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Elnode Wiki

This is Elnode's Wiki. It is based on the creole wiki language and is written completely in EmacsLisp.

GNUs sitting on clouds

What does it do?

It does syntax coloring:

##! emacs-lisp
(defun elnode-wiki-handler (httpcon wikiroot)
  "A low level handler for Wiki operations.

Send the Wiki page requested, which must be a file existing under
the WIKIROOT, back to the HTTPCON.

Update operations are protected by authentication."
  (elnode-method httpcon
     (elnode-docroot-for wikiroot
       with target-path
       on httpcon
       (if (equal target-path (expand-file-name (concat wikiroot "/")))
           (elnode-wiki-page httpcon (concat wikiroot "/index.creole"))
           (elnode-wiki-page httpcon target-path))))
     (elnode-with-auth httpcon 'elnode-wiki-auth
       (let* ((path (elnode-http-pathinfo httpcon))
              (text (elnode-wiki--text-param httpcon)))
         (if (not (elnode-http-param httpcon "preview"))
             ;; A save request in which case save the new text and then
             ;; send the wiki text.
             (elnode-wiki--save-request httpcon wikiroot path text)
             ;; Might be a preview request in which case send back the WIKI
             ;; text that's been sent.
             (with-temp-file "/tmp/preview"
               (insert text))
             (elnode-wiki-send httpcon "/tmp/preview" path)))))))

It does links, for example to Emacs Creole which is the Wiki render engine used to display pages.

It does all the normal Wiki things like headings and lists.

You can also do some special Emacs things, like org-mode tables:

Date Amount Description
2011-11-15 100.15 Expensive lunch out
2011-11-18 7.30 Dry cleaning
2011-11-21 22.50 Takeaway curry
  1. +TBLFM: @5$2=vsum(@I..@II)

and lisp callouts:

<<( (mapconcat (lambda (s) (format "* %s" s)) '("which" "eval" "lisp" "and" "render" "the" "results") "\n") )>>


By default, the Wiki uses an authentication database in the Emacs instance running Elnode and the Wiki server.

If you want to add a user to the Wiki so you can edit pages you can do this in Emacs:

M-x elnode-auth-user-add

and it will ask you for a username and a password. The user will be stored in a persistent database.

Where the Wiki pages are

By default the Elnode Wiki stores files in your ~/.emacs.d directory which is actually defined by the variable user-emacs-directory in Emacs.

There is normally a directory elnode in that directory which contains directories for the Web server document root and the Wiki.

The location of the Wiki files can be configured though, try:

M-x customize-variable [RET] elnode-wikiserver-wikiroot

More customization

There are many other things in Elnode's Wiki that can be customized, including the header and footer. Use:

M-x customize-group [RET] elnode-wikiserver [RET]

There is more to do with the Elnode Wiki server because there is so much that Emacs can do.