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2015-12-11 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 15.09-2 released.
2015-10-26 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 15.09-1 released.
2015-09-24 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 15.09 released.
2015-04-23 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 15.03-1 released.
2015-03-31 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 15.03 released.
2015-01-31 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makefiles are now UNIX and GNU make friendly.
2014-09-13 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 14.09 released.
2013-12-10 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makeconf (SITELISP): tersely documenting SITELISP
and incorporating into comments for emacs variants
* Makeconf (INFODIR): updating INFODIR for Mac OS X
2013-12-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 13.09-1 released.
2013-09-27 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 13.09 released.
2013-05-14 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 13.05 released.
2013-01-14 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makeconf (INFODIR): on Mac OS X, this
directory does not fall under as
previously indicated; it is actually the
same as you might expect on UNIX/Linux,
i.e. /usr/local/info
2013-01-12 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.09-2 released.
2012-12-21 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.09-1 released.
2012-09-24 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.09 released.
2012-06-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.04-4 released.
2012-06-01 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.04-3 released.
2012-05-11 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.04-2 released.
2012-05-07 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makeconf;Makefile;*/Makefile (uninstall):
first attempt at uninstall target; please test
2012-04-05 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.04 released.
2012-03-30 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 12.03 released. New numbering scheme.
2012-03-11 Vitalie Spinu <>
* doc/ess.texi (Styles): added C-c . to the docs.
(Help): added description of i, v, w, q, k keys.
(Object names): added TAB completion in ess-mode.
(Other edit buffer commands): TAB completion adjusted.
2012-03-13 Vitalie Spinu <>
* doc/newfeat.texi: New emacs 24 completion. M-TAB and breaking change emphasis.
2012-02-29 Vitalie Spinu <>
* doc/refcard/refcard.tex: added new features and removed
deprecated bindings.
2012-02-26 Vitalie Spinu <>
* doc/ess.texi: rearranged, renamed and completed with several new
chapters and sections to reflect newly added features
(``Completion'', ``Developing with ESS'', ``ESS tracebug'', ``ESS
developer'', ``ESS ElDoc'', ``IDO Comppletion'' and ``Evaluating
First chapters are all about S and R, no special distinctions is
necessary in the section names. ESS is defector 80% R, and docs
are reflecting that.
2012-02-25 Vitalie Spinu <>
* doc/newfeat.texi: completed documenting changes.
2011-12-13 Vitalie Spinu <>
* etc/R-ESS-bugs.R (`swank:quit-inspector`): added swanky functions.
2011-12-12 Vitalie Spinu <>
* etc/ess-developer.R: R side of ess-developer.el
2011-11-24 Vitalie Spinu <>
* etc/R-ESS-bugs.el ("\n\n\n"): double prompt bug (5))
2011-11-11 Vitalie Spinu ( <>
* etc/R-ESS-bugs.el: added this file for tracking R-bugs from the
lisp side.
2011-07-30 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.14 released.
2011-06-20 Henning Redestig <>
* etc/ess-roxy-tests.R (trickyInArgsComments): small examples I
used to try out ess-roxy
2011-05-03 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/unixlike.texi (Unix installation):
* Makeconf (LISPDIR):
Installing everything into site-lisp is sloppy; better to create
an ess sub-directory and install there.
2011-04-26 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/help-sas.texi (ESS(SAS)--TAB key): removing all references
to uncommenting ess-site.el code since we moved away from that
several years ago, however, the vestiges still linger (OK, but
isn't that what vestiges do?)
2011-03-07 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/help-s.texi (ESS(S)--Editing files): Document calling R-mode
2011-03-01 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (Debugging R): New node.
2011-02-28 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/requires.texi: update BUGS info and
include texi2dvi WARNING
2011-02-03 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.13 released.
2010-12-15 Dirk Eddelbuettel <>
* etc/pkg-Maintainers (Debian): updated
2010-11-09 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/announc.texi (Announce): \
* doc/currfeat.texi (Current Features): \
* doc/requires.texi (Requirements): \
* doc/stabilty.texi (Stability): \
Minor tweaks to bring it slightly more up-to-date.
2010-11-08 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.12 released.
2010-08-13 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (Org): New section describing interaction with Org
mode, contributed by Dan Davison and Eric Schulte.
2010-07-13 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.11 released.
2010-06-08 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.10 released.
2010-05-21 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.9.1 released.
2010-05-21 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.9 released.
2010-04-25 Henning Redestig <>
* doc/ess.texi (Roxygen): added documentation for ess-roxy
2010-04-08 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/ess.texi (Top): Cosmetic change to see
if the web page is updating like it should
2010-03-03 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.8 released.
2009-12-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.7.1 released.
2009-12-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.7 released.
2009-12-04 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.6 released.
2009-11-22 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/help-s.texi (iESS(S)--Inferior ESS processes): Add
documentation about how exec-path determines which directories are
searched to find R versions.
2009-10-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.5 released.
2009-10-02 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/{windows|unixlike}.texi: fix *wrong* e-mail for ess-help
2009-06-08 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.4 released.
2009-05-27 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makefile (downloads): new target for
creation of .tgz and .zip only
2009-04-22 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (TAGS): Describe R CMD rtags.
(TAGS): Expand on documentation, thanks to feedback from Martin.
2009-03-05 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/newfeat.texi, doc/help-bugs.tex, doc/help-jags.texi:
ESS[BUGS] and ESS[JAGS]: typing = now results in <-
2009-02-23 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makeconf: update LISPDIR, INFODIR, ETCDIR
for XEmacs. Use the modern default
/usr/local/share/xemacs rather than the
deprecated /usr/local/lib/xemacs. Also,
default to the site-packages subdirectory
rather than xemacs-packages, this allows
you more freedom to update the SUMO packages
without touching your ESS installation and
vice versa.
2009-01-23 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.11 released.
2009-01-21 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makefile (all install clean distclean): @for
loop throws away exit code, probably due to cd ..
which always returns 0; @for no longer used
2009-01-13 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/windows.texi and doc/unixlike.texi
(Installation): replace fake double quotes
in examples with real double quotes
2009-01-12 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/Makefile, doc/ess.texi, doc/readme.texi,
doc/windows.texi, doc/unixlike.texi (Installation):
new simplified installation instructions for Windows
and Unix/Unix-like including Mac OS X (major changes
now complete)
2009-01-07 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/Makefile (TEXISRC): add help-jags.texi to list
* doc/help-jags.texi
(ESS(JAGS)--Log files):
the "log" of the run is now .jog (like BUGS which
is .bog); .out created too many problems since the BOA
output files have that extension as well
(ESS(JAGS)--Model files):
adding 2 new local variables: ess-jags-burnin and
ess-jags-update. ESS[BUGS] has similar variables, but
the modern defaults are an order of magnitude bigger, so
it seemed like creating new variables was warranted
2008-12-17 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/windows.texi (Microsoft Windows installation):
this file will replace the Windows portion of inst_tar.texi
2008-12-15 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/Makefile (install-other-docs): fixing yet another
bug related to DOCDIR, was there no testing at all before
foisting this on us?
2008-12-09 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makeconf and doc/Makefile (DOCDIR): belatedly document
and defensively create
2008-12-03 Rodney Sparapani <>
* Makeconf and doc/readme.texi (README re-organization):
Add TOC for plaintext format only, requires re-defining MAKETXT
2008-12-02 Rodney Sparapani <>
* doc/readme.texi and doc/Makefile (README re-organization):
re-arrange so that installation information comes in the
4/5th sections rather than much further down (7/8th); also
massaged wording in the intro which no longer requires as much
perl (which I never really understood since I don't speak perl;
shall we stick to what we all know: e-lisp/make/texi/not perl/etc.)
2008-11-14 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (Indenting): Describe roxygen
2008-07-28 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.8 released.
2008-04-10 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.7 released.
2007-09-13 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.6 released.
2007-08-15 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.5 released.
2007-07-20 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/help-s.texi (iESS(S)--Inferior ESS processes): Document R-newest.
2007-04-26 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.4 released.
2006-12-16 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/ess.texi (Help): do look up the 's *' bindings and mention
differences R <-> S(-plus)
2006-09-26 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.3 released.
2006-09-19 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.2 released.
2006-06-03 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.1 released.
2006-04-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.3.0 released.
2006-04-07 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/refcard/refcard.tex: update for ESS 5.3.0
2006-02-09 Anthony Rossini <>
* doc/newfeat.texi: documentation for
2006-02-07 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.12 released.
2006-01-06 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (Help with emacs): New section, referring people to
Emacswiki and FAQs.
2005-11-14 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.11 released.
2005-09-09 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.10 released.
2005-08-30 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.9 released.
2005-05-12 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.8 released.
2005-04-18 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.7 released.
2005-03-14 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.6 released.
2005-02-01 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.5 released.
2005-01-06 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.4 released.
2004-12-31 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/inst_tar.texi (Unix installation): Remove note regarding GNU
Make, as this is relevant only for developers, and so does not
need to be in the user's guide [the shorter the installation
instructions, the better!]
2004-12-29 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/newfeat.texi: Mention changes to completion.
* doc/inst_tar.texi (Unix installation): Comment out optional step
about creating database files for slow computers; delete later.
* doc/ess.texi (Completion details): Comment out note about slow
completion on old systems; delete later.
(Imenu): Add note about imenu regexps.
2004-10-27 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/ess.texi: added Debian patches from Camm Maguire
* lisp/* : dito for six files
2004-09-21 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.3 released.
2004-07-27 Martin Maechler <>
* Moved from CVS to Subversion
2004-07-08 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.2 released.
2004-06-28 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.2.1 released.
2004-05-22 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (Interactive ESS): At the start of the chapter on
iESS, introduce a few general terms before getting into specifics.
2004-05-17 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi: Few typos; add brief description of Imenu and
document the 'l' key when viewing help files.
2004-05-05 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (winjava): Put empty lines around example to get
proper formatting.
2004-05-04 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/help-s.texi (ESS-help--assistance with viewing help): Refer
to Help chapter.
* doc/ess.texi (Multiple ESS processes): ess-request-a-process not
bound to C-c C-k. Commented out some doc for
(System dependent): Change of section name from "Other variables
..." to "Variables ...".
2004-04-28 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi: Document winjava, inferior-ess-own-frame and
2004-02-22 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/bugrept.texi: Describe how to make a *Backtrace* buffer.
2004-02-19 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess.texi (ESS processes on Remote Computers): add brief
notes on how to get a ssh buffer. Note that URL currently spills
into right margin in ess.pdf; anyway to prevent that?
2002-11-29 Stephen Eglen <>
* doc/ess-defs.texi: New file to provide macros for formatting R,
* doc/ess.texi: Quite a few updates to the documentation:
Include ess-defs.texi for @Sl macro.
Add Stephen to author list.
Remove bold from ESS/S.
Remove Variable and command index (had just two entries).
Use "X window system" or "X11" rather than "X-windows" (see `man X').
Add section on editor=emacsclient.
Change "more historic"->"older"
Correct exit() entry in the variable and command index.
Remove multiple references to Emacs/XEmacs differences in
.emacs/init.el for init file.
2002-08-07 Martin Maechler <>
new version -- Makefile did not commit (aarggh)..
* lisp/Makefile, Makefile:
more Makefile tweaks: lisp/ess-cust.el with proper version number must be committed (in time before tagging etc)
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
new version -- Makefile did not commit (aarggh)..
* info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
Updating info for new version
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* doc/newfeat.texi:
prepare for release of 5.1.23 (with *correct* version number)!
* Makefile:
dist: also update lisp/ess-cust.el
rel : also `tag'
2002-08-06 rsparapa <>
* info/
Updating info for new version
* ANNOUNCE, doc/authors.texi, doc/getting.texi, doc/inst_cvs.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, doc/requires.texi, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/, README:
docs: I was trying to create a PDF version of ANNOUNCE with
texi2dvi and dvipdf (is there a better way?). And, certain
functions like @email and @code betray unsightly behavior.
I replaced @email with @uref:mailto and @code with @display.
You may note that a better translation of @code would be
@example, but @example misbehaves as well. @display doesn't
make a difference for info or HTML, but it does for PDF.
However, there doesn't appear to be an alternative for the
moment. Another bug, is texi2html ignores the @enumerate
argument (besides mishandling @macro statements). Oh joy!
2002-08-05 rsparapa <>
* ANNOUNCE, doc/announc.texi, doc/Makefile, doc/readme.texi, README, info/
docs: some final minor changes to docs before release. Also,
attempted to address Martin's concern in doc/Makefile with
respect to install. Now, you can differentiate between
making in the doc directory and installing elsewhere as the
documentation indicates. The target install has returned for
info files only.
2002-08-02 rsparapa <>
* doc/dir, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/Makefile, info/, info/, README, info/
info: Rich's comment made me realize that we may also need
to "install" the dir file. So, I changed the Makefile to:
@echo "making Info documentation..."
$(MAKEINFO) ess.texi
test -f $(INFODIR)/dir || $(INSTALL) dir $(INFODIR)
I suppose that a more sophisticated approach could be taken,
but this is probably good enough for now. I believe that
all issues that I was working on are now complete. I'm going
on vacation on 8/7 and then to JSM the following week, but I
should have e-mail and internet access the whole time. Did
someone once say "Release early and release often"?
2002-08-01 rsparapa <>
* info/dir:
dir: I discovered what the problem is with @direntry and
GNU Emacs 21. Apparently, the functionality differs
between XEmacs and Emacs. Under XEmacs, the @direntry
has precedence over the dir file. Emacs appears to be
just the opposite. So, I edited the dir file by hand.
Not sure where this file comes from. info/emacs does
not create this file in a directory that doesn't
already have one. The file doesn't seem to be
created by makeinfo and thats where the problem lies.
There is no synchronization between @direntry and dir
once dir has been created (however that happens). The
best solution at present is to keep the two in synch
by hand. Which really isn't that big of a deal since
we are only talking about one line being identical in
dir and ess.texi
* doc/ediff-sas.gif, doc/ess-demo.jpg, doc/ess-intro.pdf, doc/ess-intro.tex, doc/font-cor-s.gif, doc/font-cor-s.jpg, doc/font-incor-s.gif, doc/font-incor-s.jpg, doc/hilock-sas.gif, doc/Makefile, README, fontlock-test/, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
docs: committing files based on recent discussion
2002-07-31 rsparapa <>
* doc/ess.texi, README:
HTML docs: a few tweaks to the texinfo to create a
reasonable HTML table of contents
* doc/ess.texi, README:
doc bug: I was testing out the info docs and I realized that
the "Detailed Node List" and the actual nodes for Installation
were different. In this case, it would lead you to believe
that there weren't any relevant topics in the Installation
section because you see the "Detailed" list first, but there's
nothing on it. I suppose you could carefully check each "Detailed"
vs. actual node combination, but that would be time-consuming and
prone to failure. And, I also realized that nobody would want a
100 item list when they can drill-down from a 10 item list anyways.
