestone is added as a deadline for the TODO. The labels of the issue, get added as tags.

You can then work on your TODO and update your Issue from org-mode, by using org-ghi-update-current-issue.

To create a new issue, Create a new TODO item; The TODO item should have the property :REPO: set to user/repo. Now use the function org-ghi-make-todo-an-issue to create a new issue.


The interface is built upon GitHub’s API v3 and it seems to be pretty fragile, with quite a few problems. Hence, this interface is pretty fragile, too…


Let issues be filed under Milestones

body of Issue (API broken?)