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The Emacsmirror is a growing collection of Emacs Lisp packages. All mirrored packages are available as Git repositories. In most cases this is done by mirroring the upstream Git repository, but if upstream uses something else, then the mirror nevertheless makes the package available as a Git repository.

  • The best way to add a package to the Emacsmirror, is to add it to Melpa instead. After it has been added there, it usually also appears on the mirror within a few days.

If a package is no longer maintained upstream, it is usually moved from the Emacsmirror to the Emacsattic. Such packages are usually also removed from Melpa.

The Emacsorphanage also contains packages that are no longer maintained upstream, but which still have users or are still required by some other packages. In the orphanage they receive only limited maintenance. Some of the packages in the orphanage are there for different reasons.

  • If you would like to become the new maintainer of a package, then please contact us.

  • If you no longer want to maintain a package, then transferring it to the orphanage is an alternative to just archiving the repository. That way, we can keep it usable, and if someone volunteers to become the new maintainer, you do not have to be involved in the process.

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    Talk and learn about the Emacsmirror

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    Forked from emacscollective/epkg

    Browse the Emacsmirror package database

    Emacs Lisp

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    Emacs package database

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    Mirror of

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  5. .statistics .statistics Public

    Statistics about the Emacsmirror et al.

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  6. Public

    The official Emacswiki repository

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