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A code browser for Emacs

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Readme for the Emacs Code Browser (ECB) v1.32


This package contains a code browser for several languages for Emacs. For
instructions on how to use the browser read the online-help (see "Usage" below)
file. The latest version of this package can be found at:


ECB requires version 1.3.3 or higher of Eric's semantic bovinator
(  If Java code is edited the ECB
works best when the JDE package ( is installed.

If you use XEmacs you must have the fsf-compat package installed (contains


1. Unpack the ECB archive.
2. Add the new directory to your load-path.
3. Add to your .emacs or site-start.el file the line:
   (require 'ecb)

Optional byte-compilation steps:

4. Restart Emacs.
5. Call `ecb-byte-compile'. You can safely ignore all messages.

(You can also bytecompile ECB from the command-line either by using the Makefile
or by using the batch-file make.bat. Just read the comments in that file you


Call "M-x ecb-activate" to activated ECB.
Call "M-x ecb-show-help" to get a detailed online-help for ECB.
If you are using ECB the first time you should read the complete
online help accurately!


Send comments, bug reports and improvement suggestions to:

Jesper Nordenberg,
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