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.durdn.emacs initial import initial import
.emacs adding untracked files
.emacs-AndyStewart.el initial import
.emacs-ChristianRovner.el updates
.emacs-DominiqueQuatravaux.el Version du jour
.emacs-IzaakBeekman.el initial import
.emacs-ViniciusJoseLatorre.el initial import
.emacs-planner-thierry.el initial import
.folders updates
.wl updates
1000_Words Added translation: 1000単語 (ja)
1000単語 [[en:1000 Words]] : "最も使われている1000単語だけを使って難しいアイディアをあなたは説明できますか? それはとても…
1040tt.el ;;; 1040tt.el --- U.S. tax calculator for form 1040 filers
123-menu.el initial import
2003-09-12 initial import
2003-09-13 initial import
2003-09-14 initial import
2003-09-15 initial import
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2003-11-04 initial import
2003-11-07 initial import
2003-11-12 initial import
2003-11-15 initial import
2003-11-16 updates
2003-11-23 initial import
2003-11-29 initial import
2003-12-04 small change to see whether we can get rid of some encoding bugs.
2003-12-05 initial import
2003-12-10 initial import
2003-12-12 initial import
2003-12-18 initial import
2003-12-30 initial import
2004-01-01 initial import
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2004-06-26 initial import
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2004-08-11 initial import
2004-08-19 initial import
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2004-09-22 initial import
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2005-04-06 initial import
2005-04-13 typo fix
2005-04-23 Ok, I think we're back in business.
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2005-11-10 initial import
2005-11-21 initial import
2005-11-30 initial import
2005-12-02 initial import
2005-12-03 initial import
2005-12-09 cleaned up markup since we no longer have near links to CommunityWiki…
2005-12-12 initial import
2005-12-13 initial import
2005-12-14 initial import
2005-12-20 initial import
2005-12-26 For a while I had this extension installed, but tagging wasn't picked…
2006-01-10 initial import
2006-01-12 initial import
2006-01-19 initial import
2006-01-23 initial import
2006-01-29 initial import
2006-03-15 initial import
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2007-03-22 initial import
2007-04-29 Ok, I think we're back in business.
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2008-12-07 initial import
2008-12-14 Ok, I think we're back in business.
2009-01-07 initial import
2009-01-22 initial import
2009-02-12 Ok, I think we're back in business.
2009-03-05 initial import
2009-03-11 initial import
2009-04-02 updates
2009-06-02 initial import
2009-06-20 initial import
2009-06-25 initial import
2009-07-29 updates
2009-07-30 initial import
2009-08-05 initial import
2009-09-11 updates
2009-10-21 updates
2009-11-18 updates
2009-12-08 updates
2009-12-19 updates
2010-02-05 updates
2010-02-28 Unlink SVN repository
2010-04-16 updates
2010-05-08 updates
2010-05-14 updates
2010-06-08 updates
2010-08-12 updates
2010-10-02 updates
2010-11-07 updates
2011-02-18 updates
2011-03-10 updates
2011-09-06 updates
2011-09-30 updates
2011-10-25 updates
2011-11-04 thanks alex
2012-01-18 If you can vote in the USA, please do me a favor and call your repres…
2012-01-30 Emacs pretest! I've also added some more anti-spam measures.
2012-02-04 If you’re an Emacs dev and had trouble updating your sources, you nee…
2012-03-20 no summary available
2012-03-22 no summary available
2012-03-23 Thanks
2012-05-22 no summary available
2012-06-10 no summary available
2012-07-04 Elisp Area slow to load.
2012-11-28 Voted; Hope you don't mind...
2012-12-01 no summary available
2012-12-10 I'll be removing the extension.
2012-12-21 Emacs Conference 2013
2013-01-23 The state of Emacs wikis + discussion on Reddit
2013-01-31 Unlinked log file because it'll grow huge over time.
