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The wave-client-for-emacs supports two kinds of backends right now:
the Wave server backend, using an undocumented protocol, and the
FedOne backend, using the official client/server protocol.
Both the UI and the backend are a work in progress. Expect this to be
read-only for the near future. The FedOne backend is starting to
support some editing.
To start using, set your load-path to point to this lisp directory for
this project, and require the wave-list, which is the entry point for
viewing waves.
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/src/wave-client-for-emacs/lisp")
(require 'wave-list)
Then, if you want to connect to the Wave server backend:
(setq wave-client-connection-method 'browser-channel)
If you want to connect to the FedOne client:
(setq wave-client-connection-method 'websocket)
(setq wave-client-ws-url "ws://my.fedone.server:9898/socket")
Then configure your username:
(setq wave-client-user "mylogin")
And now you can start viewing your waves:
That will connect you to the default wave instance (
To connect to a specific domain, such as sandbox, add this line as well:
(setq wave-client-domain "")
WARNING: The Wave server backend (using the browser channel) currently
utilizes the unpublished client/server protocol that's
javascript uses to communicate with the wave servers. This is not a
stable protocol supported by Google. This protocol is the Google Wave
team's internal protocol and is under active development, so it may
change at any time without regards for this or any other client.
Known issues (read-only functionality)
Waves are not shown in the list in the correct order.
For the FedOne client, wave titles are not correct, and are
incorrectly inclosed in parenthesis.