So, I was lazy and just commented out the entire "Detailed Node List".
* ANNOUNCE, doc/Makefile, README, doc/announc.texi, doc/authors.texi, doc/credits.texi, doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
more doc changes: Where should I begin? I realized that having info files might
not be helpful if you didn't already have ESS installed. So, I decided to
create HTML docs and put them @
But, texi2html doesn't work with version.texi. After pulling my hair out, I
decided to read the documentation. Guess what? texi2html doesn't support
@macro commands. So, instead of @essver{}, I replaced those references by
@include ../VERSION which seems to work. Of course, this was after I re-did the
doc/Makefile thinking there was something wrong in there. The HTML docs are now
on the net. And, lots of other "improvements" to the docs.
* doc/ess.texi, info/, README, info/, info/, info/, info/
info: running some long SAS jobs, ZZZZZzzzzZZZZZ...
Meanwhile, re-wrote parts of the intro and re-arranged some of the
documentation categories; boy is that fun. NOT! Promoted "Help for
the S family" and "Help for SAS" to main categories so you
don't have to poke around so long. One bugaboo that remains
with GNU Emacs 21.1-21.3 is the @direntry which is set to:
* ESS: (ess). Emacs Speaks Statistics (S/S+/R, SAS, BUGS, Stata, XLisp-Stat).
but, Emacs sadly reports: ESS Version 5.x.y (was: S-mode).
This works fine on XEmacs 21.4.8 and I'm using texinfo 4.2
* lisp/ess-utils.el:
ess-kermit-get, ess-kermit-send
I had to replace (shell) with ess-sas-goto-shell; maybe we should
generalize ess-sas-goto-shell and ess-sas-shell-buffer in ess-utils.el too
2002-07-30 rsparapa <>
* lisp/Makefile:
lisp/Makefile: essa-sas.el should not be compiled since it is required
by essl-sas.el and therefore, already compiled
* lisp/Makefile:
lisp/Makefile: fixed a bug testing whether a directory is .
2002-07-29 rsparapa <>
* doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, info/, info/, info/, README, info/
Help for SAS: more updates and fixes; now ready for release
2002-07-27 rsparapa <>
* doc/Makefile, Makefile:
Makefile: changed target info to
the more descriptive and appropriate docs
2002-07-26 rsparapa <>
* doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi:
ESS[SAS] info documentation: lots of minor changes that
should make it a better intro as well as a more complete and
correct manual
* doc/Makefile, lisp/Makefile, Makeconf, Makefile:
more Makefile mods: made INSTALL comments more explicit
and removed install as the target from main Makefile, it
was only present in the lisp Makefile in any case
* Makefile:
main Makefile: realclean target deleted; doc and lisp
Makefile's don't have it anyway; ESSVERSIONDIR changed
* Makeconf:
Makeconf: made 2 comments more explanatory
* doc/Makefile, Makeconf, Makefile, doc/newfeat.texi:
more Makefile/Makeconf improvements: I think this should do it
for the next release. Enjoy!
* info/, info/
Updating info for new version
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* Makeconf, README, doc/Makefile, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/, lisp/Makefile:
more Makefile changes: Apparently, we had two different methods for
replacing old version numbers with new ones. For some reason, the
old method based on perl stopped working. So, we created a new
method based on @essver{}. However, the old version targets and
dependencies remained. I have no idea what kind of weirdness
resulted from that. Just in case, I'm removing the old method.
2002-07-25 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sleep-for now defaults to 5 seconds on Windows
only (which was where the problem was initially)
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: fixed bug in
ess-sas-submit-sh for Kermit file transfers; noticed that ess-kermit-
functions call (shell) when it probably should be ess-sas-goto-shell
2002-07-24 rsparapa <>
* doc/Makefile, fontlock-test/, Makeconf, Makefile, VERSION:
Makefile happy-land: I think I finally figured this maze out.
We'll see when we try to release 5.1.21
* lisp/ess-utils.el:
ess-utils.el: fixed a bug in ess-save-and-set-local-variables;
more exhaustive testing later tonight
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-save-and-set-local-variables is now called
from ess-sas-submit-sh, ess-sas-submit-windows and
ess-sas-submit-mac rather than save-buffer which formerly
appeared in ess-sas-submit. Not, sure what to do with
ess-sas-submit-iESS, but it should not be called in
ess-sas-submit-region. Also, now called in
ess-sas-data-view so you can take advantage of the
recently added ess-sas-data-view-fsview-statement
buffer-local variable.
* lisp/ess-utils.el:
ess-utils.el: added 2 new functions
ess-search-except: searches forward for a regexp, stores as match 1
and optionally, ignores results that also match a second regexp parameter,
and optionally, searches backward for a third non-nil parameter
ess-save-and-set-local-variables: if a buffer is modified, save the
buffer and if Local Variables are defined, update them with revert
returning t if buffer was modified and nil otherwise
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS], ess-sas-data-view: Now, I'm adding features just for myself.
I've always wanted the capability to add a PROC FSVIEW statement to an
ess-sas-data-view call, but I just never got around to it. You can
configure it with the string ess-sas-data-view-fsview-statement. Also,
you can now change the PROC FSVIEW command itself with
ess-sas-data-view-fsview-command and I renamed ess-sas-data-view-options
to ess-sas-data-view-submit-options to make it more clear what it does
(i.e. so you don't confuse -options with -fsview-command).
* Makeconf, doc/Makefile, info/, info/, info/, info/, Makefile, info/, lisp/Makefile:
Makeconf/Makefile tweaking: still need to re-organize doc
Makefile which is currently in the main Makefile and the
doc Makefile
2002-07-23 rsparapa <>
* Makeconf:
Makeconf: minor improvements in anticipation of a more
important role for this method of installing ESS
* lisp/make-regexp.el:
make-regexp.el: timing functions removed due to name collisions with Gnus
2002-07-22 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: extended ess-sas-goto-shell to take an optional
argument if non-nil, then set-buffer rather than switch. This
new call replaces code chunks in ess-sas-submit-region,
ess-sas-data-view and ess-sas-graph-view. Furthermore, this
behavior is what was intended in nearly all
(ess-sas-goto-shell) calls and I have replaced them all with
(ess-sas-goto-shell t); except for the key-bindings for F8/F3
and the code that deals with kermit file transfers which require
the old behavior. Have only tested on XEmacs and 'sh, so YMMV.
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sas-goto-shell resurrected! Our recent discussion
with respect to each SAS program, perhaps, needing it's own
ess-sas-submit-method brought me back to ancient discussions
of asynchronous shell buffer names. Emacs and XEmacs named them
differently. Our solution was to use & for 'sh and start for 'ms-dos
to make synchronous processes asynchronous. However, this made
ess-sas-goto-shell unnecessary since the buffer was always *shell*.
Now, I added the variable ess-sas-shell-buffer which is buffer-local
and defaults to *shell*. If you set this to something else, then you
will get another shell buffer. And, ess-sas-goto-shell will take you
to whichever one you need. So, we are back to the original function.
I also moved the add-hook call to the shell creation step since it
seemed like over-kill to call it every time you did ess-sas-submit-sh.
Is this enough explanation or am I boring you?
2002-07-19 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el: ESS[SAS]: tweaks to
-> ess-sas-submit-mac for JSM presentation
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sas-submit-method
needs to be buffer-local so that ess-sas-submit can submit different
buffers in different ways with the Local Variables trick
2002-07-16 rsparapa <>
* lisp/ess-utils.el:
ess-utils.el: added ess-kermit- functions; now, it's really
ready for testing
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
ess-cust.el: added ess-kermit- variables
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: moved ess-kermit- variables to ess-cust.el and
ess-kermit- functions to ess-utils.el
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
ess-cust.el: applied Stephen's patch; also changed more :types
from "string" to 'string; finally, fixed custom-ize for SAS; it
always worked if you specified 'ess-sas for the
group, but never worked if you specified 'ess; this was because
defgroup defined 'ess-SAS rather than 'ess-sas; and, now I understand
what :prefix does; we discussed this previously and nobody knew
(the documentation doesn't say either); :prefix is the beginning of
the variable name that the custom-ize buffer doesn't show you;
therefore, it seems that :prefix should be "ess-" for 'ess-sas;
I think this is what it always was, but now I know this is right;
only tested this on XEmacs 21.4.8 which is nearly bullet-proof;
please test on buggier versions of (x)emacs
2002-07-11 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-search-except, ess-sas-data-view, ess-sas-graph-view:
improvements to all; simplification of the latter -view's
with ess-search-except and other minor changes
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-search-except: I forgot to include the bloody example of it's
use; now see ess-sas-data-view.
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-search-except: I believe it does what we want now. Sorry, to make this
a multi-stage commit, but I can think in SAS, not elisp yet :o)
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-search-except: I had some free time and I decided to
write a function to perform the complex searches
that are necessary for ess-sas-data-view. I suppose a function
like this would be valuable for ess-sas-graph-view and for
other packages as well. After a bit more testing, I'll put
it some place more appropriate. I suppose we don't
have alot of time left before 5.2.0
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-sas-data-view: the code will make your head hurt, but
the search for a permanent SAS data just got a little smarter.
After it finds a tentative candidate in a forward search,
it checks if it is a work./first./last. If so, then it
backward searches. I suppose a better approach would be
to write an ess-search function that takes arguments
for regexp, direction, and exceptions to ignore. I
don't have time right now, but let's add it to the TODO.
2002-07-02 rsparapa <>
* doc/ess.texi:
updated copyright to 2002. Deep thought: does everything
need a person to copyright it? Wouldn't it be better to
have something like: Copyright (C) 2002 ESS Developers?
2002-06-24 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-sas-data-view: Now ignoring WORK datasets since there is no
way to open them anyway. It would be nice if this function (as well as
ess-sas-graph-view) could also be accessable via the mouse.
Any hints as to how to do it would be appreciated. Currently, you have
to move the point manually or re-type the dataset/graph that you want
to view. Just clicking on a dataset/graph would be easier.
2002-06-24 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essdsp6w.el, lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/essd-s3.el, lisp/essd-s4.el, lisp/essd-sp3.el, lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/essd-sp5.el, lisp/essd-sp6.el:
activate imenu for S+modes, using the ess-[SR]-use-imenu variable (in R and S+)
2002-06-20 rsparapa <>
* lisp/ess-emcs.el, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-menu.el, lisp/ess-mode.el, lisp/ess-mous.el, lisp/ess-trns.el, lisp/noweb-mode.el:
all ess-running-xemacs have now been replaced with (featurep 'xemacs)
2002-06-19 rsparapa <>
* lisp/ess-emcs.el:
ess-emcs.el: (featurep 'xemacs) has been implemented
according to Rich's suggestion; however, ess-running-xemacs
is rather pervasive among numerous other ESS lisp files;
I don't have time to go into every file and change them all;
but, this will certainly be the recommended route to take with ESS 6
2002-06-19 rmh <>
* lisp/essdsp6w.el, lisp/ess-emcs.el, lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/ess-site.el:
w32-short-file-name win32-short-file-name
2002-06-19 rsparapa <>
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
2002-06-18 rsparapa <>
* doc/ess.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi:
Unix Installation: massive changes; I really don't understand
points 7 and 8, but I assume the XEmacs parts of 8 will change
once 5.2.0 is an "official" XEmacs package; I suggest similar
changes be made to Microsoft Windows Installation, but I made
none. Enjoy!
2002-06-18 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essd-r.el:
allow prompt "Browse[1]> "
-- i.e. add "[]" to valid prompt chars (but not as first one!)
2002-06-18 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-kermit-get: last bug-fix
; it's about as user-friendly as I can imagine at the moment
2002-06-17 rsparapa <>
* doc/help-sas.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, doc/requires.texi:
doc: minor improvements
* doc/currfeat.texi, doc/newfeat.texi:
doc: a few minor changes in preparation for the 5.2.0 release
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: fixed a newly introduced bug in ess-kermit-get;
synchronized ess-kermit-send with ess-kermit-get; replaced
equal with string-equal (do we need to do this globally?);
I'd like to do a little bit more testing before 5.2.0; I'll
try to get it done tonight
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: changes for more user friendly kermit file transfers;
ess-kermit-prefix default is now # which should be os-independent;
former defaults, : or ], could be problematic and were
based on ange-ftp/efs/tramp (an unnecessary restriction it turns out);
when ess-sas-goto is passed the suffix "log" or "lst" ess-kermit-get
is called if the file starts with ess-kermit-prefix; other extensions
could be dangerous since you might have altered the local copy whereas
.log and .lst files are only being modified by the SAS batch job; as
long as the integrity of the .sas program is maintained .log and .lst
can always be retrieved if an unwanted transfer overwrites them
2002-06-04 rsparapa <>
* lisp/ess-utils.el:
ess-utils: explanatory comment on the recent change in ess-revert-wisely
2002-05-28 rmh <>
* doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
M-x SAS does not work with MS Windows
2002-05-28 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile: made compile the default; also fixed problem with make all
2002-05-27 Martin Maechler <>
5.1.21, not *.20 (is this not yet integrated in *.texi ?)
2002-05-21 rmh <>
* doc/dir, info/dir:
dir file needed in same directory as *.info* files
* doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/, README:
improve documentation for ess-remote
2002-05-20 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile: commented out a stray reference to info in the doc directory
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
2002-05-17 rmh <>
* doc/ess.texi, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
document ess-remote, S+elsewhere, ess-elsewhere
* doc/ess.texi, doc/help-s.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, info/, info/, info/, info/, info/, README:
add reference to ~/.xemacs/init.el as the Xemacs alternate for
the Gnu emacs file .emacs
2002-05-16 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sas-data-view; oops that was not right. now fixed.
dataset names may end in macro variables, but libraries must not
2002-05-14 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sas-data-view will now recognize a permanent SAS
dataset name that ends in a macro variable. You will be
prompted with the portion of the name up to, but not including
the macro variable, since it wouldn't be valid otherwise. You
will need to complete the dataset name. You cannot use a macro
variable for the library since &libname.dataname is macro concatenation.
2002-05-13 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS] doc-strings: updated doc-strings for ess-sas-submit-method
* doc/help-sas.texi:
ESS[SAS] help: ess-sas-submit-method discussed, with respect to
both local and remote SAS batch jobs including Kermit
2002-05-12 rmh <>
* info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
repair trailing garbage by removing [] from node names
* doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/help-s.texi:
@node lines cannot contain [].