2013-02-18 I'm looking forward to this. I'll play with it in my Samsung Galaxy h…
2013-03-11 Emacs 24.3 Released
2013-03-19 no summary available
2013-04-24 Link bootstrap.css
2013-04-30 This may result in mis-formatted code fragments that contain somethin…
2013-05-07 I guess that means unless anybody else speaks up, I'll switch to Duck…
2013-05-16 keine Zusammenfassug vorhanden
2013-08-16 no summary available
2013-08-24 I think I fixed a bug in RecentChanges which showed up in conjunction…
2013-09-27 Drew also found a problem: Something about the ElispArea setup seems …
2013-11-08 The server move will happen on the upcoming week-end.
2013-12-04 Added portrait
2014-01-02 [new::] ESR suggesting Emacs development should move *from bzr to git*.
2014-03-07 no summary available
2014-04-25 It seems that something is troubling the wiki again. Every now and th…
2014-06-23 Done!
2014-08-27 Well, I guess that was it...
2014-10-30 no summary available
2014-11-05 It’s time for the irregular #emacs chat client test again!
2014-11-13 Link GitForEmacsDevs
2014-11-18 added filter link
2014-12-09 I'm probably going to move the site to a different server before the …
2014-12-18 no summary available
2014-12-19 no summary available
2015-01-03 Done! The site is editable again.
2015-02-11 keine Zusammenfassug vorhanden
404 initial import
84569838 Looks like a name page after all?
AIndentAbandon no summary available
AIndentClean no summary available
AIndentEol no summary available
AIndentNewLine no summary available
AIndentSimpleDefault [screenshot] simple indent: default language indent
AIndentSimpleIndent [screenshot] simple indent: simple indent position
AIndentSimpleInitial [screenshot] simple indent: initial position
AIndentUnindentIndent [screenshot] backspace unindent: auto indent position
AIndentUnindentInitial [screenshot] backspace unindent: initial position
AIndentUnindentUnindent [screenshot] backspace unindent: unindent position
APortableEmacsLibrary CategoryExtensions
AUCTeX Add the Synctex with Okular section.
AUCTeXDeutsch initial import
AUCTeXEs updates
AUCTeXMatheModus updates
AUCTeXSpanish initial import
AUCTeXonOSX updates
AVLtrees CategoryExtensions
AWK_It no summary available
AadityaSood initial import
AaronBrady initial import
AaronCrane initial import
AaronHawley Update home page URL
AaronL initial import
AaronMiller no summary available
AarreLaakso initial import
AbacusMode Added translation: そろばんモード (ja)
AbandonedModes updates
AbandonnedMode adding untracked files
AbbrevMode use "hook" function so that the expansion char is not inserted
AbbrevModeOpenOffice initial import
AbbréviationDesCommandesClavier initial import
AbcMode Updated source file URL.
AbdulBijur no summary available
AccediendoAFicherosDeWindows initial import
Accelerate initial import
AccessKey URL abbreviation for Wikipedia
AccessingWindowsHelpFiles initial import
AceJump Mention Emacs Rocks AceJump screencast.
Ack Note why ack-and-a-half is gone
AcmeSearch initial import
AcroBuffer Added a new macro - "acro-expand", to interactively expand an acronym…
ActionScriptMode Actionscript-mode still works in 24.4
ActiveMenu initial import
ActiveServerPages initial import
AdaMode updates
AdamHouston initial import
AdamKerz initial import
AdamShand initial import
AdamSpiers updates
AdaptiveScoring initial import
AddBufferKeywords initial import
AddCommasToNumbers Added translation: 数字へカンマを追加する (ja)
AddKeywords Use mapc instead of mapcar in example because function is purely for …
AddNumbers initial import
AddToListWidget initial import
AddictedToVi initial import
AddressBook Use AddressBook with wanderlust
AddressFormatBrazil initial import
AddressFormatUK BBDB v3 version
AdjustParens no summary available
AdmbMode no summary available
AdministradoresEmacsWiki Correcting Links
AdrianAichner fix out of place attribution
AdrianAichnerConfigurationBits initial import
AdrianAichnerErcConfiguration initial import
AdrianAichnerFirefoxQuickSearches initial import
AdrianAichnerIspellConfiguration initial import
AdrianAichnerPackageGetConfiguration initial import
AdrianAichnerPatcherConfiguration initial import
AdrianKubala initial import
AdrianMrva initial import
AdrianRobert no summary available
Adrian_Aichner updates
AdvRandomSig initial import
AdvancedDeskCalculator moved to Calc
AdvancedEncryptionStandard Remove link to outdated sourcecode.
