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;;; ecukes-project.el --- Project helpers
(require 'f)
(defun ecukes-project-path (&optional dir)
"Path to project."
(or dir (setq dir default-directory))
(if (f-dir? (f-expand "features" dir))
(let ((parent (f-parent dir)))
(unless (f-root? parent)
(ecukes-project-path parent)))))
(defun ecukes-project-name ()
"Name of the project."
(f-filename (ecukes-project-path)))
(defun ecukes-project-features-path ()
"Path to project features dir."
(f-expand "features" (ecukes-project-path)))
(defun ecukes-project-support-path ()
"Path to project features dir."
(f-expand "support" (ecukes-project-features-path)))
(defun ecukes-project-step-definitions-path ()
"Path to project step definitions dir."
(f-expand "step-definitions" (ecukes-project-features-path)))
(provide 'ecukes-project)
;;; ecukes-project.el ends here