I replaced them with () in the node lines and left
them at [] in the section heads and in the body of the text.
2002-05-10 rsparapa <>
* doc/help-sas.texi:
ESS[SAS] help: discussion of ess-sas-submit-command etc.
But, still need to discuss ess-sas-submit-method and kermit too.
2002-05-10 rmh <>
* doc/ess.texi:
Thank you Martin, I was starting do essentially the same thing
to ess.texi. Now I don't have to.
I did one extra step. We had an empty chapter in the dvi that I commented out.
@comment @chapter Help for Statistical Packages
Then I promoted both S and SAS to chapter status.
@chapter Help for the S family
@chapter Help for SAS
There is a fundamental problem in both help-s.texi and help-sas.texi.
Make the ess.dvi and then look at the S and SAS chapters.
Both chapters have a trailing piece of the node-name as the last line
in each section. I tried several ways to make that go away with no
success. Can you figure out what is going on and fix it? Thanks
2002-05-10 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/ess.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi:
comment empty chapter; update nodes and menus (in Emacs) and hand fix
2002-05-10 rmh <>
* lisp/essd-els.el:
gnuclient doesn't work across tcpip (or at least I don't
yet know how), so I removed it from inferior-ess-language-start
for ess-remote.
* lisp/essdsp6w.el, lisp/essl-s.el:
S-Plus 6 help() function uses pager=options()$help.pager
I modified inferior-S-language-start in essl-s.el to always define
options()$help.pager to have the same value as options()$pager.
Only S-Plus 6 uses this new value. The way the statement is constructed,
it does not get used for R and it generates a harmless extra component to
the options() in earlier versions of S-Plus.
2002-05-10 rsparapa <>
* doc/getting.texi, doc/newfeat.texi:
doc: updates for next release
2002-05-10 rmh <>
* lisp/essd-sas.el:
put ess-eval-line-and-step-invisibly on C-c i on sas-mode-local-map
* lisp/essd-els.el:
ess-remote for SAS needs shell-mode
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
ess-eval-line-and-step-invisibly is needed for ess-remote to work with sas
* lisp/essd-els.el:
ess-remote now works for "sas -stdio"
2002-05-09 rsparapa <>
* doc/announc.texi:
ANNOUNCE: missed a reference to @essver{}
2002-05-08 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-trns.el:
clean-region fix for new menu function
2002-05-07 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/Makefile:
better Makefile fixes; add "pdf" target
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/Makefile:
Makefile fixes;* only in ../info
* doc/requires.texi: @footnote properly
* doc/help-s.texi:
some @item s fixed --- do NOT use manual "-" for items!
* doc/requires.texi:
minor typo in footnote
* doc/Makefile: run pdftex twice
2002-05-07 rsparapa <>
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
2002-05-06 rmh <>
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/help-s.texi:
* Makefile: add
2002-05-05 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-kermit-send
incorporated into ess-sas-submit-sh kermit is almost as transparent as
tramp and ange-ftp/EFS just execute ess-sas-submit like any other file
2002-05-05 rmh <>
* lisp/ess-trns.el:
install Thomas Baumann repair to ess-transcript-clean-region
2002-05-04 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sas-submit-sh now works with local copies of kermit transfer files. just need some documentation.
2002-05-03 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-kermit-send now works although I haven't tested
it completely. still need to fix ess-sas-submit-sh
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: updated ess-kermit-get per the latest proposal;
created a variable ess-kermit-prefix which is
customize-able that can be used to specify the files that
are recognized as local kermit copies of remote files.
: is the default and the only other value that is
recommended is ] also, created ess-kermit-remote-directory
which is buffer local and the default is customize-able;
currently $HOME when you run ess-kermit-get you can
reset this variable and ess-kermit-get is now documented
haven't fixed ess-kermit-send, but it should be trivial
also note, that if you have just done an ess-kermit-send
then ess-sas-submit-sh should work as long as we handle the
cd command appropriately, i.e. "cd ."
2002-05-02 rmh <>
* lisp/essd-els.el:
change SAS to SAS-customize-alist
* lisp/essd-els.el:
add &optional proc-name to ess-remote
2002-05-01 rmh <>
* lisp/essd-els.el: ess-remote
First draft of what I consider the right way to do what we
have previously called S+elsewhere and ESS-elsewhere.
Please test this. Start a telnet or other protocol to a remote computer,
start S or R (or maybe something else), M-x ess-remote, and tell it which
dialect. You are now talking to an inferior-ess process.
I added all the *-customize-alist to ess-select-alist-dialect. I added
only sp6 to the dialects we prompt for, but all will be recognized.
Rodney, dialect "sas" points to S+elsewhere-customize-alist rather than
to SAS-customize-alist.
If this works then ess-add-ess-process should be moved from essa-sas.el to
* lisp/essdsp6w.el, lisp/ess-site.el:
tweaks to S+6 for S-Plus 6.1 for Windows beta 1
Delay time is now a user variable ess-S+6-startup-delay.
No delay time for S+6-existing.
We verify the version of S-Plus 6 and hide and make read-only the file we check.
ESS now prompts for the correct directory.
2002-04-29 rmh <>
* lisp/essdsp6w.el:
S-Plus 6.1 beta for Windows works correctly with ESS.
6.0 didn't work correctly.
I modified M-x S+6 to
"Verify that `inferior-S+6-program-name' points to S-Plus 6.
Start normally for S-Plus 6.1. Inform the user to start S-Plus 6.0
from the icon and than connect to it with `S+6-existing'. Give an error
message if `inferior-S+6-program-name' doesn't point to S-Plus 6."
S-Plus 6.1 starts up exceedingly slowly. I changed the delay time in
M-x S+6-initiate to 60 seconds (double what we needed for M-x S+4).
The is the delay needed for my 300MHz machine. I will make this a
variable so the users can customize it for their speed.
2002-04-27 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-trns.el:
..-DO-clean-region; added to Menu; see ChangeLog
* lisp/essd-sp6.el:
ess-setup-directory-fun etc from Jeff Mincy
2002-04-26 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
version number was lost -- bug in perl in Makefile ???
* doc/Makefile: -> ../info
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
new ess-directory-function and ess-history-directory stuff from Jeff Mincy
* lisp/ess-site.el:
wrap file-name-as-directory around ess-lisp-dir... [from Jeff Mincy]
2002-04-25 rossini <>
* lisp/essd-r.el:
we don't want the semantic stuff "live" yet!
* lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/r.bnf, lisp/sas.bnf, lisp/semantic-r.el, lisp/semantic-sas.el:
These files are the start of semantic.el support. Useful for using the CEDET tools (, including ECB. Definitely worth a bit of time, but they get awfully confusing.
2002-04-21 rmh <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
simplify ess-sas-toggle-sas-log-mode for legibility, no change in what it does, see email for details.
2002-04-17 rmh <>
* doc/, doc/Makefile:
we now have
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/help-s.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/Makefile:
I fixed up help-sas, installed help-s, fixed up some style issues, cleaned up
cross references to empty pages.
All occurences of @essver MUST have braces @essver{} or else the remainder
of the source line is treated as a comment.
The doc/Makefile doesn't depend on the *.texi files.
I attempted to change it to
$(ESSINFODIR)/ *.texi
but that doesn't work. So I used
$(ESSINFODIR)/ ess.texi help-sas.texi inst_tar.texi
The @display requires everything to be left justified. Otherwise the
indentations are interpreted as hard spaces.
Why are some lines in @display and others in @example? They look the same.
This is inst_tar.texi, lines 29-36
gunzip ess-@essver{}.tar.gz
tar vxf ess-@essver{}.tar
@end example
(or: @code{gunzip < ess-@essver{}.tar.gz | tar vxf -} ).
(or using GNU tar: @code{tar zvxf ess-@essver{}.tar.gz}).
@end display
I added the control-function keys to help-sas.texi
I fixed the help menu pointers to the empty operating system nodes.
As long as I am doing info, I fixed up help-s.texi and installed it.
It compiles correctly. It still needs to be read carefully to make sure
it is coherent.
I think the various doc/README* files now need to be regenerated
from the appropriate *.texi files.
2002-04-16 rsparapa <>
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/Makefile:
Updating docs for new version
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* doc/readme.texi:
Updating docs for new version
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/ess.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi:
Updating docs for new version
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
doc: added one @display that I forgot earlier
2002-04-16 rmh <>
* doc/help-sas.texi:
make last line less than 80 columns
* doc/help-sas.texi:
typos and introduce filetype-2 earlier
* doc/help-s.texi, doc/readme.texi:
@essver and s-plus 6 references
2002-04-16 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile(xemacs-links): updated to reflect the new location of info files
which makes a very logical connection in this case as well.
* info/, info/, info/, info/, info/
info: need a directory with nothing
else in it for a concise display and this seemed like a logical choice
2002-04-15 rsparapa <>
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, VERSION:
5.1.21: more doc changes for release
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/ess.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/Makefile, doc/readme.texi, lisp/ess-emcs.el, Makefile:
5.1.21: lots of changes for 5.1.21 release
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/getting.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/requires.texi:
doc: many changes addressing Rich's concerns (please see rsparapa
discussion if you are interested). Before 5.1.21 can be released,
we need to figure out how to get texinfo to generate the proper
version number in all documents.
2002-04-12 rsparapa <>
* doc/newfeat.texi, lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: corrected font-locking for in: operator
* doc/announc.texi, doc/help-sas.texi, doc/newfeat.texi:
doc: changes for 5.1.21 release
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/help-sas.texi:
doc: First attempt at creating info documentation for SAS. It is
basically README.SAS with a few additions/corrections. Fine for this
release, but could use alot of work.
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: F12 (graph view) now defined for all locales
2002-04-10 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: estimate and contrast keywords are now highlighted
2002-04-09 rsparapa <>
* doc/announc.texi, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/ess.texi, doc/help-s.texi:
doc: first attempt at creating user manual with texinfo. I thought that I could
just mimic help-s.texi. However, help-s.texi appears to be a basket case.
It has no @menu statements. This made it impossible for me to makeinfo. So,
instead I created help-sas.texi from scratch based on README.SAS. Note that
the @menu commands will cause problems if they contain : so I've been using --.
Also note that makeinfo appears to create working info pages, but texi2dvi
does not create documents correctly. It's a shame since they are very nice,
except for garbage which appears to be mangled next, previous, and up. This will
cause us alot of problems if we want to maintain
one source and produce .info, .html and .pdf (I actually only tried viewing
with xdvi, but I suspect the problem exists with other formats, but I pray not).
2002-04-04 hornik <>
* lisp/essddr.el: Add '\docType'.
2002-03-27 rossini <>
* xemacs/README:
files and build/export for xemacs package
2002-03-22 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el, lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: added font-lock support for legacy COMMENT...; style comments
2002-03-19 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: Somehow managed to have to two functionally identical versions
of ess-sas-file-path; now only one.
2002-03-18 rsparapa <>
* doc/requires.texi:
doc: added "custom" link
2002-03-17 rsparapa <>
* doc/requires.texi:
doc: noted that certain geriatric
versions of emacs are no longer supported
2002-03-12 rmh <>
* lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/ess-inf.el:
make C-c C-q work with R
I checked it on windows with rw1041. Please verify the repair for unix.
I modified ess-quit to treat R as a special case because R asks
the question "Save workspace image? [y/n/c]: ".
I modified inferior-ess-exit-command and added inferior-ess-exit-prompt
2002-03-03 rmh <>
* lisp/ess-iw32.el:
ess-command on windows. fix last week only needed if buf is t.
2002-02-27 rmh <>
* lisp/Makefile:
add mouseme.el to lisp/Makefile
2002-02-27 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: GSASFILE viewing for Emacs 21.1; I figured out how to view
image files in Emacs 21.1. But, apparently it only works for Unix at
the moment. You have to turn on the minor mode auto-image-file-mode.
Then opening a .jpg or .jpeg file will display it in a buffer. It is
supposed to work with .gif files, but it doesn't for me; so I'm only
activating this feature for JPEG.
2002-02-26 rsparapa <>
* lisp/ess-emcs.el:
lisp(ess-emcs.el): added a function to display graphical images
per the XEmacs documentation (for 21.4 and higher)
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: viewing GSASFILEs; XEmacs supports .gif and .jpg natively.
So, on XEmacs, those formats are displayed in an empty buffer. Otherwise,
graphics are handled as before (with an image viewer program).
2002-02-26 rmh <>
* lisp/ess-iw32.el:
The repair of the C-c C-l problem reported by S.McClatchie
<> and Bj”©Ìrn-Helge Mevik <>
required a change to ess-command in ess-iw32.el. I believe the problem
was limited to Windows machines and first appeared in 5.1.19 when I added
ess-command to ess-iw32.el.
The temporary buffer buf was not associated with an ESS process. Now it is.
This is a consequence of how I created a windows version of
ess-command. Part of loading a file is checking whether the new file
would overwrite any old S language objects. This in turn requires
running search() which uses ess-command. The temporary buffer created
to hold the results of the search was not associated with an ESS
process. Therefore when ess-command checks whether it is running
under Windows, it finds instead that it is in the tbuffer which is not
connected with an ESS process so it can't decide and quits. Since the
original buffer that the user was trying to load was correctly
connected to an ESS process, the user is justifiably confused.
The repair is done at the most central point, at the ess-command for
2002-02-25 rsparapa <>
* lisp/Makefile:
lisp Makefile: added ess-mous.el, but have not tested it
2002-02-20 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: added a missing F11 key definition and new functionality
for F12; pressing F12 searches for a GSASFILE definition, otherwise
defaults to SAS program name and opens the image file in an image viewer
application available on that OS (defaults to the CDE sdtimage for Unix
and kodakimg for MS)
2002-02-20 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile: Oops. We don't want tag to depend on rel. For tagging
we have to rely on the user to do the appropriate thing.
2002-02-19 rossini <>
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
edited ess-source-directory doc string to include my favorite setting.
It's amazing what you find when you start looking...
2002-02-19 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile: after make rel goes flawlessly; do a make tag; you might
want to wait a few days just to be sure since the tag must be
unique and we don't want micro number escalation
2002-02-19 rsparapa <>
* doc/currfeat.texi:
Current Features: deleted SPSS
2002-02-13 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile: Removed the JCGS paper from the distributions and fixed some problems.
First of all, zip will update a .zip if it already
exists. I found no way to change this behavior. Also, gzip will prompt you
before overwriting a .gz. So, I just delete the files if they already exist
with a test && rm || true. Also, tar would occasionally give me an error about
symbolic links. So, I did a mv instead of an ln -s.