AdviceVsHooks initial import
AdvisingAKey initial import
AdvisingFunctions `ad-Orig-XXX' is removed since 2012-11-13 (http://bzr.savannah.gnu.or…
AegisConfigurationManagement initial import
AegisMode initial import
AhmetUsal updates
AidanKehoe initial import
AidanSchofield initial import
AideSurInternet no summary available
AimClient initial import
AkimichiTatsukawa initial import
AkochoiXEmacsGplCompliance initial import
AktiveMenüs initial import
AlaCarte adding untracked files
AlainMellan updates
AlanLue updates
AlanMackenzie initial import
AlanSchussman initial import
Alarm initial import
AlarmBell no summary available
Alastair no summary available
AlastairHoughton initial import
AlastairRankine Hi, my name is Alastair Rankine and I like emacs. My emacs projects a…
AlbertEmacs Uploaded from
AlbertoGarcia Fix LinkedIn link
AleVesely initial import
AleixConchilloFlaque initial import
AlekseiGusev updates
Alert categories and links
AlessandroPiras reformatted some links
Alex adding untracked files
AlexBennee updates
AlexChaffee initial import
AlexCoventry initial import
AlexDaniel some info
AlexEvstiougov initial import
AlexKost Add more packages
AlexMidgley initial import
AlexOtt updates
AlexScherbanov Added back CategoryHomepage
AlexSchroeder Fix typo
AlexSchroederConfigAlpinobombus initial import
AlexSchroederConfigConfusibombus updates
AlexSchroederConfigMegabombus update
AlexSchroederConfigOrientalibombus update
AlexSchroederConfigPyrobombus update
AlexSchroederConfigSSH initial import
AlexSchroederConfigWindows update
AlexSchroederErcConfig Right.
AlexShinn initial import
AlexVorobiev Welcome. Category.
Alex_Schroeder #REDIRECT AlexSchroeder
AlexanderGrafov Updated with actual info about my current projects and contact info.
AlexanderLamaison Welcome. Category.
AlexandreCroteauPothier Bienvenu. Categorie.
AlexandreDulaunoy initial import
AlexandreVassalotti initial import
AlexandrosPrekates linked to CategoryJavaScript
AlexeyMikhailov initial import
AlexeyRomanov updates
Alienmangel initial import
AlignColumn initial import
AlignCommands updates
AlignLet updates
AlistVsPlist removed a redundant "and", minor subediting
AllOut Including info about the latest version.
AllenBeyeRiddell initial import
AlokSingh initial import
AlpAker no summary available
AlphabetizeHomepageList initial import
AltGrKey updates
AlvaroMartinez updates
Amarok initial import
AmirMohammadSaied no summary available
AmitPatel Updated my init.el structure
AmyYoung initial import
AnIntroductionToTheEmacsEditor Remove broken links
AnSys updates
AnSysDe update
AnandPillai initial import
Anaphora initial upload
AnchoredTranspose updates
AndersLindgren Clarification
AndreRiemann initial import
AndreasFuchs initial import
AndreasSeltenreich initial import
AndrewChoi initial import
AndrewCosgriff initial import
AndrewGwozdziewycz updates
AndrewHyatt updates
AndrewKirkpatrick Welcome.
AndrewTaylor initial import
AndrewYates initial import
AndreyBalaguta initial import
AndreyZhdanov updates
AndyChambers initial import
AndyNorman initial import
AndyStewart Add init-smex and init-visual-regexp.
AndyStewart_YasnippetTemplate initial import
AndyStewart_YasnippetTemplateCode.tar.gz maintenance job
Andy_Stewart adding untracked files
AngeFtp updates
AngryFruitSalad no summary available
AngryFruitSaladOne maintenance job
AngryFruitSaladOne_Screenshot maintenance job
AngryFruitSaladTwo_Screenshot maintenance job
AnilNarayanan initial import
AnilTappetla initial import
Annotate initial import
AnnotationMode no summary available
Anonymous fix sister Wiki xrefs
AnotherHtmlToText initial import
AnselmHelbig initial import
AnshulVerma Welcome. Category.
