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;;; ==========================================
;;; uuid.el --- Cross-platform UUID generation
;;; ==========================================
;;; :Author: Martin Blais <> (and others)
;;; :Date: 2005
;;; :Abstract:
;;; UUID generation from within Emacs.
;;; Description
;;; ===========
;;; Provides a central file for definitions of UUID generation codes grabbed
;;; over USENET, mailing-lists and in other places.
;;; Note: some of the UUIDs geenerated by this code are weak.
;;; Download
;;; ========
;;; Click `Here <uuid.el>`_ for download.
;;; END
;;; Code:
;; From Martin Blais.
(defun uuid-priv-call-process-get-output (program &optional infile bufname &rest args)
"Calls a process and returns a string with the output of that
process. Attempts to get rid of the buffer afterwards."
(let* ((bufname (or bufname "*call-process-get-output*"))
(buf (get-buffer-create bufname))
output prepoint)
(set-buffer buf)
(setq prepoint (point))
'call-process (append (list program infile bufname) args))
(setq output (buffer-substring prepoint (point-max)))
(kill-buffer buf))
;; Commentaires de Stefan (FIXME TODO):
;; (with-current-buffer BUF &rest BODY) est préférable
;; à save-excusrion+set-buffer.
;; (apply 'call-process (append (list program infile bufname) args))
;; ==
;; (apply 'call-process program infile bufname args)
;; Ceci dit, je crois que j'utiliserais qqch du genre:
;; (with-output-to-string
;; (apply 'call-process program infile standard-output args))
;; ou sinon, j'utiliserais with-temp-buffer.
;; From Martin Blais.
(defun uuid-uuidgen ()
"Return a newly generated UUID. This uses the external program uuidgen."
(uuid-priv-call-process-get-output "uuidgen" nil "*uuidgen*") 0 -1)))
;; From Jesper Harder.
(defun uuid-simple ()
"Return a newly generated UUID. This uses a simple hashing of variable data."
(let ((s (md5 (format "%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s"
(format "%s-%s-%s-%s-%s"
(substring s 0 8)
(substring s 8 12)
(substring s 12 16)
(substring s 16 20)
(substring s 20 32)) ))
;; From Jesper Harder.
(defun uuid-random ()
"Return a newly generated UUID. This Generates a version 4 UUID."
(let ((bytes (uuid-random-bytes)))
(setf (nth 7 bytes)
(logior #B01000000 (logand #B01111111 (nth 7 bytes))))
(setf (nth 8 bytes)
(logior #B01000000 (logand #B01001111 (nth 8 bytes))))
(apply 'format
;; From Jesper Harder and then Kai Grossjohann
(defun uuid-random-bytes ()
"Return a list of 16 random bytes."
(if (file-readable-p "/dev/urandom")
(let ((coding-system-for-read 'binary))
(mapcar 'identity
"dd count=16 bs=1 < /dev/urandom"))
0 16)))
(mapcar 'random (make-list 16 255))))
;; Set (uuid) as an appropriate alias, depending on the platform.
(defalias 'uuid (if (executable-find "uuidgen") 'uuid-uuidgen 'uuid-random))
(provide 'uuid)
;;; uuid.el ends here
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