* doc/
Updating docs for new version
2002-02-07 rsparapa <>
* Makefile:
Makefile: updated for new repository
2002-02-07 rsparapa <>
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/
Updating docs for new version
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: last change before 5.1.20; forgot to add C-TAB to the
globalization for PC keys
* doc/announc.texi, doc/credits.texi, doc/inst_cvs.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/mailing.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/stabilty.texi:
Doc changes for pending ESS-5.1.20 release.
2002-01-31 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: mult-line comments of the /* */ variety are always
fontified correctly because they are handled by grammar rather
than regular expressions. OTOH, * ; and %* ; comments have only
worked in the past on single line comments. This is particularly
annoying in SAS-log-mode since a single-line comment will often
be flowed and not fontified correctly. There is no solution TIKO
for the multiple line problem so I changed the regular expression
to just fontify the first line which will at least allow you to
recognize that a comment is beginning which is better than the
way it was before.
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: improved macro statements syntax highlighting, i.e.
you have more freedom of placement than you do for SAS
statements in general
2002-01-28 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-help.el: doc string
* lisp/ess-utils.el: comment
* doc/newfeat.texi, lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essddr.el:
C-c C-f (finally!)
2002-01-24 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-bug.el:
ESS[BUGS]: working, but no elsewhere yet
2002-01-23 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-bug.el:
ESS[BUGS]: let's schedule elsewhere for the next release
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: should be good to go for the next release; will test tomorrow
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: a uniform interface for batch elsewhere may be a bit too ambitious at this time
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: a few adjustments
* lisp/essa-sas.el, lisp/ess-batch.el, lisp/essl-bug.el:
ESS-elsewhere: moving towards a common codebase for batch ESS-elsewhere
2002-01-21 rmh <>
* lisp/essdsp6w.el:
change *ddeclient ESS* to '(ddeESS [S+6])'
* lisp/essd-sp4.el:
1. change strings from *ddeclient ESS* to '(ddeESS [S+4])'
2. There is a weird error in this version that I don't understand.
The environment variable PATH gets the value of MANPATH.
I cannot figure out why. It is MANPATH for me on two machines so far,
I don't know if that is related to my personal list of environment
variables or something else. The fix I installed here works
on my machine, I hope it works on others. I did attempt a generalization,
but that didn't work for me.
* lisp/ess-site.el: change default to
(fset 'S 'S+6)
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
remove commented out .in.ESS.
This was replaced with options()$STERM yesterday.
2002-01-20 rmh <>
* doc/, doc/, doc/
matches ess.texi from a few minutes ago.
* doc/, doc/ess.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, lisp/ess-site.el:
1. In ess-site.el section 2.1 I made two changes.
For the item a I want an opinion.
a. I changed the default in this section from S-Plus 4,5,3
to S-Plus 6 for all three of those operating systems?
Is there still a need to distinguish linux from other unixen?
b. I added (fset 'Sqpe 'Sqpe+6) for Windows
2. I edited inst_tar.texi to match.
3. While in inst_tar.texi I added to the SAS discussion and
fixed up the installation section to xref the Unix and MS sections
to each other.
4. The current ess.texi and have only the
unix information. I deleted the whole installation section
from ess.texi and replaced it with @include inst_cvs.texi
5. Tony, please fix up inst_cvs.texi once the anonymous cvs server in
washington is working.
6. Rodney, please put Macintosh instructions into inst_cvs.texi.
7. I promised Terry Therneau that I would comment on indentation and
fancy comments in the *info*. I did so in ess.texi. While there I
added Rodney to the author list.
8. I added the STERM discussion to ess.texi.
9. I started to add the pager and editor discussion to ess.texi
and realized that I can't until the "@node Edit buffer" section is
completely rewritten. I may do this, but not tonight.
This entire section describes the behavior pattern that we do not
encourage. It describes the "S objects are real" philosophy deprecated
in the README.S file.
The revision can leave that in, but must have a section based on
the "Source code is real" philosophy.
* lisp/ess-cust.el, lisp/essd-els.el, lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/essd-s3.el, lisp/essd-s4.el, lisp/essd-sp3.el, lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/essd-sp5.el, lisp/essd-sp6.el, lisp/essdsp6w.el:
I installed options("STERM") in the rest of the S language essd*.el files.
I documented it in ess.texi and in newfeat.texi.
STERM has the value "iESS" for all except S+4 and S+6 for Windows.
In those two situations it has value "ddeESS". Suggestions for non-ESS
values are in the ess.texi.
I also installed options("editor") and options("pager").
Default definitions are in ess-cust.el
Windows Unix Macintosh
R-pager nil nil nil
R-editor gnuclient emacsclient nil
S-pager gnuclientw emacsclient nil
S-editor gnuclient emacsclient nil
When the ESS value is nil, then nothing gets sent to the S language process.
ess-cust defcustomed all new variables
essd-r revised from last week
a. R-editor and R-pager
b. defun R-transcript and fset r-transcript
c. moved R-mode to follow R
essd-s3 a. I changed two
(setq-default ess-customize-alist S3-customize-alist)
to use setq.
b. moved S3-mode to follow S3
essd-els I made it match, but it needs rethinking.
The right plan is something along the lines of
a. telnet to the remote,
b. start remote ess process,
c. `ess-add-ess-process'
2002-01-18 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: automated ess-sas-suffix-regexp and commented out ess-sas-smart-backtab
2002-01-17 rmh <>
* lisp/tmpfile:
I got a newer version of cygwin.
Now PCL-CVS works from the office. I will check from
home later.
* lisp/tmpfile: test commit with PCL-CVS
2002-01-16 rmh <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el, lisp/ess-mous.el:
Tony, what is
`ordinary-insertion-filter' in `essl-sta.el'.
doing in the middle of `ess-command' in ess-inf.el?
Rodney, please look at the
cvs log ess-mous.el
There are several questions and comments about ess-processes
in the Jan 14 log that overlap what you are doing in essa-sas.el
I finally understand why we have been having trouble communicating
about S+elsewhere. `ess-add-ess-process' is a much simpler functional
equivalent to the kludge in `S+elsewhere' and `ESS-elsewhere'.
I revised the doc-string to make it more accurate and also simplified
the function while I was there.
I got rid of the end-of-line-problem I was having.
2002-01-16 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: fixed bug in PROC syntax highlighting; updated doc-string for sas-program
2002-01-16 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-menu.el:
improved imenu-expression from Stephen E
2002-01-16 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-bug.el:
ess-revert definition removed, call to ess-revert replaced by ess-revert-wisely
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
SAS on Mac now accepts ess-sas-submit-command-options like the others
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
sas-program defaults to sas except on Mac where it is the AppleScript equivalent
* lisp/ess-utils.el:
added ess-revert-wisely
2002-01-15 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: tweak to local variable recognition in ess-sas-submit
2002-01-15 rmh <>
* lisp/essl-sas.el: force SAS-listing-mode
* lisp/essl-sas.el: force minor-mode
* lisp/essa-sas.el, lisp/essl-sas.el:
The ess-sas-toggle-log-sas-mode I posted yesterday didn't quite work.
It go hung because the log and LOG options stepped on each other's
toes. So I put it all into a single if statement, renamed it to
ess-sas-toggle-sas-log-mode, made it refer to SAS-log-mode, and
redefined SAS-log-mode to agree with current usage.
2002-01-15 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essl-s.el:
add-log (Changelog)
2002-01-15 rmh <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
I finally read the latest essa-sas.el
1. I found ess-sas-toggle-sas-mode several months ago and started to use it.
I like it. Now that I have read it closely I revised it and renamed it.
;;; this version of ess-sas-toggle-log-sas-mode
;;; 1. can be included in .emacs as
;;; (ess-sas-toggle-log-sas-mode t)
;;; because it doesn't need to find a .log file.
;;; 2. works if there is already an association for .log files.
;;; 3. restores the old association when SAS-mode is deleted.
;;; 4. works with the file it has, doesn't kill it and get a fresh copy.
;;; This matters for large log files and slow telephone connections.
;;; 5. I changed its name to be more descriptive.
2. How is kermit used by ESS?
I see definititions for ess-kermit-command ess-kermit-get ess-kermit-send,
but do not see any places they are used.
I think these three items should be separated into a new ess-kermit.el
rather than buried in essa-sas.el. Are they restricted to ess in any way?
Might they be better as a new kermit.el?
3. You hardwired the `txt' extension into ess-sas-file-path. That should
be sensitive to the value of ess-sas-suffix-1 and ess-sas-suffix-2.
4. ess-sas-submit-mac is the only ess-sas-submit* that does not have
ess-sas-submit-command-options. I don't understand
ess-sas-submit-command-options. Why is it buffer-local? I think it
should depend on the host and the version of sas, not on the command file. Am I misunderstanding what is going on?
5. ess-revert-wisely in essa-sas.el and ess-revert in essl-bug.el are identical.
This suggests that the ess-revert name should be used and moved to ess-utils.el
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-mode.el, lisp/ess-mous.el, lisp/ess-trns.el:
ess-mous is ready for testing.
ess-mous.el: put ess-mous on submenu of C-mouse-3 for
ess-transript-mode, inferior-ess-mode, ess-mode
This feature is still beta.
ess-ddeclient-p. now depends on ess-local-process-name
get-ess-process. I changed error message to say buffer is not
associated with an ESS process (instead of
saying that no ESS process is running)
inferior-ess-mode-menu. Added "What is this? (beta)"
ess-transcript-mode-menu. Added "What is this? (beta)"
ess-mode-menu. Added "What is this? (beta)"
ChangeLog: ess-mous changes.
I tested it on windows for R, S+4, and Sqpe+4.
I am having line-ending problems with Sqpe+4 but otherwise it looks ok.
Please look at it.
I found a problem which I am unsure how to solve. The variable
`ess-current-process-name' in the `*R*' buffer can have the value
"S+4". All I have to do is open an S+4 process and an R process, then
C-c C-s the file.s buffer to S+4 and then switch to the R process.
I think, but am willing to hear arguments against it, that anytime an
inferior-ess-mode buffer is made current, then it should automatically
reset `ess-current-process-name' to refer to itself. I'm not sure how
to do that. This is explicitly not a buffer-local variable. Is there
a hook that gets called when we change into a buffer, either by C-x b
or by clicking?
2002-01-14 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: if Local Variables are defined, a revert is necessary to update them if changed; anybody know a better way?
2002-01-14 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: some minor changes/corrections to customize variables
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: ess-sas-submit-command and ess-sas-submit-command-options are buffer-local with appropriate adjustments in the ess-sas-submit- methods
2002-01-11 rmh <>
* lisp/essd-r.el:
STERM only. Keep S-pager S-editor variables, but initialized to nil
2002-01-11 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ess-revert-wisely: vc-revert-buffer acting strangely in Emacs 21.1; commented out until workaround is found
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: ess-kermit-get works and it is no longer ESS[SAS] specific other than the location of the defun
2002-01-11 rmh <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/ess-inf.el:
STERM pager editor
2002-01-10 rmh <>
* doc/newfeat.texi: add mouse-me
2002-01-10 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: ess-sas-submit really, really works now with ess-kermit-send
2002-01-10 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-help.el:
ess-help-bogous-..buffer fix
2002-01-10 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: kermit transfer really works with ssh, but not telnet; YMMV
2002-01-10 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: ok, nearly working; more debugging of ess-kermit-get and ess-kermit-send
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: first working version that uses kermit as the transfer protocol
2002-01-09 rmh <>
* lisp/essdsp6w.el:
changed a stray sp4 to sp6
2002-01-09 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: debugging kermit method
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: re-defined ess-sas-submit-method to make it more useful; also re-defuned ess-sas-data-view
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: first attempt to get it to work with kermit when tramp is unavailable
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: removed some debugging
2002-01-09 rmh <>
* lisp/ess-mous.el: ess-mous keys
* lisp/ess-cust.el, lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/essdsp6w.el, lisp/ess-site.el:
splus6 for windows bug and embedded blanks in splus[46]
2002-01-08 rsparapa <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: put (save-match-data) around searches in ess-sas-goto and ess-sas-data-view
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: tweaked dependencies of
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: changed dependencies from w32-dos-shell-semantics to ess-sas-submit-method; a convenient way to set ess-sas-submit-pre-command and ess-sas-submit-post-command; now using ess-microsoft-p rather than system-type as well
2002-01-08 rossini <>
* ChangeLog:
moved repository, checking CVS commit stuff.
2002-01-08 ess <>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS-elsewhere: adjusted ess-sas-submit-method, ess-sas-data-view-options, ess-sas-submit-post-command, ess-sas-submit-pre-command
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: changed doc-string of sas-pre-run-hook
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: changed doc-string of sas-program
* lisp/essl-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: reverted default of sas-program to sas
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: changed doc-string for ess-sas-tab-stop-alist
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: changed doc-strings for ess-sas-goto and ess-sas-file
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: 1 fix to ess-sas-file-goto; ESS-elsewhere for SAS batch is fully functional!; at least for me; YMMV
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
ESS[SAS]: 1 fix to ess-sas-file-path
2002-01-08 A.J. Rossini <>
* moved repository to U Washington.
2001-08-10 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.19 released.
2000-10-17 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.18 released.
2000-10-17 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/, doc/, doc/, doc/
upgrade to 5.1.18 and rebuild doc
* doc/readme.texi, doc/announc.texi:
upgrade to 5.1.18
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, lisp/ess-cust.el:
upgraded to 5.1.18
2000-10-11 maechler <maechler@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essl-s.el, doc/newfeat.texi:
2000-10-10 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
fixed documentation for XLispStat under windows.
* doc/authors.texi:
fixed Rodney's homepage pointer.
* VERSION: upgrade version to 5.1.18
* doc/
Updating docs for new version [make dist]
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version [make dist]
* lisp/ChangeLog:
small changes. This log is incomplete.
* ChangeLog: updated change log.
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/, doc/
Misc changes
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
@enumerate can't have a @bullet.
* doc/newfeat.texi:
added 5.1.17 new features
* doc/announc.texi: update for 5.1.17
Merged Rich's comments/changes.
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
added Rich H's README changes.
* doc/mailing.texi:
itemize the "flat text list".
* doc/readme.texi: Small changes.
* doc/authors.texi:
added Rodney to authors list.
* doc/stabilty.texi:
comment re: some versions better than others.
2000-10-10 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.17 released.
2000-10-10 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.17 released.
2000-10-10 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.17 released.
2000-10-10 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.17 released.
2000-10-10 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/, doc/
Misc changes
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
@enumerate can't have a @bullet.
