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;;; auto-complete-clang-async.el --- Auto Completion source for clang for GNU Emacs
;; Copyright (C) 2010 Brian Jiang
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Taylan Ulrich Bayirli/Kammer
;; Authors: Brian Jiang <>
;; Golevka(?) []
;; Taylan Ulrich Bayirli/Kammer <>
;; Many others
;; Keywords: completion, convenience
;; Version: 0
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; Auto Completion source for clang.
;; Uses a "completion server" process to utilize libclang.
;; Also provides flymake syntax checking.
;;; Code:
(provide 'auto-complete-clang-async)
(eval-when-compile (require' cl))
(require 'auto-complete)
(require 'flymake)
(defcustom ac-clang-complete-executable
(executable-find "clang-complete")
"Location of clang-complete executable."
:group 'auto-complete
:type 'file)
(defcustom ac-clang-lang-option-function nil
"Function to return the lang type for option -x."
:group 'auto-complete
:type 'function)
(defcustom ac-clang-cflags nil
"Extra flags to pass to the Clang executable.
This variable will typically contain include paths, e.g., (\"-I~/MyProject\" \"-I.\")."
:group 'auto-complete
:type '(repeat (string :tag "Argument" "")))
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ac-clang-cflags)
(defun ac-clang-set-cflags ()
"Set `ac-clang-cflags' interactively."
(setq ac-clang-cflags (split-string (read-string "New cflags: ")))
(defun ac-clang-set-cflags-from-shell-command ()
"Set `ac-clang-cflags' to a shell command's output.
set new cflags for ac-clang from shell command output"
(setq ac-clang-cflags
(read-shell-command "Shell command: " nil nil
(and buffer-file-name
(file-relative-name buffer-file-name))))))
(defvar ac-clang-prefix-header nil
"The prefix header to pass to the Clang executable.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ac-clang-prefix-header)
(defvar ac-clang-async-do-autocompletion-automatically t
"If autocompletion is automatically triggered when you type ., -> or ::")
(defun ac-clang-set-prefix-header (prefix-header)
"Set `ac-clang-prefix-header' interactively."
(let ((default (car (directory-files "." t "\\([^.]h\\|[^h]\\).pch\\'" t))))
(read-file-name (concat "Clang prefix header (currently " (or ac-clang-prefix-header "nil") "): ")
(when default (file-name-directory default))
default nil (when default (file-name-nondirectory default))))))
((string-match "^[\s\t]*$" prefix-header)
(setq ac-clang-prefix-header nil))
(setq ac-clang-prefix-header prefix-header))))
(defconst ac-clang-completion-pattern
"^COMPLETION: \\(%s[^\s\n:]*\\)\\(?: : \\)*\\(.*$\\)")
(defun ac-clang-parse-output (prefix)
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((pattern (format ac-clang-completion-pattern
(regexp-quote prefix)))
lines match detailed-info
(prev-match ""))
(while (re-search-forward pattern nil t)
(setq match (match-string-no-properties 1))
(unless (string= "Pattern" match)
(setq detailed-info (match-string-no-properties 2))
(if (string= match prev-match)
(when detailed-info
(setq match (propertize match
(get-text-property 0 'ac-clang-help (car lines))
(setf (car lines) match)
(setq prev-match match)
(when detailed-info
(setq match (propertize match 'ac-clang-help detailed-info)))
(push match lines))))
(defconst ac-clang-error-buffer-name "*clang error*")
(defun ac-clang-handle-error (res args)
(goto-char (point-min))
(let* ((buf (get-buffer-create ac-clang-error-buffer-name))
(cmd (concat ac-clang-complete-executable " " (mapconcat 'identity args " ")))
(pattern (format ac-clang-completion-pattern ""))
(err (if (re-search-forward pattern nil t)
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min)
(1- (match-beginning 0)))
;; Warn the user more agressively if no match was found.
(message "clang failed with error %d:\n%s" res cmd)
(with-current-buffer buf
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(insert (current-time-string)
(format "\nclang failed with error %d:\n" res)
cmd "\n\n")
(insert err)
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(goto-char (point-min))))))
(defun ac-clang-call-process (prefix &rest args)
(let ((buf (get-buffer-create "*clang-output*"))
(with-current-buffer buf (erase-buffer))
(setq res (apply 'call-process-region (point-min) (point-max)
ac-clang-complete-executable nil buf nil args))
(with-current-buffer buf
(unless (eq 0 res)
(ac-clang-handle-error res args))
;; Still try to get any useful input.
