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Setup CEDET environment
Emacs Lisp C++ Makefile Python C Java Other
Latest commit 47c7d6f David Engster Add new file to inform people of new repository
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contrib (copyright): Update to note anonymous author.
doc * semantic/minor-modes.texi (Development Modes): Move node so that no…
etc (mode): Set to c mode so this works with both C and C++.
lisp (eieio-describe-class): Fix doc string.
obsolete Move eieio/linemark.el to obsolete.
testprojects First file for testprojects.
tests (Af): Add a friend of C w/out the CLASS token.
.bzrignore Add NOTES dir.
.cvsignore No dist files.
.ede-ignore EDE should ignore this directory.
0__IMPORTANT__README__NEW_REPOSITORY Add new file to inform people of new repository
CEDET_STYLE_GUIDE (CEDET_STYLE_GUIDE): Add paragraphs about compatibility and compiler
INSTALL (INSTALL): Discuss installing into Emacs, and the cedet-devel-load.el
Makefile (itest-batch): Add android/arduino, remove globalref.
Makefile.wwwinfo Update location of semantic's documentation.
NEWS New News
PRERELEASE_CHECKLIST Update for latest scripted testing suites.
USING_CEDET_FROM_BZR USING_CEDET_FROM_BZR: Add information how to use the '--author' switch.
cedet-build.el (cedet-build): Disable ede cache sve.
cedet-devel-load.el Remove autoload for semantic-default-elisp-setup. This is handled
cedet-ediff.el Remove obsolete cvs-auto-updated 'X-RCS' line.
cedet-emacs-merge.el * cedet-emacs-merge.el (ceemme-apply): Don't create files while patch…
cedet-remove-builtin.el Re-apply rev. 8393 but with bug-fix.
cedet-update-changelog.el Fixes for cedet-update-changelog
cedet-update-version.el * cedet-update-version.el: First attempt at fixing this script. Quick way to find todo items. Testing automation script.
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