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0.1.5 2012-03-05
* Adds support for visible flag on objects
* Adds unit tests for visible
* Reformatted code with smaller indent
0.1.4 2009-05-22
* Fixes for Ruby 1.9
* Support for API 0.6 added
0.1.3 2008-06-24
* Added parser code for using REXML, Libxml, or Expat parser. REXML
is now the default (Thanks to Nolan Darilek for the Expat code).
* API call to relation history now available
* Negative IDs are now allowed on objects
* Added OSM::API.get_bbox method
0.1.2 2008-02-18
* Added OSM::API classes and some methods to call the API
* Changed OSM::StreamParser so it can also parse strings, API change!
* Changed names of test classes
* Added examples/osm-inspector to show how the API stuff is used
* Tags in OSM objects are now stored as new type Tags, not Hash.
* New to_xml methods to dump OSM objects or a Database to XML using the
Builder Library.
* A newly created OSMObject without an ID will now get a unique negative ID.
* When an object is added to a Database and another object with the same
ID is already in there, the old object will be cleanly removed from
the database.
* New methods OSMObject#[] and OSMObject#[]= to access tags directly.
* Improved geometry support
* Many more tests
* Added magic << methods to Node, Way, and Relation classes
* Added missing method "key?" to check boolean tags
* Uses the new libxml callback API
* Preliminary support for polygon relations
0.1.1 2007-12-06
Documentation updates
0.1.0 2007-12-04
First release
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