(ac-clang-parse-output prefix))))
(defsubst ac-clang-create-position-string (pos)
(goto-char pos)
(format "row:%d\ncolumn:%d\n"
(1+ (- (point) (line-beginning-position))))))
(defsubst ac-clang-lang-option ()
(or (and ac-clang-lang-option-function
(funcall ac-clang-lang-option-function))
(cond ((eq major-mode 'c++-mode)
((eq major-mode 'c-mode)
((eq major-mode 'objc-mode)
(cond ((string= "m" (file-name-extension (buffer-file-name)))
(defsubst ac-clang-build-complete-args ()
(append '("-cc1" "-fsyntax-only")
(list "-x" (ac-clang-lang-option))
(when (stringp ac-clang-prefix-header)
(list "-include-pch" (expand-file-name ac-clang-prefix-header)))))
(defsubst ac-clang-clean-document (s)
(when s
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "<#\\|#>\\|\\[#" "" s))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "#\\]" " " s)))
(defun ac-clang-document (item)
(if (stringp item)
(let (s)
(setq s (get-text-property 0 'ac-clang-help item))
(ac-clang-clean-document s)))
;; (popup-item-property item 'ac-clang-help)
(defface ac-clang-candidate-face
'((t (:background "lightgray" :foreground "navy")))
"Face for clang candidate"
:group 'auto-complete)
(defface ac-clang-selection-face
'((t (:background "navy" :foreground "white")))
"Face for the clang selected candidate."
:group 'auto-complete)
(defsubst ac-clang-in-string/comment ()
"Return non-nil if point is in a literal (a comment or string)."
(nth 8 (syntax-ppss)))
(defvar ac-clang-template-start-point nil)
(defvar ac-clang-template-candidates (list "ok" "no" "yes:)"))
(defun ac-clang-action ()
;; (ac-last-quick-help)
(let ((help (ac-clang-clean-document (get-text-property 0 'ac-clang-help (cdr ac-last-completion))))
(raw-help (get-text-property 0 'ac-clang-help (cdr ac-last-completion)))
(candidates (list)) ss fn args (ret-t "") ret-f)
(setq ss (split-string raw-help "\n"))
(dolist (s ss)
(when (string-match "\\[#\\(.*\\)#\\]" s)
(setq ret-t (match-string 1 s)))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "\\[#.*?#\\]" "" s))
(cond ((string-match "^\\([^(<]*\\)\\(:.*\\)" s)
(setq fn (match-string 1 s)
args (match-string 2 s))
(push (propertize (ac-clang-clean-document args) 'ac-clang-help ret-t
'raw-args args) candidates))
((string-match "^\\([^(]*\\)\\((.*)\\)" s)
(setq fn (match-string 1 s)
args (match-string 2 s))
(push (propertize (ac-clang-clean-document args) 'ac-clang-help ret-t
'raw-args args) candidates)
(when (string-match "\{#" args)
(setq args (replace-regexp-in-string "\{#.*#\}" "" args))
(push (propertize (ac-clang-clean-document args) 'ac-clang-help ret-t
'raw-args args) candidates))
(when (string-match ", \\.\\.\\." args)
(setq args (replace-regexp-in-string ", \\.\\.\\." "" args))
(push (propertize (ac-clang-clean-document args) 'ac-clang-help ret-t
'raw-args args) candidates)))
((string-match "^\\([^(]*\\)(\\*)\\((.*)\\)" ret-t) ;; check whether it is a function ptr
(setq ret-f (match-string 1 ret-t)
args (match-string 2 ret-t))
(push (propertize args 'ac-clang-help ret-f 'raw-args "") candidates)
(when (string-match ", \\.\\.\\." args)
(setq args (replace-regexp-in-string ", \\.\\.\\." "" args))
(push (propertize args 'ac-clang-help ret-f 'raw-args "") candidates)))))
(cond (candidates
(setq candidates (delete-dups candidates))
(setq candidates (nreverse candidates))
(setq ac-clang-template-candidates candidates)
(setq ac-clang-template-start-point (point))
(unless (cdr candidates) ;; unless length > 1
(message (replace-regexp-in-string "\n" " ; " help))))
(message (replace-regexp-in-string "\n" " ; " help))))))
(defun ac-clang-prefix ()
(or (ac-prefix-symbol)
(let ((c (char-before)))
(when (or (eq ?\. c)
;; ->
(and (eq ?> c)
(eq ?- (char-before (1- (point)))))
;; ::
(and (eq ?: c)
(eq ?: (char-before (1- (point))))))
(defun ac-clang-same-count-in-string (c1 c2 s)
(let ((count 0) (cur 0) (end (length s)) c)
(while (< cur end)
(setq c (aref s cur))
(cond ((eq c1 c)
(setq count (1+ count)))
((eq c2 c)
(setq count (1- count))))
(setq cur (1+ cur)))
(= count 0)))
(defun ac-clang-split-args (s)
(let ((sl (split-string s ", *")))
(cond ((string-match "<\\|(" s)
(let ((res (list)) (pre "") subs)
(while sl
(setq subs (pop sl))
(unless (string= pre "")
(setq subs (concat pre ", " subs))
(setq pre ""))
(cond ((and (ac-clang-same-count-in-string ?\< ?\> subs)
(ac-clang-same-count-in-string ?\( ?\) subs))
;; (cond ((ac-clang-same-count-in-string ?\< ?\> subs)
(push subs res))
(setq pre subs))))
(nreverse res)))
