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                  -*- mode: outline -*-
* Syntax highlight
** check vlog-mode-keywordset-docs and vlog-mode-keywordset-pragmas.
vlog-mode will highlight keywords inside comments like "// sysnopsys ..." or
"// todo: ...". you can add your own keywords.
** vlog-mode-keywords-use-generic-systask (default value is nil):
If vlog-mode-keywords-use-generic-systask is t, than anything like "$systask"
will be highlighted as system task; If it's nil, than only standard system
tasks will be highlighted. Standard system tasks are defined in variable

* Indentation settings
You can set your own indentation style like this:

(setq vlog-indent-level-beh                2
      vlog-indent-level-block              0
      vlog-indent-level-block-beh          0
      vlog-indent-level-block-inside       3
      vlog-indent-level-case-inside        4
      vlog-indent-level-case-branch-inside 2
      vlog-indent-level-cond               3
      vlog-indent-level-default            4
      vlog-indent-level-port-list          4
      vlog-indent-align-port-list-to-paren nil
      vlog-indent-align-else-to-if         nil)

Below is elaborations on these parameters:
** vlog-indent-level-beh and vlog-indent-level-block-beh:
always @(this or that)
  if (this) ------------------> vlog-indent-level-beh (2)
always @(this or that)
begin ------------------------> vlog-indent-level-block-beh (0)
  if (this)
** vlog-indent-level-cond:
if (sig1 && ~sig2)
   out_sig <= in_sig; --------> vlog-indent-level-cond (3)
** vlog-indent-level-block and vlog-indent-level-block-inside:
if (this)
  begin ----------------------> vlog-indent-level-block (2)
      signal = value; --------> vlog-indent-level-block-inside (4)
** vlog-indent-level-case-inside and vlog-indent-level-case-branch-inside:
case (sig)
    VALUE1: ------------------> vlog-indent-level-case-inside (4)
      out = ~in; -------------> vlog-indent-level-case-branch-inside (2)
** vlog-indent-level-port-list and vlog-indent-align-port-list-to-paren:
If vlog-indent-align-port-list-to-paren is nil, than the indentation will be:
module my_mod (
    in_port, ----+------------> vlog-indent-level-port-list (4)
If vlog-indent-align-port-list-to-paren is t, than the indentation will be:
module my_mod (
** vlog-indent-level-default:
I don't exactly know when will this variable be used :) Its default value is 4.
** vlog-indent-align-else-to-if:
If vlog-indent-align-else-to-if is nil, then the indentation will be:
if (sig1)
   out = in[1];
else if (sig2)
   out = in[2];
else if (sig3)
   out = in[3];
else if (sig4)
   out = in[4];
If vlog-indent-align-else-to-if is t, then the indentation will be:
if (sig1)
   out = in[1];
else if (sig2)
   out = in[2];
     else if (sig3)
        out = in[3];
          else if (sig4)
             out = in[4];

* Align settings
** vlog-align-do-align-with-indent (default value is t):
If vlog-align-do-align-with-indent is t, than emacs will do alignment along
with indentation; If it is nil, you have to do it with C-c SPC.
** vlog-align-normal-comment-column (default value is 48):
The column number of comments in module port list.
module my_mod (
    in_port,                  // my comments...
    in_port2,                 // my comments...
    out_port,                 // my comments...
** vlog-align-mod-inst-stop-list (default value is '(24 44)):
Stop list of module instantiation line alignment.
For example, if you want to align your codes like this:
m_ff_ce #(1,1'b0) u_ff_my (
    .i_clk      (my_clk),       // comments...
                16              32
    .i_reset_b  (my_reste_b),   // comments...
Then you can set me to '(16 32).
** vlog-align-declaration-stop-list (default value is '(10 18 30 32 48)):
Stop list of declaration line alignment.
For example, if you want to align your codes like this:
reg       [31:0]  my_reg;                       // comments...
wire      [31:0]  my_wire     =   my_reg;       // comments...
parameter [31:0]  my_param    =   para_value;   // comments...
          10      18          30  34            48
Then you can set me to '(10 18 30 34 48).

* Electrics
** Try to type "reg 32" and then type a space.
** Try to type "10" and then type "b" or "h".
** Type "begin" and then <Return>.

* Signals
** Move cursor onto a signal or macro, and then press F1.
** When typing inside an always block, Try M-s.
** Try to type double commas (",,"), Emacs will expand it into "<=".
** To trace current signal's driver in current buffer, Try C-c C-d and C-c C-n.

* Skeletons
** Try C-c C-c C-a and C-c C-c a
** Try C-c C-h to insert a header for current file.

* Auto sense
** Add "// auto sense //" before an always block, and then try C-c C-a.
   vlog-mode will complete the sensitive list for you. Set these variables to
   tune its bahavior:
   vlog-auto-sense-abandon-old-list, vlog-auto-sense-refill-old-list.