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Proof General theorem prover interface --- IN ATTIC BECAUSE: last cvs standing, see
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	    Proof General --- Organize your proofs! 

Proof General is a generic Emacs interface for proof assistants.
The aim of the Proof General project is to provide a powerful, generic
environment for using interactive proof assistants.

This is version 4.2 (prerelease) of Proof General.  See About for exact version.
It is built for Emacs 23.3.

The code *may* also work with previous emacs versions, back as far as
Emacs 22.3.  But you will need to regenerated the byte-compiled files
with "make clean; make compile".  Backward compatibility cannot be

    INSTALL	     for installation details.
    COPYING	     for license details.
    COMPATIBILITY    for version compatibility information.
    REGISTER	     for registration information (please register).
    FAQ, doc/	     for documentation of Proof General.
    <prover>/README  for additional prover-specific notes


    Bug/feature reports: 

Supported proof assistants:  Coq, Isabelle, LEGO, PhoX
Experimental (less useful):  CCC,ACL2,HOL98,Hol-Light,Lambda-Clam,Shell,Twelf
        Obsolete instances:  Demoisa,Lambda-Clam,Plastic

A few example proofs are included in each prover subdirectory.  The
"root2" proofs of the irrationality of the square root of 2 were
proofs written for Freek Wiedijk's challenge in his comparison of
different theorem provers, see  
Those proof scripts are copyright by their named authors.  
(NB: most of these have rusted)

Check BUGS files for some static problems and issues.  Please report
new bugs on the Trac site at

For the latest news and downloads, visit Proof General on the web 

David Aspinall <>
October 2011.
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