AnsiColor spelling
AnsiTerm Added translation: AnsiTerm-ja (日本語)
AnsiTerm-ja 日本語訳がわかりにくかったので修正。
AnsiTermHints no summary available
AnsysMode no summary available
AnsysMode100 maintenance job
AntCall initial import
AntMode Added translation: 蟻モード (ja)
AntiAliasedFaces Remove wrongly-placed section "Proportional Fonts and the Fill Column…
AntiNews Distinction of antinews in elisp manual and Emacs manual
AntiWord initial import
AntlrMode initial import
AntonJohansson no summary available
AntonKirillov initial import
AntonKulchitsky initial import
AntonNazarov initial import
AntonStrilchuk Welcome.
AnupamSengupta updates
AnyIniMode initial import
Anything I know nothing about emacs, yet made a grammer revision.
AnythingApplications updates
AnythingAutoInstall.png maintenance job
AnythingIntegrations initial import
AnythingIrfcScreenshot maintenance job
AnythingIssues updates
AnythingLacarteMath maintenance job
AnythingLauncher no summary available
AnythingLauncherPic01 maintenance job
AnythingLauncherPic02 maintenance job
AnythingLauncherPic03 maintenance job
AnythingMultiline initial import
AnythingMultilineImage maintenance job
AnythingOldDiscussion Rollback to 2012-01-30 11:18 UTC
AnythingPlugins initial import
AnythingProposals updates
AnythingScreenshotAllCandidates maintenance job
AnythingScreenshotNarrowingCandidates maintenance job
AnythingShowCompletionScreenshot maintenance job
AnythingSources updates
AnythingTips updates
Anything_Auto_Install_Screenshot maintenance job
Anything_Auto_Install_Update_Screenshot maintenance job
Anything_Yaoddmuse_Eidt_Or_View maintenance job
Anything_Yaoddmuse_Post maintenance job
ApaGnusSmilies maintenance job
AparienciaWikiEmacs initial import
AplInDebian LANG=C is required on most modern systems (A bad hack -- as of now do…
AppMenu initial import
AppendGrepResult == rgrep-append.el == provide a variant version of `rgrep' command wi…
AppleScript no summary available
ApplesAndOranges updates
ApplyFunctionOnMultipleRegions updates
ApplyingPatches initial import
AppointmentMode Explain how to set up appt-mode on recent copies of Gnu Emacs.
AppropriateMedia no summary available
AproposMode initial import
AproposUnicode no summary available
AptMode no summary available
AptSources initial import
AptUpgrade initial import
AquamacsCompatibilityPhilosophy updates
AquamacsEmacs Add some blank-slate troubleshooting hints.
AquamacsEmacsCompatibilitySettings updates
AquamacsFAQ why emacsclient doesn't work by default
AquamacsGitForDevs updates
AquamacsTexniscope initial import
AquamacsWishList copy on select as in X as a suggestion.
ArScanner initial import
ArabicFlashcard.png maintenance job
ArabicIrc.png maintenance job
ArchVersionControl updates
ArchiveMode add: archive-mode cannot extract to the file system
ArchivingMail initial import
ArduinoSupport Corrected the path to the directory holding the arduino-mode.
ArgList initial import
ArgumentoUniversal initial import
ArjenWiersma initial import
ArmaniDeluxe Muse
ArneBab thanks for the welcome :)
ArneJørgensen no summary available
ArneSchwabe initial import
ArrayExtension CategoryExtensions
ArrayMode found a reference to array-mode on the web
ArtTaylor Welcome.
Artagnon initial import
ArticleBuffer initial import
ArticleMode initial import
ArtisRozentals updates
ArtistMode no summary available
ArunRavindran initial import
ArxivReader updates
AsciiDoc Elaborate a little about the difference between doc-mode and adoc-mode.
AsciiMode Added a note about installing from elpa and a link to the package on …
AsciiTable no summary available
AsciidocEl adding untracked files
AshishShukla updates
Asm86Mode Fixed broken link.
