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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# p4 configuration for Pymacs.
# Overall Pymacs configuration
# ============================
# VERSION is the name of the Pymacs version, as declared within
def get_version():
import re
for line in open(''):
match = re.match('version *= *([\'"][^\'"]*[\'"])', line)
if match:
return eval(
VERSION = get_version()
del get_version
# Configuration for the Emacs Lisp side
# =====================================
# DEFADVICE_OK is 't' when it is safe to use defadvice. It has been reported
# that, at least under Aquamacs (an MacOS X native port of Emacs), one gets
# "Lisp nesting exceeds `max-lisp-eval-depth'" messages while requesting
# functions documentation (we do not know why). Set this variable to 'nil'
# as a way to avoid the problem.
# PYTHON gets the command name of the Python interpreter.
def get_python():
import os
return os.getenv('PYTHON') or 'python'
PYTHON = get_python()
del get_python
# Configuration for Python (Pymacs helper)
# ========================================
# It has been reported that intercepting all signals (and optionally writing
# a trace of them, create IO problems within the Pymacs helper itself. So for
# now, IO_ERRORS_WITH_SIGNALS is blindly set to True, until I know better.
# When True, only the Interrupt signal gets monitored.
# OLD_EXCEPTIONS is True for old Python or Jython versions.
def get_old_exceptions():
return not isinstance(Exception, type)
OLD_EXCEPTIONS = get_old_exceptions()
del get_old_exceptions
# PYTHON3 is True within Python 3.
def get_python3():
import sys
return sys.version_info[0] == 3
PYTHON3 = get_python3()
del get_python3