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- Distinction of include-tags by "" or <>. This can be done via
(semantic-tag-include-system-p TAG). Thanks to Markus grietsch.
But probably it would be the best if semantic itself does this special
- Prevent layout-engine from splitting windows when smaller than
- (BUG) if a buffer is opened from within an archive (zip or tar) then
clicking onto a method in this buffer tries to jump somewhere in the archive
(tar or zip) buffer (Klaus)
This is fixed for GNU Emacs - for XEmacs see next point
- KB: I think it would be best if ECB would not be so file-based means it
would be good if all semantic-parsable buffers could be displayed correct -
regardless if saved in a file or not - this would be good for sources not
yet saved as file or for extracted files from an archive with XEmacs (XEmacs
does not handle such extracts as normal files like GUN Emacs does)
But this implies some deeper changes - because we must take care of
ecb-path-selected-source and ecb-path-selected-directory and all places
where buffer-file-name is used and ECB currently expects a real existing
A solution could be instead of storing filenames as tree-buffer-data storing
either filenames (in case of real files) or buffer-object in case of buffers
which can be parsed but are not real files (not saved sources or
archive-extracts for example).
- For left-right-layouts: Not only hiding all the ecb-windows but offering to
hide only one of the left or the right column. Maybe toggling in the
sequence "Hide left" --> "Hide all" --> Hide right" --> "Show all". But i
(Klaus) think this is not so easy........