AsmMode Add config for indent behaviour more like other Emacs mode. Replace t…
AspellWindows no summary available
AssemblyProgramming no summary available
AssociationList updates
Async fix up?
AsyncEval CategoryExtensions
AtimUnscroll updates
AtomBlogger initial import
AttilaLendvai updates
AucTeX adding untracked files
AugeasMode Added translation: アウゲイアース モード (ja)
Aumix initial import
AustinFrank updates
AutoAsyncByteCompile updates
AutoCodingAlist updates
AutoCompileInit adding untracked files
AutoCompilerInit initial import
AutoComplete no summary available
AutoCompletePlus updates
AutoCompleteScreenShotLongLinesFix maintenance job
AutoCompleteScreenshot maintenance job
AutoCompleteScreenshot2 maintenance job
AutoCompleteSources Added auto-complete-etags
AutoCompressionMode no summary available
AutoCorrection initial import
AutoCreateBbdbEntries initial import
AutoDefine initial import
AutoDictionaryMode initial import
AutoDocument initial import
AutoDocumentScreenshot maintenance job
AutoDocumentado initial import
AutoDocumentation Corrections orthographiques et ajoute quelques précisions.
AutoDownload initial import
AutoEncryption Coalesce duplicate EasyPG sections. Put re-write of mc-gpg-file-mode.…
AutoExpMode <code>autoexp-mode</code> is a major mode for editing Microsoft Visua…
AutoExtend initial import
AutoFillMode Added translation: Bangla (Deutsch)
AutoHotKey Typos.
AutoHotKey_Mode Update price for xahk-mode.
AutoImageFileMode updates
AutoIndentMode no summary available
AutoIndentModeEl == Library Information == /auto-indent-mode.el/ --- Auto indent Mino…
AutoIndentTest == Library Information == /auto-indent-test.el/ --- Auto-indent test…
AutoIndentation Fixed a typo. The code did not work correctly without the change for me.
AutoInsertChoose Added list of projects where it's used (just one right now)
AutoInsertHeaderGuards initial import
AutoInsertMode Clean up page, removing old bits, show examples with SkeletonMode.
AutoInstall (Other Elisp Installers): Add DELPS
AutoInstallPlayGround updates
AutoJavaComplete no summary available
AutoJavaComplete-class maintenance job
AutoJavaComplete-constructor maintenance job
AutoJavaComplete-import maintenance job
AutoJavaComplete-import2 maintenance job
AutoLISP adding untracked files
AutoLangMode updates
AutoLisp updates
AutoLispMode initial import
AutoLoad initial import
AutoMark initial import
AutoModeAlist Added translation: AutoModeAlist-it (Italiano)
AutoModeInterpreterRegexp initial import
AutoOverlays CategoryExtensions
AutoPairs Update information about electric-pair-mode.
AutoRecompile s/auto-compile-global-mode/auto-compile-on-save-mode/
AutoRevertMode no summary available
AutoSave Added translation: AutoGuardar (es)
AutoScroll initial import
AutoSizeShellMode initial import
AutoSmiley initial import
Auto_Complete_php no summary available
AutoconfMode initial import
AutomaticFileHeaders Added an example of how to customize header2 headers.
AutresModificationsRécentes initial import
AuxLabel initial import
AvaliarExpressões initial import
AvallarkDotEmacs initial import
AvallarkDotEmacsForMac updates
AvallarkDotEmacsForWindows updates
AviRozen fixed a link
AxcessMode initial import
AxelBoldt initial import
AyrChinaUtil Encoding fixed, apparently.
AythamiScreenshot1 maintenance job
AyudaParaLasExpresionesRegulares updates
AyudaTraducción updates
BBDBV3-Wl Adding some links in BBDBV3-Wl
BBDBV3-Wl-es Adding some links in BBDBV3-Wl-es
BCMode initial import
BMP-hex-colors-screenshot maintenance job
BNFMode updates
BaManzi Update some info about me (bamanzi)
BabarZafar updates
BabelMode updates
Babyl CategoryMail.
