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Emacswiki Git Repository

Every time somebody edits a page on the Emacswiki or uploads a file Oddmuse (Emacswiki's wiki engine) creates a commit using the provided username and summary. If this information is not provided default values are used. That repository is regularly pushed here.


The master branch containing the full history of all pages and libraries since the 8th August 2009. The first 800 commits have been created by importing from the old subversion repository. Each of these commits contains all changes of a complete day and have no meaningful commit messages.

Since the 20th November 2011 this repository is integrated with Oddmuse - every edit results in a separate commit. The announcement can be found here.


git clone git:// emacswiki
git checkout -b master origin/master

Package Repositories

Additionally many package are available seperately on the Emacsmirror. These repositories contains the full history of all files that are part of a particular package but purges all other history.

These repositories are updated along with other packages mirrored on the Emacsmirror - a task which is performed about five times a week.