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Unfortunately it seems that emacs 19.34.1 (and possiblly emacs 20) for
the Amiga doesn't have a working implimentation of the elisp command
"start-process" which is used by the rexx-debug mode (and many others. 
Hence rexx-debug doesn't work on my machine if anyone knows any different
please let me know.

This package still contains the "rxnq" fix from the original package but 
I don't know if it stilled needed, "shell-command rx blah.rxx arg1" seems
to work well enough.

James Perrin <>

== Original Amiga.readme ==================================================

	The Amigaport V1.26 of GNUEmacs has a annoying bug; it quotes
	all arguments to commands, therefore RX can't be called directly.

	A workaround is to specify rexx-command-name to "rxnq", which
	is a small (280 bytes!) command which strips the quotes and
	calls RX. To do this, place the following lines into the
	rxdb-mode-hook is the s:.emacs file.

		(setq rxdb-command-name "rxnq")

	And place rxnq in the loadpath.