(defun ac-clang-template-candidate ()
(defun ac-clang-template-action ()
(unless (null ac-clang-template-start-point)
(let ((pos (point)) sl (snp "")
(s (get-text-property 0 'raw-args (cdr ac-last-completion))))
(cond ((string= s "")
;; function ptr call
(setq s (cdr ac-last-completion))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "^(\\|)$" "" s))
(setq sl (ac-clang-split-args s))
(cond ((featurep 'yasnippet)
(dolist (arg sl)
(setq snp (concat snp ", ${" arg "}")))
(condition-case nil
(yas/expand-snippet (concat "(" (substring snp 2) ")")
ac-clang-template-start-point pos) ;; 0.6.1c
;; try this one:
(ignore-errors (yas/expand-snippet
ac-clang-template-start-point pos
(concat "(" (substring snp 2) ")"))) ;; work in 0.5.7
((featurep 'snippet)
(delete-region ac-clang-template-start-point pos)
(dolist (arg sl)
(setq snp (concat snp ", $${" arg "}")))
(snippet-insert (concat "(" (substring snp 2) ")")))
(message "Dude! You are too out! Please install a yasnippet or a snippet script:)"))))
(unless (string= s "()")
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "{#" "" s))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "#}" "" s))
(cond ((featurep 'yasnippet)
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "<#" "${" s))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "#>" "}" s))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string ", \\.\\.\\." "}, ${..." s))
(condition-case nil
(yas/expand-snippet s ac-clang-template-start-point pos) ;; 0.6.1c
;; try this one:
(ignore-errors (yas/expand-snippet ac-clang-template-start-point pos s)) ;; work in 0.5.7
((featurep 'snippet)
(delete-region ac-clang-template-start-point pos)
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "<#" "$${" s))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string "#>" "}" s))
(setq s (replace-regexp-in-string ", \\.\\.\\." "}, $${..." s))
(snippet-insert s))
(message "Dude! You are too out! Please install a yasnippet or a snippet script:)")))))))))
(defun ac-clang-template-prefix ()
;; This source shall only be used internally.
(ac-define-source clang-template
'((candidates . ac-clang-template-candidate)
(prefix . ac-clang-template-prefix)
(requires . 0)
(action . ac-clang-template-action)
(document . ac-clang-document)
(symbol . "t")))
;;; Rest of the file is related to async.
(defvar ac-clang-status 'idle)
(defvar ac-clang-current-candidate nil)
(defvar ac-clang-completion-process nil)
(defvar ac-clang-saved-prefix "")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ac-clang-status)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ac-clang-current-candidate)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ac-clang-completion-process)
;;; Functions to speak with the clang-complete process
(defun ac-clang-send-source-code (proc)
proc (format "source_length:%d\n"
(length (string-as-unibyte ; fix non-ascii character problem
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max)))
(process-send-string proc (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max)))
(process-send-string proc "\n\n")))
(defun ac-clang-send-reparse-request (proc)
(if (eq (process-status proc) 'run)
(process-send-string proc "SOURCEFILE\n")
(ac-clang-send-source-code proc)
(process-send-string proc "REPARSE\n\n"))))
(defun ac-clang-send-completion-request (proc)
(process-send-string proc "COMPLETION\n")
(process-send-string proc (ac-clang-create-position-string (- (point) (length ac-prefix))))
(ac-clang-send-source-code proc)))
(defun ac-clang-send-syntaxcheck-request (proc)
(process-send-string proc "SYNTAXCHECK\n")
(ac-clang-send-source-code proc)))
(defun ac-clang-send-cmdline-args (proc)
;; send message head and num_args
(process-send-string proc "CMDLINEARGS\n")
proc (format "num_args:%d\n" (length (ac-clang-build-complete-args))))
;; send arguments
(lambda (arg)
(process-send-string proc (format "%s " arg)))
(process-send-string proc "\n"))
(defun ac-clang-update-cmdlineargs ()
(if (listp ac-clang-cflags)
(ac-clang-send-cmdline-args ac-clang-completion-process)
(message "`ac-clang-cflags' should be a list of strings")))
(defun ac-clang-send-shutdown-command (proc)
(if (eq (process-status proc) 'run)
(process-send-string proc "SHUTDOWN\n"))
(defun ac-clang-append-process-output-to-process-buffer (process output)
"Append process output to the process buffer."
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer process)
;; Insert the text, advancing the process marker.
