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Better degration for color theme in terminal. Inspired by: Vim's CSApprox

Color themes usually defined in 24bit, while terminals normally only support 256 colors (8bit). Emacs' default degration algorithm doesn't work well in some systems, especially Linux. This package provides a better degration results by alter the default degrading algorithm.

Preview with Twilight Anti-Bright Theme by Jim Myhrberg

Twilight Anti-Bright Theme

Note that I only encountered the problem in Linux, on Mac OS X the degration seems to work so you don't need this package.

Installation and Usage

Emacs 24

  • Install the package via MELPA, or add the package's directory to load-path

  • Add to your Emacs init file:


Note: I test this only on Emacs 24.1 and above. Pull requests for supporting other versions are welcomed.


Tung Dao