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Assimilate Emacs packages as Git submodules

For more information see the announcement and the manual.

About borg.el

Borg is a bare-bones package manager for Emacs packages. It provides only a few essential features and should be combined with other tools such as Magit, epkg, use-package, and auto-compile.

Borg assimilates packages into the ~/.emacs.d repository as Git submodules. An assimilated package is called a drone and a borg-based ~/.emacs.d repository is called a collective.

About this collective

This particular collective is intended to be used to bootstrap private configurations. Fork your own copy and then start assimilating as you please.

If you wish you can later merge changes from the upstream repository, to get updates for the drones that have been assimilated in the base configuration. Very rarely additional drones might be assimilated or the configuration of existing drones might be tweaked.

Or you can just update and further configure these drones as you would update the drones you have assimilated yourself.

If you do base your own configuration on this collective and make it publicly available as source of inspiration for others, then please do so by forking the upstream repository, which is available from Github.

You might also want to adjust this description.