* doc/newfeat.texi:
added 5.1.17 new features
* doc/announc.texi: update for 5.1.17
Merged Rich's comments/changes.
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
added Rich H's README changes.
* doc/mailing.texi:
itemize the "flat text list".
* doc/readme.texi: Small changes.
* doc/authors.texi:
added Rodney to authors list.
* doc/stabilty.texi:
comment re: some versions better than others.
2000-10-09 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el:
Merged with changes in another location.
2000-10-09 maechler <maechler@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essl-s.el:
new (ess-fix-miscellaneous) & (ess-toggle-underscore)
2000-10-08 A.J. Rossini <>
autoconf precursor to Makefile
2000-10-07 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el:
ess-vars is obsoleted.
2000-10-06 maechler <maechler@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/essl-s.el: 2 comments
2000-10-04 maechler <maechler@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-cust.el, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-mode.el, lisp/ess-vars.el, lisp/essl-s.el:
ess-S-assign and redefine "_" in ..MM-keys
2000-09-14 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
ess-proc-name: need to ensure ALL concat args are strings (or at
least, are not numbers). Thanks to WDMcCoy for reporting this.
2000-09-10 A.J. Rossini <>
* DEBIAN/control, DEBIAN/md5sums, DEBIAN/postinst, DEBIAN/prerm:
Copied from ESS 5.1.13 debian package
* LDA/ex1.nw: Newer example
* LDA/README: Initial Documentation
2000-09-05 ess <ess@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/essa-sas.el:
A few enhancements (ess-sleep-for/re-defining ess-sas-submit-command: see
documentation) and bug-fixes for Win 95/NT.
2000-09-05 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-site.el:
rearranged for coherency.
* lisp/ess-menu.el: added C example.
* lisp/ess-menu.el:
1st pass at S and XLS menus. Not integrated yet
2000-09-04 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/essd-sp3.el:
Changes suggested by Ed Kademan
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
cleaning up docs and reunderstanding inferior-ess/ess-multi
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
comment on R handling for exit.
2000-09-03 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
cleaning and correcting comments. Some ancient comments removed.
* lisp/ess-comp.el:
removed extraneous comments
* lisp/ess-comp.el:
now, the byte-compile fun is really removed.
ess-message now has doc-string in "right" place.
* lisp/ess-comp.el:
cleaned up code. Removed extraneous comments, and the byte-compiler
* lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-comp.el, lisp/ess-cust.el, lisp/ess-dump.el, lisp/ess-font-lock.el, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el, lisp/ess.el:
refactoring code for cleaning, in process of debugging
* lisp/19.29/README:
backwards compatibility.
merged with W3, added languages. Need to set languages.
* aclocal.m4: new version from 4.0pre.46
somewhat complete. Needs redundant work later.
Starting to do autoconf. Looking at W3 and R for examples.
2000-08-27 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-site.el:
Documentation and cleaning.
2000-08-17 maechler <maechler@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essd-r.el:
no spurious windows warning anymore
2000-08-09 maechler <maechler@rossini.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-help.el:
help: inherit syntax-table ==> "h" in help : "default prompt"!
2000-07-13 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/newfeat.texi: set up for 5.1.15--17
* VERSION: upgraded version.
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version [make dist]
* doc/ slightly new doc
* lisp/ess-comp.el, lisp/ess-site.el:
documentation and code cleanup
* lisp/19.29/README: backwards compat doc
2000-07-13 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.16 released.
2000-06-30 ESS Maintainers <>
* Version 5.1.14 released.
2000-06-30 A.J. Rossini <>
* ChangeLog, VERSION, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/essd-arc.el, lisp/essd-vst.el:
XLS fixes not quite right. No startfile if non existant
* doc/
Updating docs for new version [make dist]
* Makefile: wrong doc/docs.
* Makefile: doc or docs?
Updating README, ANNOUNCE for new version [make dist]
* lisp/essa-sas.el, lisp/essd-els.el, lisp/essl-sas.el, lisp/essnt204.el:
RMH/RS changes for SAS, ESS-elsewhere, NT Emacs 20.4
* lisp/ess-site.el:
merged RMH/RS's changes for SAS.
* VERSION: upgrade version
* doc/README.Microsoft:
not ready to generate this on the fly, yet.
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/announc.texi, doc/, doc/, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, doc/readme.texi:
docs updated to 5.1.14, cleaned up.
* doc/newfeat.texi: added 5.1.14 stuff.
* lisp/ess-cust.el:
added ViSta/ARC support
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
added flags/checks for XLS systems. Might help for others
* lisp/essd-arc.el:
first version of ARC mode
* lisp/Makefile:
added essd-arc.el to targets.
* lisp/ess-site.el: documentation.
ViSta and ARC added.
* lisp/essd-vst.el:
now it actually might work.
* lisp/ess-vars.el: added Arc, Vista.
cleaned up code.
a bit of documentation.
2000-06-30 maechler <maechler@alpha>
* etc/ess-s4.S, etc/ess-sp3.S:
1999-11-22 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* VERSION, lisp/ess-vars.el: Updated to 5.1.11
1999-11-17 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* lisp/essddr.el:
'bold isn't defined in XEmacs. Using reference-face instead of Rd-bold-face.
1999-11-16 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* Makefile, etc/replace-version-numbers, lisp/ess-vars.el:
Fixed small version update errors
* ANNOUNCE, Makefile, README, doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/announc.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-help.el, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/essd-els.el, lisp/make-regexp.el, lisp/noweb-mode.el:
updated version numbers
* doc/newfeat.texi: cleaned up NTEmacs requirements.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: added local variables for editing and indexing.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: added Brendan's suggested function.
* doc/inst_tar.texi:
added change to doc, that "make" is done by "make install"
* doc/ESS_intro.tex: Martin suggested a small fix.
* doc/ESS_intro.tex: Another bit of documentation
* doc/announc.texi: shortened header -- this is for announc, after all!
* doc/announc.texi:
moved license to the end, New Features to the beginning.
* doc/newfeat.texi: added new features for 5.1.11.
comment at the beginning about new reading material.
added David Brahm's HELP INSTRUCTIONS for the license manager.
* lisp/essl-sta.el:
added make-regexp to ESS, and finished integrating Brendan's code.
Need to test it now!
* lisp/make-regexp.el: needed for Stata-mode extensions
* lisp/essl-sta.el: added Brendan Halpin's corrections.
* lisp/ess-inf.el: concat needs number-to-string conversion.
* lisp/essd-omg.el: Omegahat fixes (for commandline flags)
1999-11-11 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* lisp/noweb-mode.el:
C-c C-n shouldn't be TeX-normalmode, since it is too close to
submit-line with ESS! (overwrite).
* lisp/essd-omg.el: Use prefix for setting Omegahat arguments.
1999-11-10 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog: fixed up to now.
* lisp/essl-omg.el: S- becomes OMG-
Comments redone (to use //, ///, and //// for levels of indentation)
OMG-syntax started, variable defined, needs to be fixed.
* lisp/essd-omg.el:
further Omegahat dialect changes (use OMG syntax, which needs fixing!)
1999-11-05 maechler <maechler@aleph.YP.biostat>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess.el, lisp/noweb-mode.el:
functionp definition if necessary
* lisp/noweb-mode.el: functionp for emacs-19.34
1999-11-04 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* lisp/essd-els.el: fixed paren error.
* ANNOUNCE, Makefile, README, VERSION, doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/announc.texi, doc/ess.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, etc/replace-version-numbers, lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el, lisp/essd-sas.el:
Changed version numbers
* ChangeLog: 5.1.10 released.
* doc/newfeat.texi: added 5.1.10 stuff.
1999-11-03 ess <ess@aleph.YP.biostat>
* doc/README.elsewhere, lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el, lisp/essd-sp5.el:
Changes for ESS-elsewhere.
* lisp/essd-els.el: added a generic ESS-elsewhere function.
1999-11-03 Anthony Rossini <>
* fixed Stata again, added ESS-elsewhere.
* Release 5.1.10
Tue Sep 14 17:00:19 1999 A.J. Rossini <>
* Release 5.1.9
* added stata mode fixes, noweb/literate data analysis fixes.
1999-09-01 Martin Maechler <>
* Finally upgraded version number to 5.1.9 (for pre-release)
after fixing etc/replace-version-numbers
1999-07-23 Martin Maechler <>
* Release 5.1.8
1999-04-05 A.J. Rossini <>
* Makefile, doc/Makefile, doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el:
text from 5.1.7 to 5.1.8
* lisp/ : -->>> lisp/ChangeLog <<<<<
* ANNOUNCE, README, doc/ajr-talk.tex, doc/ess.texi, lisp/ChangeLog:
doc updates
* ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/announc.texi, Makefile, doc/Makefile, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el:
5.1.6 to 5.1.7 changes for possible release
* ChangeLog: more stuff.
1999-04-05 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/announc.texi, Makefile, doc/Makefile, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el:
5.1.6 to 5.1.7 changes for possible release
* ChangeLog: more stuff.
Fri Apr 2 10:10:35 1999 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/getting.texi: fixed links.
Wed Mar 31 14:08:39 1999 A.J. Rossini <>
* Makefile (ESSVERSION): updated
* Makefile (ESSVERSIONMSDOS): updated
* Makefile (ESSVERSIONTAG): new variable, use it.
* Makefile (dist): fixed to export both zip and gzip files.
1999-03-17 A.J. Rossini <>
* ANNOUNCE, README, doc/Makefile, doc/README.SPLUS4WIN, doc/announc.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi:
version number update
* lisp/essd-r.el, Makefile, doc/README.Microsoft, doc/README.SPLUS4COMMAND, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el:
RMH's changes
1999-03-17 maechler <maechler@alpha>
* doc/README: README explaining a bit about ./doc/ directory
1999-03-16 A.J. Rossini <>
* Makefile: *** empty log message ***
* Makefile: for dist target, use export, not co.
* lisp/essd-r32-sh-dos.el, lisp/essd-sp4com.el:
MS Dos stuff for R, S+4.x
* ChangeLog, Makefile, doc/announc.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi, lisp/ChangeLog:
Prep for 5.1.4
* lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/ess-iw32.el: RMH changes.
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN: added RMH's mods.
* lisp/ess-site.el: Merged RMH's work.
* lisp/ess-vars.el: incremented.
* lisp/ess-inf.el: RMH's changes.
1999-03-16 maechler <maechler@alpha>
* lisp/ChangeLog: mini change "foobar.Sout-45"
* lisp/ess-site.el:
auto-mode-alist: "foobar.Sout-4.5" also turns on S-transcript-mode
1999-03-16 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/ess-iw32.el: RMH changes.
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN: added RMH's mods.
* lisp/ess-site.el: Merged RMH's work.
* lisp/ess-vars.el: incremented.
* lisp/ess-inf.el: RMH's changes.
1999-03-16 maechler <maechler@alpha>
* lisp/ChangeLog: mini change "foobar.Sout-45"
* lisp/ess-site.el:
auto-mode-alist: "foobar.Sout-4.5" also turns on S-transcript-mode
1999-03-15 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el:
RMH - 15Mar1999. Added inferior-S+4-editor-pager-command.
* lisp/essd-r32.el: 15Mar1999 version.
* lisp/essd-r.el:
added `R-microsoft', which is the "right-thing" to do under Microsoft
Windows 32-bit platforms. Need to merge this with `R'.
1999-03-09 maechler <maechler@alpha>
* lisp/ess-help.el: add `inferior-ess-help-command' to doc string
1999-03-08 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el: add stata to deal with input properly.
1999-03-05 A.J. Rossini <>
* ANNOUNCE, ChangeLog, Makefile, README: top level stuff, sigh!
* doc/announc.texi, doc/authors.texi, doc/bugs.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/requires.texi:
Cleaned up text.
* doc/requires.texi: cleaned/formatted up requirements
* doc/currfeat.texi: pretty-printing.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: new command for help: turn off more, and continue.
* lisp/ess-help.el:
stata hates ess-nuke-help-bs, since it (stata) is clean.
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
fixed command sender for stata. more like R than like XLS.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: more help file corrections.
* lisp/ess-inf.el: STA same as XLS/SAS.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: ess-*-lastvalue-command needed to be fixed!
* lisp/essl-sta.el: stat help regex is evil
* lisp/essl-sta.el: whitespace cleanup.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: double var defs. whoops!
* lisp/essl-sta.el (ess-help-STA-sec-regex):
fixed section header grabbing.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: need to manually turn off paging, I think...
* lisp/essl-sta.el: help section regex not quite right.
* lisp/ess-help.el: Stata is like XLS and SAS wrt help.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: fixed help facility.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: added help section regexs
* lisp/essd-sta.el: make descirption "same as" objects.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: secondary prompt identical to primary prompt.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: redid help so that no paging is present.
* doc/ess.texi: cleared up the bug report section.
* doc/bugrept.texi: combined multiple sources (ess.texi and README).
* doc/credits.texi:
moved content from ess.texi here, for piecemeal editing and reuse.
* doc/ess.texi:
added placeholders for README.OS files and README.StatPackage files,
to be migrated here.
* doc/announc.texi, doc/authors.texi, doc/bugrept.texi, doc/currfeat.texi, doc/getting.texi, doc/inst_cvs.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/license.texi, doc/mailing.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi, doc/stabilty.texi:
Migrating all documentation into texinfo format, including ../README and ../ANNOUNCE
* doc/ess.texi: removed README, cleaning out duplicate texinfo code.
* doc/ess.texi:
moved README text into sub-texinfo files. (to be called by
readme.texi and announc.texi for documentation construction).
1999-03-05 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/announc.texi, doc/authors.texi, doc/bugs.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/requires.texi:
Cleaned up text.
* doc/requires.texi: cleaned/formatted up requirements
* doc/currfeat.texi: pretty-printing.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: new command for help: turn off more, and continue.
* lisp/ess-help.el:
stata hates ess-nuke-help-bs, since it (stata) is clean.
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
fixed command sender for stata. more like R than like XLS.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: more help file corrections.
* lisp/ess-inf.el: STA same as XLS/SAS.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: ess-*-lastvalue-command needed to be fixed!
* lisp/essl-sta.el: stat help regex is evil
* lisp/essl-sta.el: whitespace cleanup.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: double var defs. whoops!
* lisp/essl-sta.el (ess-help-STA-sec-regex):
fixed section header grabbing.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: need to manually turn off paging, I think...
* lisp/essl-sta.el: help section regex not quite right.
* lisp/ess-help.el: Stata is like XLS and SAS wrt help.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: fixed help facility.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: added help section regexs
* lisp/essd-sta.el: make descirption "same as" objects.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: secondary prompt identical to primary prompt.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: redid help so that no paging is present.
