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;;; ecukes-stats.el --- Statistics about the passed and failed scenarios and steps
(require 'ansi)
(require 's)
(defvar ecukes-stats-steps 0
"Number of steps that have be runned.")
(defvar ecukes-stats-steps-passed 0
"Number of steps that have passed.")
(defvar ecukes-stats-steps-failed 0
"Number of steps that have failed.")
(defvar ecukes-stats-steps-skipped 0
"Number of steps that were skipped.")
(defvar ecukes-stats-scenarios 0
"Number of scenarios that have been runned.")
(defvar ecukes-stats-scenarios-passed 0
"Number of scenarios that have passed.")
(defvar ecukes-stats-scenarios-failed 0
"Number of scenarios that have failed.")
(defun ecukes-stats-reset ()
"Reset stats."
(setq ecukes-stats-steps 0)
(setq ecukes-stats-steps-passed 0)
(setq ecukes-stats-steps-failed 0)
(setq ecukes-stats-steps-skipped 0)
(setq ecukes-stats-scenarios 0)
(setq ecukes-stats-scenarios-passed 0)
(setq ecukes-stats-scenarios-failed 0))
(defmacro ecukes-stats-step (&rest body)
(setq ecukes-stats-steps (1+ ecukes-stats-steps))
(defmacro ecukes-stats-scenario (&rest body)
(setq ecukes-stats-scenarios (1+ ecukes-stats-scenarios))
(defun ecukes-stats-step-pass ()
"Step passed."
(setq ecukes-stats-steps-passed (1+ ecukes-stats-steps-passed))))
(defun ecukes-stats-step-fail ()
"Step failed."
(setq ecukes-stats-steps-failed (1+ ecukes-stats-steps-failed))))
(defun ecukes-stats-step-skip ()
"Step skipped."
(setq ecukes-stats-steps-skipped (1+ ecukes-stats-steps-skipped))))
(defun ecukes-stats-scenario-pass ()
"Scenario passed."
(setq ecukes-stats-scenarios-passed (1+ ecukes-stats-scenarios-passed))))
(defun ecukes-stats-scenario-fail ()
"Scenario failed."
(setq ecukes-stats-scenarios-failed (1+ ecukes-stats-scenarios-failed))))
(provide 'ecukes-stats)
;;; ecukes-stats.el ends here