BackButton sync with readme
BackToIndentationOrBeginning Mention "mwim" package
BackpackClient initial import
BackquoteSyntax updates
BackspaceKey This page needs attention
BackspaceWhitespaceToTabStop no summary available
BacktraceBuffer no summary available
BackupDirectory Added fix for error reported by another user.
BackupEachSave Use "Lisp:" prefix
BackupFiles Added a little code snippet for hiding backup files from Windows Expl…
BackwardDeleteWord fixed grammar
BackwardKillLine no summary available
BadIdea Added translation: バッドアイディア (ja)
BaijuMuthukadan initial import
Baishampayan_(BG)_Ghose Welcome. Category.
BalanceMode Remove first person comments.
BalancedEl updates
Baloo_Ursidae updates
BancoDePruebas updates
BannedContent no summary available
BannedHosts no summary available
BannedRegexps bode_jones
BaoHaojun updates
BaoqiuCui no summary available
BarneyDalton initial import
BarryMargolin initial import
BarryWarsaw initial import
BartTeeuwisse updates
BasKok initial import
Basecamp no summary available
Bash initial import
BasicNarrowing no summary available
BastienGuerry Übersetzung hinzugefügt: BastienGuerryFrançais (Français)
BastienGuerryFrançais Übersetzung hinzugefügt: BastienGuerry (English)
BatMode no summary available
BatchFiles Added translation: バッチファイル (ja)
BatchMode fix again
Bazaar updates
BazaarNg adding untracked files
BbCode no summary available
BbdbAndGnusAuthorNames updates
BbdbAndMailCrypt initial import
BbdbAndTwitterEmails Finished explanation
BbdbCanonicalizeAddresses fix I had to do
BbdbConfiguration Content is outdated. I know, I know, but I don't have the requisite k…
BbdbCreateRecord initial import
BbdbDial updates
BbdbExportImportSync Updated ASynK specific information, including project homepage locati…
BbdbExporters Add reference to PyBBDB.
BbdbFaces updates
BbdbFoaf initial import
BbdbImportFromOutlook updates
BbdbImporters no summary available
BbdbMailingLists Added BBDBv3 compatible init code
BbdbMerging initial import
BbdbMode bbdb-get-mail-aliases does not define the aliases. The right command …
BbdbMulePrinting bringing in luatex which helped me for german umlauts
BbdbNiftyTricks initial import
BbdbSyncWithPalm adding untracked files
BbdbTags updates
BeSlayed updates
BeanShell Added translation: ビーンシェル (ja)
BefungeMode initial import
BenAtkin initial import
BenCluff updates
BenJansens initial import
BenMoseley initial import
BenWing no summary available
BenchmarkInit fix usage instructions
Bencode initial import
BenignoUria updates
BenjaminDrieu initial import
BenjaminPierce initial import
BenoitDubois initial import
BerkeleyLogo initial import
Bernard_Hurley no summary available
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BitlBee I found 'System message: ' was not being sent by hipchat, and updated…
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Bongo Added translation: ボンゴ (日本語)
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BrandonWMaister comment on ibuffer-ido-find-file in InteractivelyDoThings
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BrianCasiello What's a dwarf archer?
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BrowseKillRing Add Edit -> Paste from Kill Menu as yet another way to browse and sel…
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BrowseUrl Firefox 36 dropped support for -remote
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Buffer Added translation: 버퍼 (한국어)
BufferBackgroundColor add another option about background color
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BufferMenuPlus Reporting success with Drew's proposed workaround
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BufferSelection Posted a solution to the empty/incorrect buffer list problem.
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BugzMode Added CategoryInterface
BuildTags A recent version of Exuberant Ctags (5.8) *does* have the "-e" option…
BuildingAquamacs Sorry the bulletization was messed up. Fixed.
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ButtonLockMode Code to correct a bug in ButtonLockMode.
ByteCodeEngineering updates
BzrForEmacsCasualDevs Highlighted Stefan Monnier's comment, added "Emacs Maintainer" to his…
BzrForEmacsDevs remove permanent anchor
BzrQuickStartForEmacsDevs Fix another case of a bad line break.
CAlignOperands New page for c-align-operands
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CEldocMode Update source repo to git:// protocol