* doc/ess.texi: cleared up the bug report section.
* doc/bugrept.texi: combined multiple sources (ess.texi and README).
* doc/credits.texi:
moved content from ess.texi here, for piecemeal editing and reuse.
* doc/ess.texi:
added placeholders for README.OS files and README.StatPackage files,
to be migrated here.
* doc/announc.texi, doc/authors.texi, doc/bugrept.texi, doc/currfeat.texi, doc/getting.texi, doc/inst_cvs.texi, doc/inst_tar.texi, doc/license.texi, doc/mailing.texi, doc/newfeat.texi, doc/readme.texi, doc/requires.texi, doc/stabilty.texi:
Migrating all documentation into texinfo format, including ../README and ../ANNOUNCE
* doc/ess.texi: removed README, cleaning out duplicate texinfo code.
* doc/ess.texi:
moved README text into sub-texinfo files. (to be called by
readme.texi and announc.texi for documentation construction).
1999-03-04 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/essd-sta.el: let stata have command line options just like R.
* lisp/essd-sta.el:
by default, provide login screen just like splus/r do.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: fixed help.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: added stata's prompt
* lisp/ess-vars.el: added inferior stata program variable.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: speling error, nil -> 'nil.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: reversed variable alist ordering.
* lisp/essd-sta.el:
commented out ESS-help for Stata, for compiling, initial testing.
* lisp/essl-sta.el: added STA-syntax-table, but it's wrong (for Splus).
* lisp/essl-sta.el: moved STA-editing-alist to beginning.
* lisp/essl-sta.el:
added an STA-editing-alist variable, BUT it looks like Splus, :-(.
Needs to be edited a bit!
* doc/ess.texi:
included README in texinfo file. Now, need to extract README from it.
* lisp/essd-s_2b4.el: RMH's patches, Mar 3 1999
* lisp/essd-sp4.el: updated using RMH's patches.
1999-03-03 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: updated lisp directory changelog.
* ChangeLog: updated changelog file.
* lisp/Makefile: updated version information
converted s+3 to sp3.
* lisp/ess-vars.el: updated version information.
* doc/README.Microsoft: Added ess-bugs.cmts to this file.
* lisp/ess-iw32-load-file.el, lisp/essd-s+3.el, lisp/essd-s+4.el, lisp/essd-s+5.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos-existing.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos.el:
Tidied up ess-iw32*.el files.
* lisp/ess-iw32.el: copied all changes from ess-iw32-load-file.el here.
* lisp/ess-iw32-load-file.el: fixed.
* doc/README.Microsoft: Combination of 2 of RMH's text/help files.
* lisp/essd-s_2b4.el:
essd-s_2b4-msdos*.el were not needed. Contents moved into base file.
Changed history of Splus 4.5 stuff; added new information for using
Splus 4.5 and R under Windows NT.
* doc/TODO: moved from mailbox to TODO list.
* lisp/ess-iw32-load-file.el, lisp/ess-iw32.el, lisp/essd-r32.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos-existing.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4.el, lisp/msdos.el:
RMH's changes, up to March 2nd
1999-03-03 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/Makefile: updated version information
converted s+3 to sp3.
* lisp/ess-vars.el: updated version information.
* doc/README.Microsoft: Added ess-bugs.cmts to this file.
* lisp/ess-iw32-load-file.el, lisp/essd-s+3.el, lisp/essd-s+4.el, lisp/essd-s+5.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos-existing.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos.el:
Tidied up ess-iw32*.el files.
* lisp/ess-iw32.el: copied all changes from ess-iw32-load-file.el here.
* lisp/ess-iw32-load-file.el: fixed.
* doc/README.Microsoft: Combination of 2 of RMH's text/help files.
* lisp/essd-s_2b4.el:
essd-s_2b4-msdos*.el were not needed. Contents moved into base file.
Changed history of Splus 4.5 stuff; added new information for using
Splus 4.5 and R under Windows NT.
* doc/TODO: moved from mailbox to TODO list.
* lisp/ess-iw32-load-file.el, lisp/ess-iw32.el, lisp/essd-r32.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos-existing.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4-msdos.el, lisp/essd-s_2b4.el, lisp/msdos.el:
RMH's changes, up to March 2nd
1999-02-24 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-iw32.el: temp val left in distribution. whoops (RMH).
1999-02-22 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/essd-els.el, lisp/essd-s3.el, lisp/essd-s4.el, lisp/essd-sta.el, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/essd-sp4.el, lisp/essd-sp5.el, lisp/essd-sp3.el:
Removed s+# to sp# for S-PLUS commands
1999-02-12 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/Makefile: emacs, not "19.34"
1999-02-11 Martin Maechler <>
* doc/README.SPLUS4WIN: added pointer to NTEmacs.
corrected documentation for R, added pointer to NTEmacs
1999-02-10 Martin Maechler <>
* etc/other/Tags/Lubinsky-S-tags/desc: reformated material.
* README: set up for 5.1.2 release
* Makefile: Set up for 5.1.2 release
* ANNOUNCE: set up for 5.1.2 release
* doc/rmh-essi121098-msw32.tex: rmh-essi121098-msw32.tex is obsolete.
* lisp/essd-sas.el: added RMH's new fixes for the 5.1.2 version.
* doc/README.S: RMH's documentation additions for Splus 4.5
* doc/README.SAS: RMH's doc additions for 5.1.2
Includes RMH's changes for Splus 4.5 documentation
* etc/other/Tags/README: cleaned text.
* ANNOUNCE, README: updating for 5.1.2
1999-02-02 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el: (last commit was with unsaved file)
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-inf.el:
fix regex for "help(..);" also work for "?" with R-input-sender
1999-01-13 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/Makefile: added ess-debug essd-s+4 ess-iw32
* lisp/ess-iw32.el:
RMH`s workaround for ess-inf.el ess-setq-values-default (instead of ..-local)
1999-01-12 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el: still "-default", not "local"
* lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess.el: more dribble output
* lisp/ess.el: add dribble-info about comint-process-echoes
1999-01-11 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-site.el: minor comments only
* lisp/essd-sq4.el: removed [RMH]
* lisp/ess-site.el: RMH changes (Dec 28)
* lisp/ess-trns.el: RMH added some ess-inf..-prompt..
* lisp/ess-vars.el: RMH added S+4 & dde (& removed some "ess-external")
* lisp/essd-els.el: RMH added S+elsewhere-mode
* lisp/ess-iw32.el, lisp/essd-s+4.el: new from Rich Dec 28
* lisp/ess-inf.el: 2 lines for S+4
1999-01-04 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essddr.el: R CMD Rd2txt
1998-12-18 A.J. Rossini <>
Updating Announce/Readme. Need to merge announce to readme, and just subset out the relevant section for Announce.
1998-12-17 Kurt Hornik <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el: Match R `require(' in ess-change-sp-regexp.
* lisp/Makefile: Add `essd-els.el' to SOURCES.
1998-12-16 Martin Maechler <>
* ChangeLog: ess.texi
* doc/ess.texi: 5.0 -> 5.1.x
* doc/ess.texi: MM: (CVS) Date also for info
* doc/ess.texi: MM: (CVS) Date added
* doc/ess.texi: added '$Date: 2004/07/08 15:03:06 $'; 5.0 -> 5.1.x
Mon Dec 14 20:23:55 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* README: added 5.1.x comments, updated to current state of affairs.
* etc/other/Tags/README: stuff for emacs text mode for editing.
* etc/other/Tags/README: Information on tagging for Emacs/VI and ESS.
* etc/other/Tags/Lubinsky-S-tags/README, etc/other/Tags/Lubinsky-S-tags/desc, etc/other/Tags/Lubinsky-S-tags/etags.c:
Modifications to gnu tag programs for S
* lisp/ess-mode.el: fixed copyright and header information
* lisp/ess-site.el: commented out SHOME definition.
Fri Dec 11 19:51:18 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el: fixed copyright, rossini's email address.
* lisp/ess-iw32.el: fixed rossini's email address, headers, copyright.
* lisp/essd-els.el, lisp/essd-s+4.el: fixed rossini's email address.
* lisp/essd-sq4.el: fixed copyright and header attributions.
* lisp/essd-els.el: fixed header files and copyright.
* lisp/essd-s+4.el: added changes to copyright and header docs.
* etc/other/S-spread/gradexmp.s, etc/other/S-spread/sprd-emc.s, etc/other/S-spread/sprd-grd.s, etc/other/S-spread/sprd-int.el, etc/other/S-spread/sprd-spr.s, etc/other/S-spread/sprd-txt.s, etc/other/S-spread/, etc/other/S-spread/README, etc/other/S-spread/S-spread.el, etc/other/S-spread/
RMH's S-spread, Oct 1997 version
* doc/rmh-essi121098-msw32.tex:
Adding Rich's documentation for Windows stuff.
* lisp/ess-vars.el: Merged RMH's changes.
* lisp/ess-iw32.el, lisp/essd-els.el, lisp/essd-s+4.el, lisp/essd-sq4.el:
New files for ESS for Splus/MSW/NT/98/95
New files for remote-ESS on Unix.
* lisp/ess-site.el:
Added RMH's changes for Microsoft Windows and Splus.
Mon Nov 30 17:37:57 1998 Kurt Hornik <>
* lisp/Makefile:
Add essd-s+5.el to SOURCES (as it gets required in ess-site).
Mon Nov 23 20:03:17 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
Fri Nov 20 20:57:33 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el: ess-help-w3-url-prefix points to pyrite.
* lisp/ess-vars.el:
removed spurrious comment about generic function, in front of a variable.
* lisp/essd-s+5.el: trimmed out old S4 stuff.
Mon Nov 16 17:29:25 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-inf.el: do not need comint echo anymore..
Sat Nov 14 00:23:19 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* Makefile, lisp/ChangeLog, ChangeLog: whitespace editing.
* doc/Makefile:
added info target. removed spurrious target.
Fri Nov 13 23:47:27 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* Makefile: added comment re: export vs checkout for "dist" target.
* lisp/ess-site.el: added sample entry for S+5.
* lisp/ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* lisp/ess-site.el: added suffix for StatSci's script files.
Thu Nov 12 17:27:30 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/essd-s+3.el, lisp/essd-s+5.el, lisp/essd-s3.el:
newline in dribble buff
* lisp/ess-inf.el:
more details in prompt for ess-get-dir; more dribble; WHITE SPACE
* lisp/ess.el: slightly better dribble output
* lisp/essd-s4.el: drop doubled comments
* lisp/ess-vars.el: .
Wed Nov 11 15:54:34 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* Makefile: -X CVS
* lisp/essd-s+5.el: omit .Smode() extras; new "S+" instead of "S+3"
* lisp/essl-s.el: new "S+" instead of "S+3"
* lisp/ess-inf.el: comint-echo : OFF for S+5
* lisp/essd-s3.el: comments only
* lisp/essd-s+3.el: comment out ess-mode-edit
* lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-vars.el: new version numbers
* lisp/essd-s+5.el: several more s4 -> s+5 changes; still not ok
* lisp/essd-s+3.el: transpose to defs
* lisp/ess-vars.el: require s+5
Tue Nov 10 17:45:11 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-site.el: s+5 is now distributed
* lisp/essd-s+5.el: provide typo fixed
Mon Nov 9 23:50:26 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* Makefile: uses scp to put the tar file where it belongs.
* Makefile, lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-site.el:
New material for Makefiles
* lisp/essl-sta.el: removed possible problems from stata mode.
* ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* Makefile: added new top-level dist target.
* lisp/essd-s+5.el: This is for Splus5, based on S4.
* lisp/ess-web.nw: last change, sigh.
* lisp/ess-web.nw: emacs lisp mode is wrong, sigh.
* lisp/ess-web.nw: Contains interface code between Noweb and ESS
* lisp/ChangeLog: added stata-dialect/lang to makefile
* lisp/Makefile: added Stata stuff.
Thu Sep 24 23:32:14 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: more stuff.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: should be sta, not stt
* lisp/ChangeLog: update for ess-site.
* lisp/ess-site.el:
added stata mode, which is now STA (ref: Thomas Lumley)
Thu Sep 17 09:11:51 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/ess-utils.el: several small things
Fri Sep 11 14:25:59 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: .
* lisp/Makefile, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-mode.el, lisp/ess-utils.el, lisp/ess.el:
Adaptions to new ess-utils
* lisp/essl-s.el: LOTS in "pretty edit source"
* lisp/essd-r.el: new function (R-fix-T-F)
Thu Sep 10 06:15:55 1998 Kurt Hornik <>
* lisp/essddr.el: Change old `ess-doc' to `essddr'.
Expand Rd-mode-abbrev-table (abbrevs).
Change Rd-indent-level default to 4.
Add a preliminary Rd-mode menu.
Add a preliminary Rd-submit-bug-report().
* lisp/ess-vars.el:
Change ess-mode-font-lock-keyword so that assignment function
declarations are also fontified correctly (hopefully ...).
* doc/Makefile: Get rid of old LISPDIR code.
* Makefile: Use `$(MAKE)' instead of `make'.
Wed Sep 9 23:49:12 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: new stuff.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: modified for stata commands. What is quit?
* lisp/essl-sta.el: Small mods.
* lisp/essd-sta.el: Added first pass at a stata file.
* lisp/Makefile: BATCHFLAGS should be --no-init-file, not --no-init-fil
Wed Sep 9 08:45:26 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essl-s.el:
minor (save-recursion..) -- Committing from Shell to see permissions
Tue Sep 8 21:18:33 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essl-s.el:
more things for (ess-dump-to-src), (ess-fix-comments),.... ess-MM-fix-src
* lisp/ess-mode.el: add optional quiet argument to (set-ess-style)
* lisp/ess-mode.el: only white space
* lisp/ChangeLog: ..
* lisp/essl-s.el: added "&optional dont-ask" argument to
ess-dump-to-src, ess-fix-comments,.... ess-MM-fix-src
Mon Sep 7 16:27:37 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: ..
* lisp/essl-s.el: 4 digit year in ess-time-string!
Added paragraph about ess-sas-sh / PATH problems at very end -- for RMH
Wed Aug 26 12:18:54 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essl-s.el: font-lock: "." as word constituent
Mon Aug 24 12:50:45 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* ANNOUNCE, README, doc/ess.texi:
stat.ethz short for www.stat.math.ethz
Thu Aug 20 06:48:48 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: ..
