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;;; Time-stamp: <2008-03-13 10:30:54 jcgs>
;;; old stamp: <2005-05-29 22:02:40 jcgs>
;;; older time stamp: <93/02/03 12:44:47 john>
(defun switch-to-buffer-other-window-beside (buffer)
"Like switch-to-buffer-other-window, but splits using
split-window-horizontally if necessary."
(interactive "BSwitch to buffer in other window: ")
(if (one-window-p)
(let ((pop-up-windows t))
(pop-to-buffer buffer t)))
(defun find-file-other-window-beside (filename)
"Like find-file-other-window , but splits using
split-window-horizontally if necessary."
(interactive "FFind file in other window: ")
(if (one-window-p)
(switch-to-buffer-other-window (find-file-noselect filename)))
(defun find-tag-other-window-beside (tagname &optional next)
"Like find-tag-other-window, but splits using self-insert-command if
(interactive (if current-prefix-arg
'(nil t)
(let* ((default (find-tag-default))
(spec (read-string
(if default
"Find tag other window: (default %s) "
"Find tag other window: "))))
(list (if (equal spec "")
(if (one-window-p)
(find-tag-other-window tagname next))
(defun rotate-split ()
"Change from vertical to horizontal split of the screen."
(split-window-horizontally 40)
(switch-to-buffer-other-window (other-buffer (current-buffer))))
;;; end of split-screen.el
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