A fork of powerline.el (based on an old uncredited version of powerline.el - origin is unclear.) - this fork has multiple separator graphics.
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Main-line - v1.2.8

This is a fork of powerline.el which I began while the original authorship of powerline was unknown.

  • Note: Forked from the original emacs port of vim powerline, Powerline.el by Nicolas Rougier

Note: Mainline is being merged with the other active fork of Powerline - The new separators and serveral new ones have been added already. I will be retiring emacs-mainline in light of this, and 1.2.8 is likely the final release. I suggest you switch over to Powerline if you are using main-line currently.

Using main-line.el

Add a require to .emacs / init.el

 (require 'main-line)

You can customize the separator graphic by setting the custom variable (you can also click the separators to cycle through them)



 (setq main-line-separator-style 'wave)

possible values...

  • contour
  • contour-left
  • contour-right
  • roundstub
  • roundstub-left
  • roundstub-right
  • brace
  • wave
  • zigzag
  • butt
  • wave-left
  • zigzag-left
  • butt-left
  • wave-right
  • zigzag-right
  • butt-right
  • chamfer
  • chamfer14
  • rounded
  • arrow
  • arrow14
  • slant
  • slant-left
  • slant-right
  • curve

To customize the modeline - simply override the value of mode-line-format, see the default at the end of the script, as an example.

You can create your own modeline additions by using the defmain-line macro.

for example,

(defmain-line row "%4l")

gives you main-line-row to use in mode-line-format

Note. Using main-line-percent-xpm requires 18px separators (use main-line-percent with arrow14 or chamfer14)