(goto-char (process-mark process))
(insert output)
(set-marker (process-mark process) (point)))
(goto-char (process-mark process))))
;; Receive server responses (completion candidates) and fire auto-complete
(defun ac-clang-parse-completion-results (proc)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc)
(ac-clang-parse-output ac-clang-saved-prefix)))
(defun ac-clang-filter-output (proc string)
(ac-clang-append-process-output-to-process-buffer proc string)
(if (string= (substring string -1 nil) "$")
(case ac-clang-status
(setq ac-clang-status 'idle)
(setq ac-clang-current-candidate (ac-clang-parse-completion-results proc))
;; (message "ac-clang results arrived")
(setq ac-clang-status 'acknowledged)
(ac-start :force-init t)
(setq ac-clang-status 'idle)))))
(defun ac-clang-candidate ()
(case ac-clang-status
;; (message "ac-clang-candidate triggered - fetching candidates...")
(setq ac-clang-saved-prefix ac-prefix)
;; NOTE: although auto-complete would filter the result for us, but when there's
;; a HUGE number of candidates avaliable it would cause auto-complete to
;; block. So we filter it uncompletely here, then let auto-complete filter
;; the rest later, this would ease the feeling of being "stalled" at some degree.
;; (message "saved prefix: %s" ac-clang-saved-prefix)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer ac-clang-completion-process)
(setq ac-clang-status 'wait)
(setq ac-clang-current-candidate nil)
;; send completion request
(ac-clang-send-completion-request ac-clang-completion-process)
;; (message "ac-clang-candidate triggered - wait")
;; (message "ac-clang-candidate triggered - ack")
(setq ac-clang-status 'idle)
;; (message "clang-async is preempted by a critical request")
;; Syntax checking with flymake
(defun ac-clang-flymake-process-sentinel ()
(setq flymake-err-info flymake-new-err-info)
(setq flymake-new-err-info nil)
(setq flymake-err-info
flymake-err-info 1 (flymake-count-lines)))
(flymake-highlight-err-lines flymake-err-info))
(defun ac-clang-flymake-process-filter (process output)
(ac-clang-append-process-output-to-process-buffer process output)
(flymake-log 3 "received %d byte(s) of output from process %d"
(length output) (process-id process))
(flymake-parse-output-and-residual output)
(when (string= (substring output -1 nil) "$")
(setq ac-clang-status 'idle)
(set-process-filter ac-clang-completion-process 'ac-clang-filter-output)))
(defun ac-clang-syntax-check ()
(when (eq ac-clang-status 'idle)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer ac-clang-completion-process)
(setq ac-clang-status 'wait)
(set-process-filter ac-clang-completion-process 'ac-clang-flymake-process-filter)
(ac-clang-send-syntaxcheck-request ac-clang-completion-process)))
(defun ac-clang-shutdown-process ()
(if ac-clang-completion-process
(ac-clang-send-shutdown-command ac-clang-completion-process)))
(defun ac-clang-reparse-buffer ()
(if ac-clang-completion-process
(ac-clang-send-reparse-request ac-clang-completion-process)))
(defun ac-clang-async-autocomplete-autotrigger ()
(if ac-clang-async-do-autocompletion-automatically
(self-insert-command 1)))
(defun ac-clang-async-preemptive ()
(self-insert-command 1)
(if (eq ac-clang-status 'idle)
(setq ac-clang-status 'preempted)))
(defun ac-clang-launch-completion-process ()
(let ((filename (buffer-file-name)))
(if filename
(ac-clang-launch-completion-process-with-file filename))))
(defun ac-clang-launch-completion-process-with-file (filename)
(setq ac-clang-completion-process
(let ((process-connection-type nil))
(apply 'start-process
"clang-complete" "*clang-complete*"
(append (ac-clang-build-complete-args)
(list filename)))))
(set-process-filter ac-clang-completion-process 'ac-clang-filter-output)
(set-process-query-on-exit-flag ac-clang-completion-process nil)
;; Pre-parse source code.
(ac-clang-send-reparse-request ac-clang-completion-process)
(add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'ac-clang-shutdown-process nil t)
(add-hook 'before-revert-hook 'ac-clang-shutdown-process nil t)
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'ac-clang-reparse-buffer)
(local-set-key (kbd ".") 'ac-clang-async-autocomplete-autotrigger)
(local-set-key (kbd ":") 'ac-clang-async-autocomplete-autotrigger)
(local-set-key (kbd ">") 'ac-clang-async-autocomplete-autotrigger))
(ac-define-source clang-async
'((candidates . ac-clang-candidate)
(candidate-face . ac-clang-candidate-face)
(selection-face . ac-clang-selection-face)
(prefix . ac-clang-prefix)
(requires . 0)
(document . ac-clang-document)
(action . ac-clang-action)
(symbol . "c")))
;;; auto-complete-clang-async.el ends here