* lisp/essddr.el:
Expanded Rd-section-names and Rd-keywords [following Kurt's
Tue Aug 18 08:44:54 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essd-s+3.el, lisp/essd-r.el, lisp/ChangeLog:
"--no-readline" for R; S+3-dialect-name for S-plus
Fri Aug 14 16:32:23 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/ess-vars.el, lisp/Makefile: calling new version "pre5.1"
* lisp/essl-s.el: "ease:" replaced by "ess-"; fixed some comments
Mon Apr 27 07:53:02 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essl-s.el: improved ess-num-var-round
Fri Apr 17 12:29:46 1998 Martin Maechler <>
* lisp/essd-sas.el: ../etc/ is place for sas-sh-command
* etc/function-outline.S, lisp/essl-s.el:
function-outline-file now in ../etc/
* Makefile, doc/Makefile, lisp/Makefile:
Makefiles separated; new for ./doc
Mon Apr 6 20:35:04 1998 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: Storing updates.
* lisp/ess-comp.el, lisp/ess-inf.el, lisp/ess-site.el, lisp/ess-vars.el:
See ChangeLog for more details. Not tagged.
Tue Dec 16 00:17:44 1997 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* lisp/essd-s4.el (S4-mode): New function, use it.
Wed Dec 10 15:36:29 1997 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog, lisp/essd-xls.el:
XLS-mode is now the mode-name symbol. (instead of ess-mode). This is
required for noweb-mode to work nicely.
ChangeLog documented to reflect this fact.
Tue Dec 9 22:55:40 1997 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* lisp/essd-r.el:
removed non-necessary autoload for a non-existant function (was
intended for start-args, but never was written or used).
* lisp/essl-sta.el:
Changed essl-sta.el to not use stat.el in the documentation comments.
* lisp/ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* lisp/essddr.el: one too many parens.
* lisp/essddr.el:
added commented out face. DB's error doesn't exist for me, though.
Fri Dec 5 15:13:59 1997 A.J. Rossini <>
* lisp/ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***
* lisp/ChangeLog: ChangeLog file install
* lisp/ess-site.el: added comments about Emacs 20.2 errors.
Fri Dec 5 14:46:38 1997 ess <ess@pyrite>
* Makefile: Added top-level Makefile. Needs definitions, though.
* etc/ess-s+3.S, etc/ess-s4.S: Initial revision
1998-12-14 A.J. Rossini <>
* README : updated to 5.1.x
Tue Dec 2 08:49:07 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: info isn't a valid target, and cleaned up doc
targets. (KH).
Mon Dec 1 16:55:17 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.el: removed blank lines.
Mon Dec 1 16:51:46 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: small edit.
Mon Dec 1 16:48:14 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: changed wording around ess-plain-first-buffername
Mon Dec 1 16:42:47 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: new branch (
Mon Dec 1 16:36:13 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: Batchflags are user serviceable.
Mon Dec 1 10:59:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* RELEASED: version 5.0.
Mon Dec 1 10:45:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.SAS: added noise about ess-sas-sh-command stupidity that
AJR has personally experienced.
Sun Nov 30 13:44:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: comments for indexing.
Sun Nov 30 13:41:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: more fixes. Many more to go.
Sun Nov 30 12:38:26 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.SAS: added more information.
Sun Nov 30 12:15:19 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-lsp.el: small typo in comments.
Sun Nov 30 12:14:33 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: added revision, added other changes.
Sun Nov 30 12:12:26 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.SAS: new material on added.
Sun Nov 30 12:09:30 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el (S-editing-alist): need indent-line-function
defined. (RMH).
Sun Nov 30 12:08:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el: removed sas-indent-region.
Sun Nov 30 12:07:05 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el (SAS-editing-alist): need indent-line-function
Sun Nov 30 12:06:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode): fixed doc string. (RMH).
Sun Nov 30 12:03:34 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: useless comments removed.
Sun Nov 30 12:03:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: useless comments removed. (RMH).
Sun Nov 30 12:02:58 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (inferior-SAS-args-temp): docstring, explaining
stupidity of this variable
Sun Nov 30 12:00:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-sas-sh-command: better shell scripting (RMH).
Wed Nov 26 16:33:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* RELEASED: 5.0-gettingcloser.
Wed Nov 26 16:10:02 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (dist): do the right thing w/ README.
Wed Nov 26 16:05:20 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-sas-sh-command: more information. cleaned up for current
essd-sas.el arg passing.
Wed Nov 26 15:51:04 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: modified args to try to have "one set" for SAS
process (2nd is for redirect).
Wed Nov 26 15:43:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: renamed and reordered inferior-SAS-args...
Wed Nov 26 14:29:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-sas-sh-command: added more documentation on I/O.
Wed Nov 26 14:01:23 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: cleaned up comments.
Wed Nov 26 13:58:42 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-sas-sh-command: cleaned up comments.
Wed Nov 26 11:01:36 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essddr.el: switch-to-S to switch-to-ESS.
Wed Nov 26 11:01:07 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essddr.el (Rd-mode-map): switch-to-S is now switch-to-ESS.
Wed Nov 26 11:00:06 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode): added "indent-region" binding to
Wed Nov 26 10:52:11 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el (ess-transcript-mode-map): added 2 lines for
consistency. (RMH)
Wed Nov 26 10:51:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el: ispell-checked. File name / header name mismatch
corrected. (AJR)
Wed Nov 26 10:49:58 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: ispell checked, typos fixed (RMH/AJR).
Wed Nov 26 10:42:58 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el (SAS-editing-alist): function definitions are
useless. Remove.
Wed Nov 26 10:37:44 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el (S-editing-alist): removed function definitions. They
don't work.
Wed Nov 26 10:29:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: ispell-checked (AJR/RMH)
Tue Nov 25 15:37:37 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: Real dump suggested programming fix.
* README.S: Real dump user correction.
Tue Nov 25 15:37:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S : Real Dump user correction
Tue Nov 25 13:06:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode): Make sure that silly moves like
"ess-dialect=S" are not cause for a bailout. (AJR).
Tue Nov 25 12:38:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: changes for font-lock "Dump" problem. (RMH)
Tue Nov 25 12:36:48 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: chmod 444* ess.dvi on release (RMH)
Tue Nov 25 08:53:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* RELEASED: 5.0-honestlylastpre.
* README.S: added comment re: \" and fontlock.
Tue Nov 25 08:50:56 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: removed SAS tabbing, added S dumping (RMH).
Tue Nov 25 08:49:18 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (SAS-mode): construct a sas-mode-local-map, from
ess-mode-map, for modifying the tab key.
Tue Nov 25 08:24:42 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode): removed white space, spurrious comment.
Mon Nov 24 12:14:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: SAS indent fixes.
Mon Nov 24 11:33:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: fixed Kurt's address.
Mon Nov 24 11:32:13 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: put back functions; see 10:48 change.
Mon Nov 24 10:58:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el: ess to S.
Mon Nov 24 10:50:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el: inadvertent placement of ess-indent-line function.
Mon Nov 24 10:50:19 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el (S-editing-alist): inadvertent placement of
Mon Nov 24 10:48:19 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: commented out some language specific functions.
Moved to essl-s.el
Mon Nov 24 10:45:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el: new functions; S for ESS. Use them.
Mon Nov 24 10:43:36 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el (S-comment-indent):
* essl-s.el (S-indent-line):
* essl-s.el (S-calculate-indent): new functions; used to be
Mon Nov 24 10:39:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el: removed some lisp-isms.
Mon Nov 24 10:36:48 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el (sas-indent-region): New function. Use it.
Mon Nov 24 10:25:07 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-s4.el (S4-customize-alist): ess-object-name-db-file is
"ess-s4-namedb.el". (RMH)
Mon Nov 24 10:18:42 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.SAS: 2 typos (RMH).
Mon Nov 24 10:17:46 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: added ess-quit autoload.
Mon Nov 24 10:16:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-quit): since now possible to call from ess-mode,
make sure that we are connected to a process.
Mon Nov 24 10:01:33 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-mode-font-lock-keywords): finish off line.
Mon Nov 24 09:59:39 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: quotes need fixing (RMH).
Mon Nov 24 09:55:43 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode-map): added ess-quit. (RMH).
Mon Nov 24 09:48:15 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (SAS-customize-alist): inferior-ess-exit-command
should be `endsas;\n'. (RMH).
Sat Nov 22 19:16:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/README-19.28: new version of file (RMH).
Fri Nov 21 17:37:26 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: added 2 more from RMH, with comments.
Fri Nov 21 17:31:50 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: fixed comments to reflect reality (RMH).
Fri Nov 21 17:05:05 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el: ess-mode -> ESS. (RMH)
ess-mode-map -> ess-transcript-mode-map
Fri Nov 21 17:02:45 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (DISTSCRIPTS): commented out. (RMH)
* Makefile (dist-doc): commented out. Will do by hand for
5.0. (RMH)
* Makefile: Added comments for structure of Makefile. (RMH)
Fri Nov 21 10:26:53 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: incr version.
Fri Nov 21 10:26:25 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: added dir directions for info.
Fri Nov 21 10:22:17 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/rmh-talk.tex: removed trailing \\.
Fri Nov 21 10:19:50 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (dist): ess.dvi and need to be up to date.
Thu Nov 20 18:38:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sta.el:
* essl-sas.el:
* essl-s.el:
* essl-lsp.el:
* essddr.el:
* essd-xls.el:
* essd-vst.el:
* essd-sas.el:
* essd-s4.el:
* essd-s3.el:
* essd-s+3.el: incr version.
* essd-r.el: incr version, comments.
* ess.texi: small edits, incr version
* ess.el: ess-mode is ESS. incr version
* ess-vars.el: incr version, added comments.
Thu Nov 20 18:21:01 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: part of ESS; comments.
Thu Nov 20 18:20:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: incr, edits.
Thu Nov 20 18:19:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: errors.
Thu Nov 20 18:17:13 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* COPYING: trying.
Thu Nov 20 18:15:01 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el: added copyright, incr version.
Thu Nov 20 18:12:06 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: edited copyright. incr version.
Thu Nov 20 18:11:02 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: removed silly university locations. incr version.
Thu Nov 20 18:09:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: added copyright, edited comments, incr version.
Thu Nov 20 18:07:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-help.el: edited comments, incr version.
Thu Nov 20 18:03:09 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-debug.el: edit, end, upgraded version.
Thu Nov 20 18:00:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-comp.el: removed log file, edited comments, upgrade to 4.
Thu Nov 20 16:41:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* RELEASED: 5.0-verylastpre.
* ess-inf.el: fixed menus.
Thu Nov 20 16:40:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el: fixed menus.
Thu Nov 20 16:38:35 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: formatting. extra ).
Thu Nov 20 16:37:23 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: cleaned up menus. removed useless comments.
Thu Nov 20 16:29:15 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: fixed goto-info stuff.
Thu Nov 20 16:13:43 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-help.el (ess-goto-info): ess isn't ess-mode. Split window,
not other-window.
Thu Nov 20 10:04:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: added comments on help file editing.
Thu Nov 20 10:01:47 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: added inferior-ess rewrite.
Thu Nov 20 09:54:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat: Splus removed, XLispStat added.
Thu Nov 20 09:53:48 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: retitled the FAQ.
Thu Nov 20 09:52:57 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: changes (RMH).
Thu Nov 20 09:46:20 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: archive is on Franz.
Thu Nov 20 09:43:47 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: more comments about dir.
Thu Nov 20 09:41:53 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: "it" to "they".
Thu Nov 20 09:40:44 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: put dir back into the Docs.
Thu Nov 20 09:38:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: truns :-).
Thu Nov 20 09:38:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/ajr-talk.tex: added typoout for fonts.
Thu Nov 20 09:35:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/rmh-talk.tex: fixed my typo, line wrap.
Thu Nov 20 09:33:16 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/README.additions: added essdd*.el
Thu Nov 20 09:22:02 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: added new for fix to About.
Thu Nov 20 09:19:52 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el (ess-transcript-mode-menu):
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode-menu):
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode-menu): removed About from menu, for now.
Wed Nov 19 12:24:22 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* RELEASED 5.0, lastpre.
* Makefile: removed veryclean. unnecessary target. Fixed
dist-doc target.
Wed Nov 19 12:21:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/rmh-talk.tex: no changes.
Wed Nov 19 12:21:02 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/ajr-talk.tex: final version. Not best, but we've got docs
Wed Nov 19 12:03:03 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/ajr-talk.tex: use the ugly version
Wed Nov 19 12:01:53 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (ess-SAS-pre-run-hook): never take name from a
running process buffer.
Wed Nov 19 11:56:09 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-xls.el: added transcript mode.
Wed Nov 19 11:43:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode-menu): bug in "About".
Wed Nov 19 11:25:01 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: database creation works.
Wed Nov 19 11:20:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-create-object-name-db): use temporary name for
ess-object-name-db; since we make it buffer local to accomodate
different languages, need to handle it carefully. In particular,
might be better to make buffer local upon demand, rather than
always buffer local. But lots of considerations, here.
Wed Nov 19 11:14:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-create-object-name-db): added *ESS* messages.
Wed Nov 19 10:56:47 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.el (ess-load-object-name-db-file): no warning when object
database name fails to exist; the code is still there.
Wed Nov 19 10:55:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-s+3.el: setq-default to setq
* essd-r.el: setq, not setq default.
Wed Nov 19 10:52:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: added statement about object-name db being broken.
Wed Nov 19 10:33:47 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-s+3.el (S+3-transcript-mode): make interactive.
Wed Nov 19 10:32:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el (s-transcript-mode): make interactive.
Wed Nov 19 10:31:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-r.el (r-transcript-mode): make interactive.
Tue Nov 18 17:38:56 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essddr.el: updated to 0.1.7. (KH)
Tue Nov 18 17:37:11 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: ess-create-object-name-db, format
Tue Nov 18 17:21:37 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-s+3.el (S+3-customize-alist): changed var name for
Tue Nov 18 17:20:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-r.el (R-customize-alist): use R-help-sec-keys-alist.
Tue Nov 18 17:19:23 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: removed spurrious variable.
Tue Nov 18 17:18:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: removed ess--help-S-sec-keys-alist; second def!
Tue Nov 18 17:14:33 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el (ess-help-*-sec-keys-alist): renamed to
*-help-sec-keys-alist. defvars to defconst.
Tue Nov 18 17:03:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess): removed "switch-to" logic in
inferior-ess. Now should strictly start-up a buffer.
Tue Nov 18 16:58:06 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: added warnings for set-keymap-parent; XEmacs,
Tue Nov 18 16:52:52 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-s.el: added Martin's fix to documentation.
Mon Nov 17 09:59:20 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode-menu): reinstalled info
Mon Nov 17 09:58:37 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: reinstalled info connection.
Mon Nov 17 09:25:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/rmh-talk.tex: added updates. (RMH)
Mon Nov 17 09:09:09 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: fixed grammar.
Mon Nov 17 09:05:50 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README/ess.texi: R uses ess-r-namedb.el. (RMH)
Mon Nov 17 09:04:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README/ess.texi: changed phrasing for creating object database
files. (RMH)
Mon Nov 17 09:00:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess): doc string edited. Wrong comments
removed (RMH).
Mon Nov 17 08:57:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: fixed documentation dependencies (RMH)
Mon Nov 17 08:56:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.el: fixed Lisp-Dir-Entry;, not (RMH).
Mon Nov 17 08:54:59 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/ajr-talk.tex: added comments for changing font usage (RMH).
Fri Nov 14 17:44:14 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: added more of an introduction and "history" statement.
* README.S: added a small "FAQ" at the end.
* Doc/TODO: Added last of the SAS things to do for 5.2 or 5.4.
Fri Nov 14 17:27:27 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: more comments.
Fri Nov 14 16:59:05 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: added SAS fontlock, graphics. R Help
Fri Nov 14 13:49:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat: fixed small typos.
Fri Nov 14 11:24:05 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (DOCS): reordered variable. Added info/dvi files.
Fri Nov 14 11:22:03 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.el: more comment work.
* ess.el: verified using lisp-mnt.el; standard package formatting.
Fri Nov 14 11:06:18 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (clean): don't remove .dvi or .info*
* Makefile (veryclean): new target, for removing what clean used
to remove
Fri Nov 14 10:13:49 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: version to 5.0
Fri Nov 14 10:13:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (VERSION): version to 5.0
Fri Nov 14 10:13:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: version to 5.0
Fri Nov 14 10:13:04 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-version): version to 5.0.
Fri Nov 14 10:12:34 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: added notes for starting R with prefix arguments.
Fri Nov 14 09:59:25 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: added @itemize markers.
Thu Nov 13 21:45:27 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Release: 5.0-pre5
* Makefile (VERSION): incremented.
* ess-vars.el (ess-version): incremented.
Thu Nov 13 21:40:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: works again. shooze...
Thu Nov 13 20:51:36 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.el (ess-load-object-name-db-file): don't bomb if file
doesn't exist..
Thu Nov 13 20:31:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: back to initial, except for new unused, commented
out, variable)
Thu Nov 13 20:28:06 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: New temp variables for when we rewrite the
initialization routines; NEED TO DO THIS FOR 5.2!!! LOGIC HAS
* ess-inf.el: doesn't work. This is a mess.
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess): use language instead of dialect for
"*language*" and "*language:1*" buffer names; old version
commented out.
Thu Nov 13 20:11:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-plain-first-buffername): use it.
Thu Nov 13 20:07:42 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: forgot ")".
Thu Nov 13 20:06:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: fixed R then SAS buffer name problem.
Thu Nov 13 19:56:57 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: added commented example for
ess-plain-first-buffername. TRUE by default, i.e. for "novice"
Thu Nov 13 19:54:23 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: moved database loading to ess-mode and
inferior-ess-mode; removed old comments.
Thu Nov 13 19:52:31 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-proc-name): If ess-plain-first-buffername is
true, don't add "process number" to the first process.
Thu Nov 13 19:35:59 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.el (ess-load-object-name-db-file): new function, use it.
Thu Nov 13 19:35:27 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: C-c tab is ess-complete-object-name.
Thu Nov 13 19:34:48 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode-map): C-c TAB is
ess-complete-object-name, same as in ess-mode.
Thu Nov 13 19:27:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode): load object-name db file if
Thu Nov 13 19:19:37 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode): load object-name db file if exists.
Thu Nov 13 19:17:59 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: bare-bones description of how to create object-name
Thu Nov 13 19:09:07 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: added notes for database creation
Thu Nov 13 10:16:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat : XLispStat isn't a trademark.
Thu Nov 13 09:59:05 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (ess.elc): fixed action
* Makefile (ess-vars.elc): fixed action
Thu Nov 13 09:58:42 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: removed ancient comments.
Thu Nov 13 09:58:23 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: added means for using second philosophy.
Thu Nov 13 09:51:19 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: fixed line break.
Thu Nov 13 09:40:56 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/ajr-talk.tex: added location of talk.
Thu Nov 13 09:39:52 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/rmh-talk.tex: pointed to FRANZ. added comment about where
1998-11-13 A.J. Rossini <>
* doc/Makefile: added "info" target. Removed spurrious dependency, i.e. the first.
Thu Nov 13 08:54:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (dist-doc): new target. Use it
* Makefile (ESS-doc): new target. Use it.
Wed Nov 12 17:32:49 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/ajr-talk.tex: de latex-2-html'd.
Wed Nov 12 17:26:25 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: args passes all the way through.
Wed Nov 12 16:30:34 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-r.el: added prefix to R.
Wed Nov 12 15:15:06 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: added stata comment, site-init.el
Wed Nov 12 15:12:25 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: added installation (from README). Use @file{} for
file names.
Wed Nov 12 14:56:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: added warning messages for ignorable errors.
Wed Nov 12 14:43:07 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: can't seem to remove last byte compiler error.
Wed Nov 12 14:30:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el:
* ess-help.el: added compile requires to remove byte-compiler
Wed Nov 12 14:21:33 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essddr.el: paren balance. whoops.
Wed Nov 12 14:20:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essddr.el: added "require 'ess-help" to solve byte compiler
Wed Nov 12 14:16:37 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: require 'shell to fix byte-compile errors.
Wed Nov 12 02:45:44 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Release: 5.0-pre4
* ess-vars.el: updated version number for release
* Makefile: Updated version number for release
Wed Nov 12 02:27:16 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: seems to work, now.
Tue Nov 11 19:20:50 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: might need comint.
Tue Nov 11 19:09:18 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat: fixed small errors.
Tue Nov 11 19:04:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat : bad key-seq "C-c C-f" isn't find-file.
Tue Nov 11 19:01:22 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: merged rewrite (RMH)
Tue Nov 11 16:49:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: format cleaning.
Tue Nov 11 16:42:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: ess-SAS-pre-run-hook now called from SAS, not
Tue Nov 11 16:34:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sta.el: wrong header!
Tue Nov 11 16:32:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: added to New Features.
Tue Nov 11 16:30:26 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: small typos. Distributed from Wisconsin.
Tue Nov 11 16:27:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: added Splus 3.4. Removed "futures".
Tue Nov 11 16:25:59 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: inferior S -> inferior ESS
Tue Nov 11 16:24:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: small doc changes (RMH).
Tue Nov 11 16:21:34 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: edited how to find key-sequences (RMH)
Tue Nov 11 16:19:51 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: removed comint symbols. (RMH). Need to read comint
docs (AJR).
Tue Nov 11 16:19:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: small typos corrected.
Tue Nov 11 16:04:26 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-read-object-name): use
* ess-inf.el (ess-read-object-name-default): reverted back to old
* ess-inf.el (ess-read-object-name-dump): new function. Use it.
Tue Nov 11 15:56:03 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: XLisp-Stat, uniformly.
Tue Nov 11 15:51:48 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: fixed titles (no @_{} commands). Updated menus. (MM)
Tue Nov 11 15:38:52 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat: removed "S(tm)".
* README.SAS: major overhaul (RMH).
* README.S: removed "S(tm)".
Tue Nov 11 10:02:44 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-read-object-name-default): new version (KH).
Tue Nov 11 10:00:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el ((assoc "\\.[rR]\\'" auto-mode-alist)): added man
format again for R internal man pages.
Mon Nov 10 23:17:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: added latex/tex for talks on ESS 5.0.
Mon Nov 10 23:02:36 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Releasing 5.0-pre3.
* essd-sas.el: changes made. Watch out.
* ess-vars.el (ess-version): 5.0-pre3
* Makefile (VERSION): 5.0-pre3
Mon Nov 10 22:58:39 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: more S to ESS
Mon Nov 10 22:52:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: more S/ESS fixes (RMH)
Mon Nov 10 22:49:31 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.SAS: typo
Mon Nov 10 22:43:59 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (ess-read-object-name-default): handle defaults
Mon Nov 10 22:34:11 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: typo.
Mon Nov 10 17:28:28 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.SAS: added some suggestions by RMH.
Mon Nov 10 17:26:11 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: edited as suggested by RMH.
Mon Nov 10 17:17:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: stuff.
Mon Nov 10 17:16:21 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: changed mode/revision.
Mon Nov 10 17:14:53 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: fixes (RMH)
Mon Nov 10 17:04:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el (ess-transcript-mode):
* ess-help.el (ess-help-mode):
* ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode):
* ess-mode.el (ess-mode): keep tabs out of the code.
Mon Nov 10 16:48:00 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: @code -> @email when appropriate.
Mon Nov 10 15:58:23 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: added most, approx 300, of MM's changes. A very few
differences, though.
Mon Nov 10 15:05:45 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: S -> ESS (MM)
Mon Nov 10 15:02:32 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-trns.el: S -> ESS (MM)
Mon Nov 10 14:59:39 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: S -> ESS (MM).
Mon Nov 10 14:51:30 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el: S -> ESS (MM).
Mon Nov 10 14:41:30 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-help.el: removed comment re: S.el.
* ess-help.el: updated docs and functions, S -> ESS (MM)
Mon Nov 10 14:34:35 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (MAKEHTML): change target (MM)
* Makefile (clean): more to clean (MM)
* Makefile (dvi): new target. Use it (MM)
Sun Nov 9 16:30:38 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: cleaned out my email of TODO problems, except for
Sun Nov 9 16:24:39 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: updated for what has been accomplished by this stage,
for 5.0.
Sun Nov 9 15:32:34 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sta.el: cleaned up errors via lets.
Sun Nov 9 15:26:33 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el: removing unusable commands.
Sun Nov 9 15:08:56 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (no-doc): new variable. use it for autoload
Sun Nov 9 15:08:13 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: ess-vars/ess/ess-site dependencies cleared up.
Sun Nov 9 15:02:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: changed documentation for autoloads.
Sun Nov 9 14:56:32 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el: one too many ")" (in editing sas-narrow-to-page).
Sun Nov 9 14:48:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: cleaned up.
Sun Nov 9 14:44:06 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-comp.el: cleaned up.
Sun Nov 9 14:38:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sta.el: cleaned up format.
Sun Nov 9 14:33:18 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: cleaned up byte-compiler warnings and lisp.
Sun Nov 9 14:32:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el: need the right name at top.
* essl-sas.el: cleaned up byte-compiler warnings.
Sun Nov 9 14:17:36 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile: cleaned dependencies for essd-*.el
Sun Nov 9 14:00:56 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-version): upgrade to 5.0
* Makefile: upgrade version to 5.0
1998-11-09 A.J. Rossini <>
* Makefile (dist): new top-level target.
(dist): uses scp to put it where it belongs.
Fri Nov 7 19:43:11 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Released 5.0-pre2.
* Makefile (dist): copy makefile into the appropriate place.
Fri Nov 7 19:41:02 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (ess-SAS-pre-run-hook): fixed process name synch
Fri Nov 7 19:18:57 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (ess-SAS-pre-run-hook): set explicit-shell-file-name
to "/bin/sh" to aviod prompt evilness.
Fri Nov 7 18:33:29 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: SAS problems.
Fri Nov 7 18:28:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-inf.el (inferior-R-input-sender): patch to avoid problems
with R, for "help()" (MM).
Fri Nov 7 18:17:54 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-site.el: added comments re: TT commenting/editing styles.
Fri Nov 7 18:10:25 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: indentation.
Fri Nov 7 14:42:45 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-mode.el: changes for TT (RMH).
Fri Nov 7 14:31:35 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el (sas-require-confirmation): doc string edit.
Fri Nov 7 14:30:33 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-transcript-minor-mode):
* ess-vars.el (ess-listing-minor-mode): new variables. Use. (RMH)
Fri Nov 7 14:29:49 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el: fixes for multiple SAS processes. (RMH)
Fri Nov 7 13:53:16 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el: changes for SAS mode (RMH-2Nov).
Fri Nov 7 13:47:31 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el: patches for Terry Thernau's suggested indentation
Fri Nov 7 13:37:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.XLispStat: new file. read it.
* README.SAS: New file. Read it.
* README.S: revision, not version.
Fri Nov 7 11:41:01 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: added gen'l features, id -> version.
Fri Nov 7 09:23:55 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README.S: New file. Include it.
Fri Nov 7 09:20:30 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: pointer to README.S, README.SAS, and README.XLispStat
Fri Nov 7 09:17:52 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: changes to mailing list and WWW documentation location
Thu Nov 6 10:42:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (DOCS): added README.LANGUAGE files to the Makefile.
Need to fill them in.
Wed Oct 29 14:08:52 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* README: rearranged, as suggested by Don Cram. (DC).
Mon Oct 27 14:50:18 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: readded "New Features" section.
Mon Oct 27 13:05:13 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi: started editing section 1. In particular, @b{S}
refers to a generic statistical process, at this point.
Mon Oct 27 10:44:44 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess.texi (Local Variables): TeX-master ought to be ess.texi.
Mon Oct 27 10:25:49 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Doc/TODO: added RMH's SAS suggestions.
Mon Oct 27 10:22:17 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (ess-SAS-pre-run-hook): removed interactive call.
* essd-sas.el (ess-SAS-pre-run-hook): make sure buffer name of any
running *shell* buffers is unique for changes.
Mon Oct 27 10:03:34 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (SOURCES): removed ess-debug from distributed sources.
Mon Oct 27 09:01:24 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (dist): Doc should not be writable, again.
Fri Oct 24 16:31:12 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* Makefile (install): -ne should be !=, since doing string, not
integer, comparison. (KH)
Fri Oct 24 12:25:40 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-version):
* Makefile (VERSION): 5.0-pre2
* ess-site.el ((assoc "\\.[rR]\\'" auto-mode-alist)): changes for
R, 0.50 vs. 0.60.
Fri Oct 24 08:56:26 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ESS-5.0-pre1 released.
Fri Oct 24 08:55:10 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* ess-vars.el (ess-version):
* Makefile (VERSION): updated version name to 5.0-pre1, skipping
Fri Oct 24 08:51:27 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essd-sas.el (ess-SAS-pre-run-hook): We need to make sure that no
shells are currently running. put back the stuff removed 1.5
hours ago. Cleaned up variable usage using let.
Fri Oct 24 08:13:58 1997 Anthony Rossini <>
* essl-sas.el (SAS-log-mode): fundamental mode, with read-only.
Same as listing mode, pretty much.
Fri Oct 24 08:11:41 1997 Anthony Rossini <r